Does Pesto have Nuts?

Everyone likes a healthy snack and it is much better if it is a delicious treat. At the same time, due to different allergies, we tend to be very careful about the ingredients used to make whatever we eat.

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Pesto is one of the popular treats that we love. It features a range of ingredients that give it a delicious flavor, color, as well as texture. But does pesto have nuts? If you are allergic to nuts, this is a question that you will find yourself asking.

Fortunately, we have prepared this post to help you identify the ingredients included in pesto. We will help you understand if it is possible to have pesto without nuts. Here we go.

What is Pesto?

Before we go any further, we decided it is important that you understand what pesto is and what it is good for.

Pesto is a sauce that originated in Italy. It is prepared with ease using a mortar and pestle. Its preparation is quite easy. The ingredients included in pesto are garlic, parmesan cheese, coarse salt, basil leaves, olive oil, and pine nuts.

Does Pesto have Nuts?

If you consider the original traditional recipe, you will find that the ingredients include pine nuts coupled with Parmigiano Reggiano, salt, extra virgin olive oil, basil leaves, and garlic. To be honest, the quality, flavor, and texture of the resulting pesto will highly depend on the quality of the ingredients you use.

Are pine nuts necessary for pesto?

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You do not require pine nuts to produce a great pesto. Most people will indeed prefer pesto that is stuffed with this type of nuts. The problem, however, is that pine nuts, which are a major part of the mixture, can be hard to find, are expensive, and can be easily replaced with other types of nuts to produce the same results.

What can replace pine nuts in pesto?

The other types of nuts you can choose to use include walnuts, peanuts, almonds, macadamia nuts, pumpkin seeds, as well as sesame seeds. Other substitutions for nuts in pesto include pistachios, pecans, and sunflower seeds. It is all about what you prefer and the kind of taste you would prefer. You can also choose to toast or roast them for a different flavor profile.

Does all Pesto have Nuts?

The thing is, there are different variations of pesto. The word means crushed, which means that the ingredients might vary. However, even though there might be variations in the ingredients used, nuts are very common in most of these variations.

But not to worry. You can get pesto that does not have nuts. The main herb that is included in pesto is basil. When you work with fresh basil, you can alternate the rest of the ingredients if you are making it at home.


Can I buy nut-free pesto?

If you go to any market, you will find different pesto variations, including nut-free pesto. You simply have to make sure that you check for the ‘no nuts’ label.

Can you Eat Pesto with a Nut Allergy?

There are people with nut allergies. It would not be fair to deny these people the luxury of eating pesto just because of this one ingredient.

But that does not have to be a problem. Nuts will easily transform the cheese and herbs into a very silky, delicious, and luxurious sauce. Fortunately, there are other ingredients, such as raisins, that will give the same effect. Who knows, you might even like it better with raisins.

Raisin pesto is a great vegan pesto that is also allergy-friendly. It is a sauce that will work perfectly with different meals such as lamb meatballs.


Honestly, there are people whose minds are set that any pesto that deviates from the original recipe is not true pesto. That means that they would not prefer vegan pesto. These people believe that it should contain basil, garlic, pine nuts, as well as grated cheese such as Parmesan.

Unfortunately, as sweet as that sauce might be, it is not for everyone. People who cannot eat nuts or dairy products will have health issues when they ingest this. Why deny them the pesto? Luckily, the vegan pesto variation, which has the same sweetness and effect on other meals, does not contain nuts. Try preparing it at home with different herbs to create your delicious pesto without nuts.

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