Detailed Review of Top Induction Cooktops with Downdraft

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Induction cooktops are gaining extreme popularity all over the world and everybody wants to install one in his or her kitchen. These cooktops are becoming a necessity for every kitchen for several reasons. The first amazing advantage of an induction cooktop is that it does not have any open flames, which not only saves your gas expenses but also reduces the risk of burning yourself or burning your house down. In the long run, you save money, and you save energy.

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Recently, companies have come up with induction cooktops with downdraft. Induction downdraft cooktop has brought about a debate on the difference between downdraft and updraft ventilation and the one that works best. Anyway, this post intends to shed light on that debate.

We will highlight some of the top cooktops with downdraft. We will also help you choose one that works best for you and provide further details to help you understand the functionality of this technology.

Let’s start with reviews of the top downdraft induction cooktops.

Understanding Induction Cooktops With Downdraft

Before we dive into the specifics, let’s take a moment to understand what sets induction cooktops with downdraft apart from traditional cooktops. Unlike conventional gas or electric cooktops, which rely on open flames or heating elements, induction cooktops utilize electromagnetic technology to heat the cookware directly. This results in faster heating times, precise temperature control, and increased energy efficiency.

The addition of a downdraft ventilation system further enhances the functionality of these cooktops. Instead of relying on bulky overhead hoods, downdraft systems are integrated directly into the cooktop, drawing smoke, steam, and odors downwards and venting them outside or filtering them through a charcoal filter.

Top 5 Choices

These are the induction cooktops with integrated downdraft ventilation. They are installed with these ventilations and you do not need to install the ventilation separately.

  • Jenn-Air JID4436ES 36 Inch Induction Cooktop

Jenn-Air JID4436ES 36 Inch Induction Cooktop

Jenn-Air is an amazing option for your kitchen. This induction cooktop with a downdraft vent promises to provide you with the power that a gas stove will provide with the same ease of cleaning provided by an electric cooktop. With this amazing cooktop, you can simply clean the air in your kitchen, eradicating any vapor or odors quickly and with complete ease. With the powerful downdraft ventilation provided by this induction cooktop, updraft ventilation is no longer a necessity.

This system is incorporated with a ventilation system, which means it is installed together with the downdraft. It also features four induction elements. With these elements, you can cook any amount of food with any cookware size. Each of the burners on the cooktop provides adequate heat to cook any meal, boil your liquids, or even sear meat.

Not only is this cooktop functional but also beautiful. The cooktop is made using black glass. The surface is easy to clean too.


Safety is very important, which is why the cooktop has a detection system that detects if your pan is placed on it before it can turn the elements on. If you take the pan off the cooktop, it switches off immediately.

Each element has its timer, allowing you to prepare different dishes at the same time. The downdraft system on this cooktop will suck any smoke, odor, or steam very quickly before it can get to the rest of your kitchen and house. The downdraft system can also shut down automatically. You can select one of the two-speed settings for your fan depending on what you are preparing.


  • + An elegant cooktop
  • + Functional and efficient
  • + Led lighting in the vent system
  • + Easy to clean


  • None

  • Gaggenau CVL 420 Induction Cooktop With Downdraft

Gaggenau CVL 420 Induction Cooktop with Downdraft

This induction range with downdraft boasts a combination of a downdraft vent system and a flex induction surface. It has four induction cooktops and it provides you with maximum efficiency.

It does not have a frame, like with some alternatives in the market. Instead, it is flush with your countertop. In regards to the cooking spots, there are two on either side of the vent system. Cooking with this elegant cooktop will be something to look forward to daily.

The functionality is different from some of the cooktops in the market. Each of the cooking spots measures 19 cm by 24 cm. You can also combine these flex cooking spots to make a single cooking area on each side, measuring 38 x 24 cm. It means that you can either cook using four burners, two on each side, or use one on each side of the ventilation, which is an amazing and efficient method.

It has a power output of 2200 W, coupled with a booster of 3700 W. If you choose to use two cooking areas as one, you will enjoy 3300 W, boosted by 3700 W.

The cooktop is very beautiful with simple controls that are easy to see and use. The controls have different colors. The control knobs are made using strong stainless steel material. They are placed on the vertical side and have orange and white colors, making them clear to see, even at night.

The ventilation system is also very effective because it provides three power levels, coupled with a single intensive mode.


  • + Extremely safe
  • + Very elegant
  • + Easy to clean
  • + Efficient cooking areas


  • None

  • KitchenAid KCED600GBL Downdraft Cooktop

KitchenAid KCED600GBL Downdraft Cooktop

KitchenAid is one of the companies that provide high-quality products in the market with some of the best reviews from customers. That being said, this cooktop is one of the best works from KitchenAid.

The product has a very unique, sturdy design that has an amazing feel. Almost like magic. The product has a very amazing appeal with a tidy look. The ventilation system is also incorporated nicely into the cooktop and does not protrude from the top as most ventilation systems do. The result? You get a beautiful, sleek, and elegant cooktop in your kitchen that does not allow any smoke or fumes to escape to the rest of the house.

