Butter Bell vs. Butter Dish – What is the Difference?

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We all love butter. Almost every household has some butter. The problem, however, is storage. In the past, the butter compartment in a refrigerator was the available storage option. Unfortunately, butter stored in a refrigerator would be so hard that a fresh piece would simply break apart, which made using it a challenge.

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With a butter bell or a butter dish, butter can stay fresh, soft, and spreadable while on your counter. What is the difference between a butter dish and a butter bell? You might have come across these two popular storage options.

This post is a comparison between a butter bell vs. butter keeper. Let’s get started.

How do they differ?

Butter Bell
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Butter Dish With Lid
Butter Dish With Lid

ir?t=reviewho 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B087JQQ7S7The butter dish is simple. You have a dish, maybe with an attached flip-top lid. You also have a butter knife to help spread your butter on toast. The butter is stored inside the butter dish and is then stored on the counter. It remains at room temperature – the perfect temperature to keep it soft – and you do not need to refrigerate it.

The butter bell, on the other hand, is in two pieces. First, you have a bell, which holds the butter. You also have another bottom part which is filled with some cold water. To store the butter, you invert your bell in the bottom part and leave it on your counter.

One similarity there is between a butter bell vs. butter dish is that they both keep the butter in the best soft state. It remains easier to spread on toast at this temperature. You will notice, however, that using a butter bell is not as straightforward as with a butter dish.

You have to press your butter in the butter bell. To do that, you will need to start with some soft butter. If you have stored it in the refrigerator, we recommend you remove it and keep it at room temperature for a while. You should then use a spoon to press your butter on the top of the part of the bell. Remember to go slowly trying to eliminate any air pockets.

Once the bell is full of butter, add some water to the other half of the butter bell. You will often find some that have lines where your water should reach. If not, about half an inch will be adequate. Water at room temperature is best. Also, make an effort to change the water every two days.

Which is better?

We should start by acknowledging that the best choice for you depends on your preference. However, we have to mention that there are certain disadvantages of a butter crock.

It is a high-maintenance storage option compared to a butter dish. Remember you have to change the water after two days. At the same time, when it is really hot, the butter will melt and fall into the water. You would have to place it in a fridge when it’s hot.

Choosing Between the Two: Factors to Consider

Culinary Preferences

When deciding between a Butter Bell and a Butter Dish, consider your culinary habits. If you relish the idea of having spreadable butter readily available at room temperature, the Butter Bell is an elegant solution. On the other hand, if you prefer the crispness of chilled butter, the Butter Dish stands as a timeless choice.


Aesthetic Appeal

Both the Butter Bell and Butter Dish contribute to the visual allure of your kitchen. The Butter Bell’s refined designs make it a statement piece, while the Butter Dish’s simplicity seamlessly integrates into any kitchen decor. Your choice may hinge on whether you seek contemporary elegance or a more traditional charm.

Convenience Factor

For those valuing convenience, the Butter Dish offers easy access to chilled butter. Alternatively, the Butter Bell accommodates those who prioritize the luxury of having spreadable butter always at hand, eliminating the need for constant refrigeration.


In the timeless debate of Butter Bell vs. Butter Dish, the choice ultimately rests on personal preferences and lifestyle. Whether you opt for the contemporary allure of the Butter Bell or the traditional charm of the Butter Dish, both serve their purpose with finesse. Elevate your culinary experience by selecting the butter storage vessel that aligns seamlessly with your tastes and kitchen dynamics.

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