Calphalon Premier Space Saving Cookware Review

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Calphalon Premier Space Saving Nonstick 10 Piece Set review
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Everyone prefers quality cookware sets in his or her kitchen. Calphalon space-saving cookware provides you with superb quality coupled with the ability to stack up while saving a lot of space. This special set has been in the market since 2017 and has received a great response, as per the Calphalon premier reviews. In this article, we aim to highlight some of the most amazing features of this cookware. We help describe the specs, giving you adequate factors to consider before you decide to purchase it.


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The Calphalon Premier space-saving cookware is available in a set of ten pieces with a design to reduce the needed space by 30%. The ten-piece set has six pans and pots, with four lids. You can choose from two variations, which are the hard anodized nonstick (stainless steel handles), and the stainless steel. The four lids available are from tempered glass and have stainless steel surrounding them. They are oven safe and you can use a dishwasher to clean them.


This cookware set has a high-quality design, which is no surprise considering the company’s reputation for producing high-quality products. The pans have an aluminum core (heavy gauge), which is wrapped with stainless steel. The stainless steel wrapping is a product of several alloys, specially designed to resist corrosion. This aspect allows the set to have a beautiful appearance for a very long time. To increase the heat distribution and durability, the layers extend to the sides.

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The handles and lids have notches, which lock them together without wobbling. With this feature, you can easily remove the pot at the bottom without scratching or spoiling the one above it. The set has a total weight above 25 pounds. Therefore, it does not bend or warp.

The products have a lifetime warranty coupled with perfect customer support.

The cookware set can withstand high levels of heat, up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit and you can easily use them in a dishwasher.

You can use any metallic utensils while cooking or serving your food without damaging the surface of the product, even if it is a nonstick collection.

The hard-anodized collection does not wear off quickly. However, as you continue to use the collection, you will realize some signs of wear and tear.

Heat Distribution

While considering the Calphalon space-saving cookware reviews, we have to consider the heat distribution. The aluminum core in the set allows even and quick distribution of heat regardless of the stove you are using. There are no hot spots on the pan. The heat is spread across the bottom of the pan and the sides for perfect results. The stainless steel pan will help you reduce the amount of heat you use. Both the stainless steel and the anodized pans work perfectly to produce an even heat distribution. The hard-anodized pan will take a bit longer to heat up.

You should not heat the nonstick collection without adding a small amount of oil before you turn on the stove. If you are using stainless steel, however, you have to heat it before adding oil to it. To determine if the pan is ready to use, add a drop of water. If the pan is ready, the water drop will dance for a bit then evaporate. If the drop crackles and disappears, it is too hot.


It is advisable to use potholders on the handles because they get extremely hot. The grips of the lids are flat, which allows them to heat up fast and you might be burnt.


The ability to stack up the set is amazing. You can stack up against your lids and pans in any order as long as they have the same diameter. They will lock together, which will prevent them from tipping over or leaning on one side when you stack them up high. To increase the space saved, you can place the deeper pans at the top and the shallow ones at the bottom.

When you cover your pots with the lids, the lids will seal tightly retaining moisture and flavors. The handles on the sides are secure and make it easy to drain and pour. You might take time to get used to the lid handles. However, once you do, you will get a firm grip on your lid.

It is advisable to acquire pans with a diameter difference to make them easy to separate into three or two stacks. It might be difficult to access the pans at the bottom if you stack them too high.


You can use the stainless steel stack with any stovetop. The hard-anodized collection is suitable for electric, glass, electric coil, halogen cooktop, and gas. You can use any set at any temperature, as high as 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

You can use any selected lid on any pan, as long as the diameter is equal. During storage, the lids can go at the top of the stack, or in individual places in between. If you choose the ten-piece stack, you will get a range of pans and pots in different shapes and sizes. For large families, the supper club stack is better.

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Cleaning the Calphalon Premier Space Saving Cookware is quite easy, especially since the set is dishwasher safe. It is important to avoid the use of detergents that contain bleach or citrus. These detergents can spoil the finish. The best ware to maintain the cookware’s appearance and efficiency is to clean using your hands.

The stainless steel collection will require more effort to clean. If there are stains or food remnants in the stainless steel collection, soaking in warm water before cleaning will work perfectly.

Before your first use, clean your set using soapy water and wait until it dries completely.

Pros And Cons


  • + Works on many stovetop types, including halogen tops
  • + The pots and pans fit into each other to save up to 30% cabinet space
  • + Made of hard-anodized aluminum that makes the temperatures distribute evenly
  • + Unique Lid Design
  • + lifetime warranty.


  • Little Heavy
  • Some pot and pans feature short handles.


The available Calphalon Premier Space Saving Cookware reviews prove that this is a must-have for your kitchen. It works perfectly, eliminating the usual problems, such as space, that come with other types of cookware. According to the Calphalon Premier Space Saving review, the set’s appearance is perfect, and the construction adequate to allow for longer use.


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