It features a cook shield finishing that will maintain its beauty and prevent scratching from the cookware you use. It also has knobs made using stainless steel. The contrast between black and stainless steel finish makes it appear like a modern product that you will enjoy.

When it comes to cooking technology, it features two unique EvenHeat rings that will provide a wide heat range. However, this technology will work best for cooking processes that require low levels of heat, such as melting chocolate. The cooktop also features a simmer setting that is very efficient for most recipes that require simmering.

The downdraft is very efficient because it has three distinct speeds to choose from depending on the meal you are preparing. It has safety features, which include warning lights to let you know when it is hot and cannot be touched.


  • + Different cooking settings for different recipes
  • + Powerful downdraft
  • + Amazing heating technology
  • + Elegant Design


  • Some customers have complained that it takes time to clean properly.

  • GE PP989DNBB 30 Inch Smoothtop Cooktop

GE PP989DNBB 30 Inch Smoothtop Cooktop

This amazing cooktop has four burners, which are amazing to cook at any time of the day. You can prepare four dishes using the hobs simultaneously. This cooktop is compliant with ADA and it has the beauty and elegance you want in your kitchen. The black finish is not only tidy but also easy to keep clean.

These four hobs are ribbon elements that your induction cooktop will be placed on when you are cooking. The ventilation system has three-speed fans, which means that you will get rid of all the odor, smoke, and vapor, regardless of the amount or type of food you are preparing. The induction cooktop has a 400 CFM unit.

There are different reviews online for this cooktop, but they are mostly positive reviews, some of which will convince you to purchase this product for your kitchen. This cooktop has a melt setting, coupled with a small and large eye setting.

You can alter the heating elements in different manners to fit your cooking requirements.

One of the other reasons why this cooktop is on our list is the customer support provided by the company. Admit it. Good customer service is going to affect the product you choose to purchase, right?


  • + More affordable than most brands in the market
  • + The efficient downdraft vent system
  • + Different settings for the induction hobs
  • + Elegant design


  • Cleaning is a bit tricky

Do Induction Cooktops need Ventilations?

So, do induction cooktops need venting? Yes. An induction cooktop will require ventilation, just like any other cooktop that you might have in your home. As you cook, there is excess vapor, grease, and smoke, which must escape in some way from your house. Otherwise, it will spread all over your kitchen and in your house. The type of induction cooktop with downdraft you need is dependent on the type of cooking you use.

Advantages of Induction Cooktops With Downdraft

1. Efficient Heating: Induction technology ensures rapid and even heating, reducing cooking times and energy consumption.

2. Sleek Design: The flush-mounted design of induction cooktops with downdraft creates a seamless look in the kitchen, perfect for modern aesthetics.

3. Space Saving: By combining cooking and ventilation in one unit, these cooktops free up valuable counter space.

4. Easy Cleanup: Smooth glass surfaces and integrated ventilation make cleaning a breeze, eliminating the need for separate range hoods.

5. Safety Features: Induction cooktops remain cool to the touch, reducing the risk of burns, while built-in sensors automatically shut off the unit if no cookware is detected.

Choosing the Best Induction Cooktop With Downdraft

Choosing the right cooktop is very important and it is a challenging task. However, with these considerations, you will be able to find the right cooktop for your kitchen.

Cooktop Dimensions

As we have stated above, the type of cooking you do will determine the type of induction downdraft cooktop you need for your kitchen. For instance, if you do not cook much and only prepare basic meals, then a smaller cooktop will be perfect for your kitchen. If your cooking is more elaborate, then you should choose a larger cooktop that will provide the kind of service that will fit your cooking.

The dimensions of the cooktop will also depend highly on your kitchen size. If you do not have much space in your kitchen, you cannot purchase a very large cooktop because it would be unreasonable. Therefore, make sure to confirm the space you have in your kitchen.


You can have a downdraft induction cooktop with just one burner. However, some brands have more than one burner, with some having as many as five, like one we have noted as one of our top picks. If you have basic cooking, it would be advisable to purchase a portable induction cooktop. However, if you choose to prepare more dishes at the same time, for a larger family, it is recommended that you purchase an induction range with more burners. They would serve you and your family better than an induction cooktop with a single burner.

Downdraft CFM

CFM stands for cubic feet per minute. It represents the cubic feet of air that are moved in a single minute. It is a unit that works well in determining the power of different ventilation systems that are incorporated by different induction ranges with downdraft. You should know the CFM that you require for your home and find a cooktop that will provide you with adequate downdraft power to suit your cooking methods. If you want a downdraft that will easily and efficiently capture grease and vapor, you should choose a downdraft that has more power.


Ventilation systems are a very important and necessary part of cooktops. However, induction cooktops do not require as much ventilation as other cooktops, considering that they do not have open flames.

Regardless, your food will always produce grease, odor, and vapor, which can easily spread to the rest of your house, or fill your kitchen. It is advisable to purchase an induction cooktop that will remove these from your house with ease.


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