Butterie Flip Top Butter Dish – A Detailed Review

You will find butter in almost all households. The problem, however, is proper storage. But thanks to butterie, you can easily have soft and spreadable butter on your counter anytime. Have you heard about butterie before?

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Easily store butter on the counter or table with the amazing butterie flip-top butter dish. In this post, you will find a detailed butterie flip top butter dish review. Let’s talk about it.

butterie flip top butter dish

The Unique Butter Dish

In the market, there is a 2-piece butter dish. This new version has a flip-top lid attached to the base of the dish. This is an improvement because the lid will not touch your counter or butter. Therefore, the mess is reduced greatly.

You will no longer worry about where to place the lid or even drag it on your butter. This is a dish designed to work on a counter or table, keep your butter easy to spread.

A Compact Choice

The dish is designed to take up a very small space on your countertop. It is small and compact. Even so, it can hold a range of butter sizes. You can store 2 butter sticks (8 ounces) comfortably. It can also hold a standard-size cream cheese.

Easier Cleaning

You do not have to struggle with cleaning a butterie flip-top butter dish because it is dishwasher safe. What’s more, its lid will not pop off. Each time you clean the butterie butter dish, it is returned to its original color and form. It will remain as clean as it was when new.

Quality Material

We loved that the dish is made using a sturdy, high-quality, food-safe, shatterproof, BPA-free type of plastic. That means that if you would prefer to have it in your refrigerator, it will serve better compared to a ceramic or glass butter dish. Once the butter becomes firm, its lid will not lose its form.

Additional Features

How does butterie work? This is a unique type of dish featuring a hidden edge that helps you scrape your butter knife without leaving a mess. But that’s not all. Its base is non-slip. Therefore, when you use it will remain stable without moving around. The side handles are also wide so that you have an easier time carrying it around. Additionally, its surface is textured so that the butter remains in place.

We also appreciated that the dish included a matching spreader. It is a spreader with a cradle specially designed to hold it at the front part of the dish. You can choose to order the spreader in any color you would like.


  • It is a small and compact dish that you can move around with ease.
  • Cleaning is a complete breeze.
  • The flip top eradicates the messes that are a problem with the other dishes.
  • An additional butter knife is included.
  • No messes.


  • Can be a bit fragile, which means that mishandling will easily break it.

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In Conclusion

Butterie flip top butter dish is a new product that everyone is sure to love. If you have been struggling with butter and the messes that come with using it, you will appreciate this dish. Not only does it keep the kitchen clean, but also makes it easier for you to use your butter. Give it a try.

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