What is The Difference Between Daikon and Radish

Daikon is also referred to as Luobo. It is harvested in different parts of the world for different purposes, which include food for human beings and livestock. Its seeds are also used in the cosmetic industry. Most farmers also prefer to plant the crop since it helps improve the health of the soil and increase the total yield. However, is Daikon a radish? Here are the main differences that come up in the Daikon vs. Radish comparison.

These types of radish are under the same species, which is Raphanus Sativus. Therefore, they are very similar when compared. Daikon radishes tend to grow and become much larger than the regular radish. Sometimes the daikon reaches 20 inches in length and 4 inches in width. The regular radishes, on the other hand, have different shapes and sizes. However, they are much smaller when compared to daikon. For that reason, the daikon radish will take longer to ripen.

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The regular radish, for that reason, will grow well and will have a greater range. Daikon, in most cases, appears as a palate cleanser and is usually served in sushi in the form of shreds. The Chinese culture recognizes daikon as a vegetable and serves it in stews.

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