Is It Really That Bad to Use Paper Cups in the Microwave?

It is possible, that at a certain point, you had to waste good coffee just because you left it on your desk or on your kitchen counter, which then made it cold. So, when you find that cup of coffee on your kitchen counter or your desk, you are faced with a challenge, similar to everyone else. Is it okay or safe to put the paper cup with coffee inside your coffee and reheat it?

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In this article, we try to answer these questions. Is it safe to microwave a paper cup? What happens if you microwave paper? The short answer is that you shouldn’t put a paper cup in a microwave. We will explain this in detail below.

Material Used to Make Paper Cups

First, before we go any further, it is important to understand what materials are used to make a paper cup. You probably have taken some coffee in a coffee cup to go. You might have noticed that they are being used in different places all over to serve coffee to go.

It is also possible to assume that paper cups are solely made of paper, which is not the case. So, what makes paper cups? If you take a closer look at a paper cup, you will notice that the inner layer of a paper cup has a film, which is quite thin. It might be a bit obvious that the material used to make this coating is usually wax, even though there are cases where plastic is used instead.

So, what is the purpose of this thin film? It is quite simple. This thin film of wax or plastic has the purpose of preventing your drink from seeping into the paper on the outer layer. If paper cups did not have that layer, they would become soggy and it would be impossible to carry the coffee.

In the past, paper cups would have clay that would prevent the liquids from leaking but that is not the case today.

How Microwaves Work

Now, let us look at how the microwave you want to use works before we answer the question, can you microwave a paper cup?

Microwaves have been in use in many households for a long period. They have become extremely popular and are being used daily in most kitchens. But how do they heat your food?

A microwave operates differently unlike the normal heating methods we are used to the traditional methods would be all about exposure to direct heat to warm food.

A microwave, on the other hand, will emit microwave particles. These particles will then penetrate your meal, agitate the food’s molecule. The agitation will then result in friction and that friction will result in heat. This heat is then moved around by convection. If you have used a microwave before, you might have noticed that it does not heat food evenly all the time.

Note: The method used by microwaves to heat might affect certain materials in a certain manner. Adverse impacts can be noticed on different types of material.

When you Microwave a Paper Cup.

So, can I heat food in a paper cup using a microwave oven? Let us look at this. If you microwave a paper cup, or any other material made of paper to be precise, there are certain problems that you will face.


The first problem is that the paper will warp and it will be damaged beyond repair.

The second problem you will note is that all the materials used to maintain the structure of the cup will start melting. These materials include waxes, glues, as well as plastics. During the heating process, they will break down, melt, and most probably start releasing harmful chemicals that would possibly go into your food or drink.

So, are paper cups microwave safe? The answer is no.

What causes this problem? The lining in your cup is probably not microwave-safe. What does that mean? Any material that is microwave safe will be able to withstand the high temperature caused by the microwave.

The result is that your cup and drink will both be ruined completely. Can you microwave paper coffee cups? The truth is that you cannot and the problems do not end there.

We know what the microwave will do to your cup. What other risks are there?

Dangers and Risks

Health Issues

If you microwave paper cup coffee and take the coffee, you will be faced with larger problems. The chemicals that are in the materials such as wax, glue, and plastic have adverse effects on human health.

Some plastics will probably cause the release of chemicals that resemble estrogen in the food and will cause excessive production of estrogen in your body. Women will probably have more problems since it can cause an effect on the reproduction organs functionality. It might also cause chronic health issues or obesity.

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Fire Hazard

You should know that microwaving a paper cup would probably lead to a fire. The materials that hold up the structure of the paper cup are flammable and if you expose them to high heat levels in the microwave for adequate time, they will catch fire. In case you are not around, it would lead to a huge fire that you might not be able to contain.

An Alternative

So, since there are no microwaveable disposable cups, you should know that it is perfectly okay to move these contents to another cup, then heat the coffee in that microwaveable cup. You have heatproof glassware, as well as ceramics that are created to withstand heating in a microwave.

Why do paper cups say do not microwave? This is a warning so you know not to microwave a paper cup and you should avoid microwaving it at any cost.


Can you microwave a paper cup? We have recognized that certain problems are associated with microwaving a paper cup, some of which will affect your health adversely. We recommend that you use the recommended utensils to microwave your coffee.

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