Breville BTA820XL Toaster Review

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How do you prepare your breakfast in the morning? Those who have toasters understand how important they are for everyone who needs to prepare some breakfast quickly, especially during busy mornings. A toaster requires certain features that will allow it to prepare a meal extremely fast.

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Different brands try to make effective and unique appliances but to be honest, not all brands do a nice job. Luckily, we have Breville, a brand that is popular for producing high-quality products with unique features and designs. The Breville BTA820XL is among their products and is a largely appreciated appliance as you will note on reviews and comments from customers.

What makes this toaster so special? Well, we have prepared this Breville BTA820XL review to shed some light on the aspects that make this toaster unique. Stay tuned.

Detailed Review

Breville BTA820XL Review
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Let’s start by checking out the features that make this appliance worth your money.

The Lift and Look Function

This toaster has a very efficient feature that allows you to monitor the progress of the toast. The lift-and-look feature will allow you to make alterations during the toasting process. You will be able to check if your toast is toasted adequately or should be allowed more time. But there’s more. It also has a “bit-more” feature that will lower the toast automatically so that it can be browned some more.

When you put these two features together, you get a toaster that saves a lot of time when you are busy preparing for your day.

After toasting the bread completely, the bread is popped out. It is popped so that you can grab it without burning your hand. The toaster does a great job, consistently and evenly toasting all bread batches.

Oversized Bread

You, like most people, might love having a large bagel or bread slices in the morning. You would require a toaster that will hold any oversized slices. The slots on this toaster have the length and width that will take any size of a bread slice. The width is around 0.5 inches and the depth is around 5.2 inches.

Construction and Design

The first thing you will notice when you look at this appliance is that it has a very modern look. A sleek design that will help improve the appearance of your kitchen when it sits on the countertop. It is made using a die-cast metal that simply blends perfectly with other kitchen appliances. You should notice that the Breville die cast 2-slice smart toaster not only looks good but is also durable. What’s more, it will fit perfectly under any cabinet so that you can store it conveniently. It is worth mentioning that it takes two slices of bread at a time.

You can easily wrap and store the power cord under the toaster for more convenient storage.

It uses 900 watts of power.


Smart Features

This toaster features a smart chip. This technology will do everything for you except place the bread in the slots. It is quite easy to use and it will produce great results each time you use it. It also has a LED panel that is quite easy to read, even when the morning is dark. To make it more effective, the panel also tells you how much longer you will have to wait for your toast. The screen will include the current cycle information so that you can read it with ease. You will be able to change the time without messing up the process.

Operating this toaster is not hard. You simply push a button and it will start browning your bread. You do not need to use a lever as we did before.

You will notice a bagel function that will ensure your bread is browned evenly. You can also use defrost to unfreeze any frozen bread slices.

Different people like their bread browned differently. Some toasters will not allow you to adjust the level of brownness. This toaster is quite different in that respect. You can adjust the level of brownness you want for your slices and monitor the progress on the LED indicator.


The Breville die cast 2-slice smart toaster has 5 different settings. You can choose from Bagel, defrost, “lift and look”, “a bit more”, as well as fruit bread. That makes it one of the most versatile toasters in the market.


Cleaning a kitchen appliance can be a tedious job and quite challenging. But not in this case. When you want to clean it, you will not have to lift the toaster to access the crumb tray. Instead, you can pull the crumb tray from the front and empty the contents in a dustbin.

The metal does not show fingerprints when you operate it. If it gets some dirt, all you will have to do is wipe it clean using a damp cloth. It is effortless cleaning.


You will get a limited 1-year warranty on this product.

Pros And Cons


  • + It is an amazing toaster that has a sleek and modern design. It has a durable construction and its appearance will go well in any kitchen.
  • + Using the toaster is quite easy. It has more settings than other toasters and operation is straightforward.
  • + One thing that you will appreciate from the Breville BTA820XL review is that it has a very compact design. This design makes storage very easy.
  • + Digital controls make you aware of the browning process, including the time left.
  • + The toasts are popped high so that you can grab them without burning your hands.
  • + It will lower the bread automatically when it starts operating.
  • + Cleaning and maintenance are very easy.
  • + It can brown bread slices evenly.


  • The part between the slice slots can become exceedingly hot.
  • It might take more time to toast some slices of bread.
  • Since it toasts two slices at a time, it might not be the best toaster for a large family.
  • Some complaints that the cost might be too high for this toaster.


This toaster is very convenient and using it is quite easy, even when you are in a rush in the morning. The design is modern and sleek, appropriate for your kitchen and its construction makes it durable. WE would recommend this appliance because it is very effective and it has some innovative features.

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