Cera Pan Marble Hill Cookware Review

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CeraPan Marble Hill 10 Piece Set Aluminum Cookware Set Review
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Cooking is always an exciting experience, especially for people who do it on a daily basis as a routine. However, it is possible to take all the joy out of the experience, with cookware that fails you. Having poor cookware to use in your kitchen will definitely ruin the entire experience. We’ve all been there.

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Maintaining an amazing experience is one of the main reasons why you require high quality, well-constructed cookware. Wouldn’t it be great if you had just the right set of cookware? Keep on reading this post for a detailed Cerapan cookware review. The Cerapan review will help you learn the good and the bad, as well as why this set of cookware is worth reviewing.

About the Cerapan Cookware

This Marble hill set is a 10-piece, which is one of the major reasons you will enjoy purchasing it for your kitchen. Picture this. With the set, you will find 8 inch and 9.5-inch frying pans. You will also get 2.3qt, 1.8qt, and 1.3qt saucepans coupled with their respective lids, and finally, a 5qt Dutch oven coupled with its lid. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it?

The set has an amazingly appealing design that will add an amazing appeal to your kitchen. It has a metallic gunmetal finish on the exterior. It is resistant to scratches making it a durable option for your kitchen.

In regards to cooking, this set will offer you the best service considering that the surface is non-stick and stain-resistant. That means that cleaning will be a completely simple task because it will be easy to get rid of the stains. When cooking, you can be sure that the food will slide off the surface with ease, and not stick to the surface as it would on other kitchenware. The interior uses a Stonecat 2000 ceramic that uses an amazing diamond-infused tech, one of the best in the market.

Safety is always a concern for everyone. We are all concerned about the safety of our families. You should be concerned about the material used to make a certain cookware. Some products have materials that leach chemicals in your food under certain situations such as high heat. Fortunately, this is not one of those cookware sets. The Cera pan set is non-toxic. It is free of PTFE and PFOA. Security for you and your family should always be the top priority.

Another amazing feature that you get from this amazing cookware is the handles. The handles are very comfortable and safe for your hands. These handles are heat resistant. But that’s not all. The lids are made with tempered glass. They function properly and they have a terrific appearance as well.

You can use the Cerapan cookware on a variety of stovetops without damaging them. You can use induction, electric, halogen, as well as gas tops to cook with the set.

In-Depth Details

The Cerapan Marble Hill is made using an Aluminum material, which is 4 mm thick. It is thicker than other alternative models made by the same company. The coating of the interior, which is made using a Stone Coat 2000 ceramic, uses diamond-infused technology, a better alternative to titanium. That means that the coating does not contain any PTFE or PFOA and it will give you a unique marble effect.

Most importantly, the handles can withstand high temperatures up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Unfortunately, the handles do not have a thumb grip, which is an amazing addition when cooking. The handles are attached to the pans using a screw that you can simply unscrew to remove the handles.  The company also states that the handles are dishwasher safe, and so are the rest of the items on the set. The sets have a rubbery material attached to them to improve the grip and reduce the chances of being burnt. However, we all want to use cookware whose handles allow us to have a good grip on the cookware.

This set will require that you keep tightening the screws because they get loose as you continue to use the set on your daily routine.

The Good and the Bad

The Cerapan reviews would not be complete without the advantages and disadvantages that come with the Cerapan set.


The non-stick surface is amazingly functional. When you cook eggs with this amazing set, they will slide right off easily. The set will reduce the need for cooking oil. The surface will also eradicate the need for hours dedicated to cleaning the pans and pots. Stains will not stick to the surface and you will have an easy time cleaning the surfaces. You can use a dishwasher to clean the set.


The thickness of the aluminum used to make the set is thick enough to prevent food from burning easily. The thickness, however, will not make it too heavy to use. The base of the set improves the distribution of heat. That means your food will cook evenly and there are no chances of burnt spots regardless of what you are cooking.

This set is not as expensive as the alternatives.


You will need to keep tightening the handles when using this set. The screws will tend to become loose as you continue to use this set. Having a screwdriver would be important.

Several Cera pan reviews complain that the non-stick coating, although functional, is not completely durable. Some customers who have used the set for several months claim that the food will start to stick after using it for a while. However, some customers who have used the set on medium heat only state that the non-stick surface still functions after a year or two of continuous usage.


This amazing set will offer you every happiness you need when preparing a meal for you and your family. You will have a very easy time cleaning and cooking. They also offer you safety because of the materials used in making them do not produce any chemicals that might affect your food.


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2 thoughts on “Cera Pan Marble Hill Cookware Review”

  1. EVERYTHING sticks to my Cerapan. To say eggs slide out is a ridiculous claim. That never happened.
    I’m totally discouraged by the false claims of it being non stick, and tired of paying for pans that claim to be non stick when they are far from it.
    Lies abound in the so called non stick pan marketing.

  2. I am not impressed with my Cera Pan, Every thing I Cook in it sticks. The clean up is not easy. I might as well use my cast iron skillets.


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