Microwave Foods – Healthy or Harmful ?

With the advancements in technologies, homeowners are now blessed with many amazing appliances. In busy life routines, people are not able to spend much time in the kitchen, and in such situations, they need some efficient solutions to ease the cooking hours.

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The best solution to all your needs is a microwave. They are simple, fast, and convenient as well. Many homeowners are already using this cooking appliance and they are highly satisfied.

Market these days is loaded with several amazing designs of microwave ovens, but buyers often get confused while making the decision for the best one. And before that, the biggest question in every mind is whether food prepared in microwave ovens is healthy or harmful?

If you are also worried about the same thing, it is good to go through the article below. Here we are going to discuss in detail whether microwaves are a healthy or harmful choice for cooking.

What are microwave ovens?

In simple words, microwave ovens are specially designed kitchen appliances that are used for cooking. They work by converting electricity into electromagnetic waves that are better known as microwaves.
These waves are responsible for stimulating the molecules present in food. As they start vibrating and spinning around, the clash between different molecules leads to the conversion of energy into heat.

Note that, microwaves have a prime focus on water molecules, but at the same time, they can also heat up sugars and fats as well.
As microwave ovens work by producing electromagnetic radiation, many people get confused about whether they are good for the home kitchen or not.

Actually, we have a common misconception of associating radiations with negative connotations. But actuality, the radiations produced in the microwave are quite different from that of the radiation produced in the atomic bombs.

You are always on the safer side with these appliances.
However, in order to lead a safe cooking experience, it is advised to maintain your oven very well.

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How does microwaves affect the nutrition content of the food?

You might have heard somewhere that almost every form of cooking leads to some decay in nutrient levels. The major factors contributing to healthy food preparation are cooking time and cooking temperature. Most of the time, the healthy nutrients leak out of the pan during boiling.

The great news about the microwave is that they follow shorter cooking times and work on low-temperature settings. Also, food is not required to be boiled in this case; hence, the escape of desired nutrients is not possible. It means microwave-based food preparation is much better as compared to traditional boiling and frying.


Many studies prove that microwaves do not reduce nutrient levels in food; rather, it helps to preserve the antioxidants in the best possible manner.

Reducing the formation of harmful compounds:

You will be happy to hear that microwaves can also reduce the formation of harmful compounds from food by a considerable level. Note that, in the case of microwave-based cooking, the food is not heated as much as it is heated with frying, boiling, and other traditional methods.
Generally, the temperature range in the microwave doesn’t even cross the normal boiling point of water. In such situations, this cooking equipment can help you to get rid of all the harmful compounds.
As per a recent study where observations were made on the heating of bacon in the microwave, it led to the least formation of nitrosamine. As per experts, microwaving chicken is also found to have a lesser number of harmful compounds as compared to other techniques such as frying.

Benefits of Microwave Ovens:

The above points have already proven that microwaves are healthy solutions for your kitchen. However, most people at present might be eager to know the benefits of microwaving. Well, below, we have listed a few of them to ease your purchase decisions:

  • Microwave ovens work with the inner heating operation; hence, they do not cause burns to the users who touch the unit from outside. They work for heating the food but stay cold themselves.
  • As compared to drying, boiling, and baking, microwave ovens are a great choice for eliminating the formation of char and tar. These carcinogenic elements are otherwise quite harmful to the human body.
  • Microwave radiations penetrate deeper into the food, and hence, it leads to even heating.
  • When you use the microwave for pre-heating the food and then putting them on the pan and grill, it is possible to reduce cooking time by a considerable level.
  • Microwaves also do not produce acrylamide in potatoes which is otherwise one of the most carcinogenic products in food items.
    As this cooking method involves reduced preparation time, the food items are more likely to sustain a higher number of nutrients.
  • Microwave is not just for heating food; rather at the same time, it can help you to prepare food items from scratch. The list includes popcorn, potato chips, polenta, cookies, and egg as well.
  • Microwaves provide more control over cooking, and hence, it is easier to enhance the overall taste as well.

So, now you must have gained all details about whether microwaves are a healthy or harmful cooking choice. There is no doubt to say that they can serve as the best kitchen companion for all busy homemakers. However, experts only advise avoiding plastic containers to use in microwaves as they can cause harmful effects.

We must say that microwaves are one of the most convenient, effective, and safest methods for cooking. There is the least evidence about microwaves causing any harm; rather, studies show their abilities to preserve nutrients and healthy compounds in food items. Hence, if you are interested in finding an efficient and trustworthy solution for cooking, it is better to invest in a microwave.

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