Cuisinart Dutch Oven – A Detailed Review

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ir?t=reviewho 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B0018A957UDutch ovens have been very popular cooking items in kitchens, even way before multi-cookers came into the market. These amazing pots usually had some short legs coupled with a rimmed lid for holding coals. After advancements and changes, they started becoming more like the Dutch ovens we have in the market right now.

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One of the main reasons why Dutch ovens are versatile and highly preferred is the excellent performance of the cast iron. This excellence is reflected in the retention of heat. Another feature that makes the pots amazing for our kitchens is the shape. They are wide and short so that you can sear meats and still make dishes like stews. The shape also allows you to prepare recipes that would require browning of meat followed by some simmering in a certain type of liquid. As you can see, it is a very important part of our kitchens.

We have tested some ovens and have come up with this Cuisinart Dutch oven review that should help you identify this amazing Dutch oven, the CI670-30BG. This Cuisinart enameled cast iron review will help you understand exactly how the Dutch oven works and how it will help you achieve perfection when cooking. Stay tuned!

A General Overview

As you will note in this Cuisinart cast iron review, the Dutch oven is more than you would refer to as a pot. It is an extremely beautiful piece of work. To be honest, it is a pot that you would prefer not to put away in your cabinet, just so you can enjoy how good it looks inside your kitchen.

However, beauty is just a piece of it. It has much more capability than looking good. The designers and manufacturers of this product put much attention to the details of this modern kitchenware.

As you will learn from the detailed Cuisinart enameled cast iron review, it is a pot that will give you everything you require to cook like a professional.

Features of the Cast Iron Dutch Oven

Cuisinart enameled cast iron reviews cannot be complete without a detailed look at the features of the product. So, here we go.

The first thing you will note is the appearance of the Cuisinart enameled cast iron Dutch oven. It has a Porcelain exterior that features a durable provincial Blue finish. The cast iron is something that will complement your kitchen’s décor.

The cast iron material used to make this oven will not only retain heat properly but also distribute it evenly across the pot, which means great results. It also features a porcelain interior that will neither impact the flavors of your meals nor absorb any odors. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

It also features some wide handles made with cast iron. They are perfectly comfortable to hold when cooking and they will give you a good grip on the oven. You will also be able to move the oven easily when you are about to serve the food. The lid has a knob that will provide a strong grip. To make it better, it is oven safe. Cooking with this oven is amazing. You can use any cooktop you want. You can use an oven, a broiler, a stovetop, or even an induction cooktop.

If you are looking for an oven that will amaze your friends and family, then this is the perfect spot. It is perfect for entertaining guests.


What about cleaning? Well, the cleaning process is easy. You can use a dishwasher to do the easy work for you. Maintenance of the Dutch oven is extremely easy.

The Performance

One of the aspects that we will discuss in the Cuisinart Dutch oven review is the performance when cooking. You will be amazed by how good the oven cooks. It is much better than you would expect for a Dutch oven of that price. If you cook with something that is in the same price range, you cannot get the same results provided by this amazing oven.

Searing with the pot is completely beautiful. It will sear consistently and evenly. It will help you realize how well the heat is delivered and distributed across the food you are cooking.

When placed in the oven, it has the same good performance. The beef stew will come out tasty and thick. The meat will also have a very tender texture.

The Build Quality

Compared to other pots in the market at that price range, this pot has an amazing build quality. Everything is exactly the way it should be.

Unfortunately, there are some complaints regarding the color. Some people have complained that the color will become dull when you use a dishwasher to clean the pot. Even though the company says that it is a dishwasher-safe alternative, it would be expected that some changes would appear in the color. Luckily, there is a very simple solution. Simply hand wash the Dutch oven.

One other thing you should consider is the cast iron rim. If you fail to look at that area, there is potential for rust to form. Regardless, it might not form at all.

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Pros And Cons


  • + You can use it on any range of cooktops including an induction cooktop
  • + The contraction of cast iron gives better retention of heat
  • + The interior surface will not absorb odors
  • + Cleaning and maintenance are quite easy
  • + It is extremely beautiful


  • The main problem is the weight. It is extremely heavy even without food inside. Luckily, there are smaller variants.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Is Cuisinart as good as Le Creuset?

A Cuisinart Dutch Oven vs. Le Creuset comparison would be quite hard to decide on. The main reason behind that is that the Le Creuset option is much more expensive compared to the Cuisinart Dutch oven. However, it is important to say that Le Creuset, even though more expensive, has a better design and has been built better.

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  1. Can Cuisinart Dutch Oven go in the oven?

As you might have noted in the Cuisinart enameled cast iron review, the oven is oven safe, which means that it can go in the oven without a problem.


Cooking should be fun and even though you will be having fun, you should expect some good results. This amazing Dutch oven will give you the exact amount of perfection you need. You simply need to care for it properly when cleaning it so that it does not deteriorate in quality.

Feel free to share your observations with me in the comments section!

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