Best Pan for Flan Review

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Many people enjoy flan. It is a rich creamy dessert that will leave your tongue yearning for more, especially if you have the right recipe and the adequate tools to make it. This slightly wobbly meal is baked in the oven and is mainly popular in Mexico, Spain, as well as Puerto Rico.

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Flan is one of the most ancient desserts, with roots going back to the ancient Romans that tried baking something with eggs most of the time. One of the first recipes to be discovered for flan dated back to the late 4th century.  In the current age, flan is created using a variety of recipes with most people inventing new ways to make the meal even more mesmerizing.

There are several varieties of this great dish with some featuring a pastry base that is filled with fruit, and custard.

If you want to prepare the perfect flan, you will require a perfect pan for the job. There are different sizes of flan pans ranging from 8 inches to 14 inches. Many options are available in the market. You have alternatives ranging from metal, solid glass dishes, loose-bottom dishes, and many more. What is a flan pan and which one is best? This post will explain what a flan pan is and help you choose a flan pan that will help you bake flan that you and your family will enjoy.

What is a Flan Pan?

A flan cooking pan is a shallow pan with shallow sides. The sides have decorative edges, mainly meant to improve the appearance of any item being baked. You will find different flan pans created with different materials, which include tinned steel, ceramic, as well as steel with a coating. These sides are slanted slightly and you might also find some alternatives that have loose bottoms. You can have sizes that will allow you to create flan for single servings. These are the flan pans that have diameters ranging from 3 ¾ inches to 4 ¾ inches. Some, however, range from 6 inches to 12 inches in diameter. You can also use flan pans to create dishes like quiches and cobblers.

What to Look for Before Buying the Best Pan for Flan

As noted above, you can choose a flan pan from a wide range of alternatives. However, there are some considerations that you have to think about before choosing one, as noted below.


The shapes vary from round, rectangular, springform, or even square pans. You should choose a pan that matches the type of flan you wish to make.


Consider a pan that has tabs at the sides. These tabs allow you to hold the pan easily for lifting when you need to.

Oven Safe

Most flan recipes will require that you put the pan in an oven. For that reason, you should choose a material that will not release parts of its elements into your food, potentially poisoning your food.


After you cook your flan to completion, you will need to clean the pan. Choose a pan that will not trouble you when cleaning. You will find a range of pans, some of which are dishwasher safe, making them very easy to clean. You should also consider non-stick coating pans, which are also very easy to clean and maintain.

Size and Decorations

Pans designed for flans will come in a range of sizes, with large pans to make flan for a large serving at a time. You can choose a set of flan pans, most of which come with a tray to set the pan on when baking.



The Best Pan For Making Flan Reviews

Best Non-Stick Carbon Steel Flan Pan – Zenker 

Zenker Non-Stick Carbon Steel Flan/Tart Pan, 11-Inch review
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This flan pan has a diameter of 11 inches and is perfect for making strawberry shortcakes, fruit tarts, as well as flans. It is made in Germany by Zenker, a company popular for its high quality and tradition dating back to 1885. This flan pan was first introduced in the market on 28th May 2010. The flan pan can withstand high levels of heat, up to 450 degrees. It features a non-stick coating, which is a material that makes it completely easy to clean. The material is also good for cleaning because the food does not stick to the sides. The material used to create this product is a good heat conductor that distributes the heat evenly to the flan, which means that the flan will bake evenly.

Best Glass Fluted Flan Pan- Marinex

Marinex Glass Fluted Flan or Quiche Dish, 10-1/2-Inch (4 Units)
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The main idea behind this product is to allow you to prepare your ingredients, cook them, and serve the food, all from the same tool. It has a diameter of 10 ½ inches and 1 3/8 inches in height. It has a bluish tint that is consistent throughout the piece. You can use it in conventional ovens and microwave ovens perfectly without worrying about any chemicals in the material sipping into your food. It is oven and microwave safe. You can use the Marinex flan pan for freezing food. Also, you can move it from a freezer straight to a preheated oven with temperatures that are lower than 100 degrees Celsius.

