Granite Composite Sinks Disadvantages And Advantages

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Installing a granite composite sink in your kitchen is a great idea! A granite composite sink will improve your kitchen’s beauty while managing to withstand the tough environment. This type of sink is an awesome combination of resin and natural stone. You are probably wondering which sink you will install in your house.

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In this article, you will find important details that will help you understand composite sinks pros and cons, comparison with other types, as well as the best methods of maintenance and care.

What is a Granite Sink?

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A granite composite sink is a mixture of acrylic resin, 20%, and granite, 80%. This mixture feels and appears like a natural stone. However, it is uniform and is more affordable. It provides a kitchen with a durable, amazing appearance.

You can choose from a wide range of colors (Mostly grey, brown, and charcoal), matte finishes, shapes, and sizes.

If you are wondering about a sink made from 100% natural granite, they are available. However, they are very rare, which makes them more expensive. Very few companies produce the natural option. Most of the sinks in the market are composite, mostly granite composite, and you can find others, such as quartz composite.

Composite Sinks Pros

Multiple Options

One of the major advantages of composite sinks is the wide variety produced by different manufacturers. If you are planning to install a granite sink in your kitchen, you get to choose from sinks with different finishes, colors, shapes, sizes, and styles. The most popular choices in the market are black and brown. Compared to stainless steel sinks, granite sinks have more options.

Consistent Appeal

A pure granite sink has several colors from the stones in the material. However, a composite sink has a uniform color, which is very appealing.

Heat, Scratch, and Stain Resistance

A granite sink can be able to withstand high temperatures, higher than 500 degrees Fahrenheit. The heat will not affect the color or texture regardless of the period you use it in this way. It maintains the natural appearance and feels.

The stone is quite hard. It allows the sink to withstand and resist scratches from any utensils.

Easy Cleaning

Unless you have a tough stain, which would require natural vinegar or other soaps, cleaning is quite simple. You do not require any type of chemical when cleaning a granite sink.


A granite composite sink is a mixture of natural stone and resin. Unlike the sinks made from pure natural granite, the composite sinks are more affordable.


The mixture used to make granite composite sinks is hard. It is resistant, able to withstand heat, scratching, pressure, and chipping. This aspect makes it very durable while it provides you with perfect service for a long time.


Composite Sinks Cons

There are only a few composite granite sinks disadvantages, as explained below.

The cost might be high

Although a composite granite sink is more affordable than the natural option, it is more expensive than certain options, such as stainless steel sinks, and ceramic sinks.

Composite sinks are very heavy because of the material used to create them. Therefore, they require professionals to install. They require adequate support and probably some sealing every year. This fact increases the cost of the composite sinks.

Hard Material

One of the composite granite sink problems is that it does not allow you to be reckless with your glassware. In case you drop any glassware on the surface, chances are that it will break. If you clean dishes that might break easily on a regular basis, you should learn to be very careful.


Although you have several colors, you are restricted to sinks that have a matte finish. This might affect how your sink blends in with the current house style and appearance.

Maintaining and Caring for a Composite Sink

You have learned above about the nature of the material used to create composite sinks. Although it is resistant to pressure and heat, you need to care for the sink and regular maintenance. If your sink is light, stains might develop. Darker sinks, however, require lower maintenance in general, but a white film might appear.

The first efficient method is daily cleaning. You should wash it with soap, even if dishwashing soap, and a brush. To prevent any stains from developing, you should rinse it after cleaning and dry it completely.

It is important to avoid any chemicals to clean the sink. You might use tools that will change the sink’s effectiveness. You can use several natural options in case the sink has a tough stain that you want to get rid of. Vinegar is a perfect natural cleaning tool. Use it on a regular basis to make sure that the sink maintains its appearance and functionality.

If you want your sink to shine, you can wipe it with a little cooking oil.

You should consider the manufacturer’s advice and suggestions carefully when cleaning the sink. You should be well informed before you decide to purchase a sink from certain manufacturers. Consider the warranty and manufacturer’s description of the sink. Some sinks are prone to damage from heat and might have several stains developed by the heat. The resin in these sinks melts at certain temperatures and it might affect the integrity of the sink.

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Granite Sink Brands

The quality of a sink varies greatly with the brand. Some of the most popular composite granite sinks include Blanco, Franke Gravity, Kraus, and several more. You should consider several factors before you purchase a certain brand’s sink. However, the perfect sink for you will depend on your preference.


Composite granite sinks are highly recommended for most households. The sinks varieties allow you to choose one that will blend in perfectly with your current décor and serve you perfectly. The granite sinks pros and cons that we highlighted in this article should help you understand. You will be able to make an informed decision when you purchase a sink for your kitchen.

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