The Difference between Fondant and Fondue

Fondant and fondue can be a little confusing. Most people do not know the difference between the two and end up using the two words interchangeably. Fondant vs fondue, which one specifically are you speaking about?

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The truth is they are derived from the same word ‘fondre’ which is a French word. It means to melt.

So, fondant or fondue? In this article, I will help you understand what fondant is, also fondue, the difference between the two, and where exactly they are used.

What Exactly is Fondant?


Fondant is a product that is made from sugar, water, gelatin, shortening, glycerol, and corn syrup. It is used as icing on cakes and other baked products. It is preferred over buttercream because it remains intact even on exposure to quite high temperatures where buttercream would not withstand.

It is usually rolled and placed over the cake to coat it, giving a smooth end product. In addition, fondant comes in many colors and flavors and can also be customized depending on one’s needs in terms of color and flavor. This explains why so many people prefer fondant, it is very versatile.

How to Make Fondant

Fondant can be quickly made from marshmallows since they are perfect for melting and mixing. It is crucial to ensure that the marshmallows are fresh. The white mini marshmallows are melted in a glass bowl in the microwave. Afterward, the marshmallows are stirred until they smooth out.

The perfect consistency of the fondant is when it becomes thick and less slurry. Using a mixer continue mixing as you add sugar to the mixture. Stop adding sugar when the mixture is less shiny and gains a dull appearance. At this point, you should also stop mixing especially if the consistency is already thick.

The fondant is now ready for kneading and rolling. It is important to use shortening on the surfaces and on your hands to avoid altering the consistency.

What is Fondue?


Fondue is a dish containing melted cheese mixed with wine. It is served in a common pot also called caquelon where people eat by dipping bread into the cheese. Long forks are used to dip the bread since the cheese is communal.


How is Fondue Made?

An important thing to bear in mind while making fondue is to make sure that the cheese melts perfectly. This is done by adding cornstarch.

For a long time, a brandy called Kirschwasser has been used to make fondue. It is made from cherries. However, you can use any other brandy if it is not too sweet.

Fondue is made by mixing cornstarch with your desired brandy to form a semi-liquid mixture. White wine is then added to the mixture and allowed to boil gently. Cheese is then added in small amounts and stirred till all the cheese has melted. Then you can add more cheese and continue with the process. Some salt is added to taste and other spices such as pepper and nutmeg.

The fondue has to be heated throughout using a stove to prevent the cheese from solidifying. The meal is best served when the cheese is still hot and melted.

Fondant vs Fondue

Although fondant and fondue are a hundred percent edible, they have some differences that distinguish them. Let’s look at fondant vs. fondue.


As seen in the definition, fondant is used as icing for cakes. It, therefore, has a sweet sugary taste to complement the cake. Also, one of the ingredients is sugar.

Fondue, on the other hand, is majorly made of cheese and hence tastes like cheese.


Fondue is a dish made of cheese, white wine, garlic, and cornstarch. Although other ingredients may be added, these are the basic ingredients.

On the other hand, Fondant is made from sugar, water, gelatin, and gelatin


Fondant is used as an icing for baked goods including cake while fondue is a popular Swiss dish.

In addition, fondue has to be eaten warm to prevent the cheese from being solid while the fondant is placed at room temperature after icing to enable it to dry and become a hard solid.

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We’ve seen that fondant and fondue are completely different things. Fondue is a Swiss meal while the fondant is a product used in the icing of baked goods. There are many other differences but I hope you have understood the basic differences between the two.

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