Cold Brew Tea Bags vs. Regular Tea Bags – The Difference

There are many different ways of making tea. The classic method of making tea involves tea bags that are dipped in some hot water. However, there is a new trend for cold brew tea, which is quite similar to the cold brew coffee. This article aims to provide a comparison of cold brew tea bags vs. regular tea bags to help you understand how to use both of them.

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Cold Brewing Tea

Let us start by looking at cold brewing tea. Making iced tea through the cold brewing method is quite easy. The process only requires that you use cold water and combine it with the tea bags. The only problem that comes when using the method is the time it would take to make the tea. After you put the tea bags in the water, you will have to allow the mixture some time to brew the tea. On average, the entire process will take about 15 hours, which is quite a long time.

Note: The longer you take to brew the tea, the more it will take to extract the tea and mix it up with the water. Therefore, be patient.

Extraction Process

The extraction process is a chemical extraction, which involves the extraction of small molecules from the tea bags to the water. The goal is to extract the tannins, caffeine, and antioxidants in balanced amounts. The water has to be at a certain temperature to achieve the best results. Can you use cold brew tea bags in hot water? Well, if you use water that is hot, you will burn the tea leaves, which means that it will extract more of the bitter flavors, which we are avoiding. On the other hand, if the water is colder than required, the extraction process will not have adequate time. As a result, the tea will taste more like water and not tea.

The Cold Brew Tea Bags

These new tea bags are created and packed with the main purpose of making iced tea. They have the right tea leaves amounts to make sure that the tea you make will have to be adequately strong. This will eradicate the need for deciding on the adequate amount of tea to use for cold tea.

The Regular Tea Bags

You find these common tea bags at almost every store around you. They have adequate amounts of tea leaves to brew tea with hot water. It is recommended that you use 80z of water when using these teabags.

The Difference

Now, let us look at the cold brew vs. hot brew tea difference. One type of tea bag (regular tea bags) will require hot water. The water is almost at boiling temperatures. The anti-oxidants, tannins, and antioxidants are extracted properly. Can you put tea bags in cold water? The cold brew tea bags are made for that specific purpose. The only problem is that the extraction will take longer and the extraction is gentle. However, you will enjoy the full flavor of the tea once the brewing process is complete.


If you are in any hurry to have your tea, you will always require the regular tea bags because the process is quite fast and you will only require a few minutes. However, if you simply want to enjoy the best of tea, simply use cold brew tea bags and take the time to brew the perfect tea.

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