However, you should avoid using this pan on any direct flame or stovetop burner.

Best Springform Pan – Wilton Excelle Elite

Wilton Excelle Elite Springform Pa review
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This 10-inch pan can be used in the preparation and making of cheesecakes, flans, as well as deep-dish pizzas. It is made using steel and reinforced non-stick coating that makes it extremely easy to clean.

Its material also has an easy release. It has a diameter of 10 inches and a height of 2.75 inches. You can clean it using a dishwasher. However, it is recommended that you use warm and soapy water for the best results before using it for the first time and after each bake. Regardless of the food, you are preparing using this material, you will find that the food slides out without any effort. The material is extremely durable and will distribute heat evenly to the food and ensure that the food cooks thoroughly.

Best Stainless Steel Flan Mold – IMUSA

IMUSA USA PHI-T9220 Stainless Steel Flan Mold, 1.5-Quart, Silver review
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The IMUSA flan mold is made using stainless steel, which improves its durability and prevents scratches. It has a diameter of 7 inches that makes a perfect flan. It also has sturdy clips and an effective latching system that makes closing efficient, keeping all of the ingredients intact for baking a perfect flan. Also, it has a lid that fits tightly and perfectly preventing the food from going bad. Your food will remain fresh for a long time. The pan is perfect for preparing cream cheese, quesillo, flan, and many more desserts. You should know that this pan is oven-safe. The pan is made by IMUSA, a company recognized for the high-quality kitchenware it has developed over the years.

Best Non-Stick Tart/Flan Pan – Wilton Excelle Elite

Wilton Excelle Elite Non-Stick Tart Pan and Quiche Pan with Removable Bottom, 11-Inch review
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This pan has three major options in the market. You can choose a rectangle pan, a circular pan with a diameter of 11 inches, or a circular one with a diameter of 9 inches. The company also provides a recipe when you purchase the product. The pan is made using heavy-duty steel, which will prevent warping even at high temperatures. It also features a reinforced coating that is non-stick. It makes it durable and allows for perfect release and extremely easy cleaning. You can also clean it in a dishwasher if you prefer. The company’s main aim was to prevent the food from sticking to the bottom of the pan when you are ready to serve. The food comes out without creating a mess, thanks to the removable base.

Best Non-Stick Springform Pan With Silicone Handles – Boxiki Kitchen

Non-Stick Springform Pan 10 inch review
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This non-stick baking pan has a high-quality steel surface that releases food with ease without making a big mess. It works perfectly for a wide range of recipes, which include cakes, cheesecakes, as well as flan. It has red silicone handles that are easy to grip when taking it in and out of the oven. It also features a leak-proof seal that prevents any messy spills. The springform pan has large dimensions, which are 10 inches in length, 10 inches in width, and 2.2 inches in depth. The heavy gauge metal allows for an even distribution of heat, hence a well-cooked flan. You can use it in an oven to temperatures up to 445 degrees Fahrenheit.

You can also use it in a freezer without worry and clean it using a dishwasher when you are done cooking.

Best Multipurpose Stainless Steel Flan Mold with Lid

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B07RCXQHBM&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=reviewho 20&language=en USir?t=reviewho 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B07RCXQHBM

The flan mold with a lid is extremely healthy and convenient. It allows you to use it in any pot with a method known as pot-in-pot. The design used for this pan allows you to use it on electric pressure cookers. It is a better alternative to aluminum pans and works perfectly for flan, cheesecake, as well as lasagne. It has a lid coupled with handles that allow you to lift it out of the cooker with ease. The lid also fits tightly to ensure that the food remains fresh and delicious. You can also use the food to bake ahead and store it in a freezer. You do not have to remove the contents from the pan when you finish cooking. It is multipurpose.


There is a wide range of flan pans, as noted in the post above. Each of these pans has its own unique features. Besides, each of the options provided works for different recipes. You should consider the flan you intend to cook before you decide to purchase one. It should allow you to cook without worrying about the food sticking to the sides or the bottom. Some alternatives make it easy for you to remove from the oven without burning your hands. The flan pans with lids will also store your food safely without the food going bad.

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