Silgranit Sinks – Everything you should know

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ir?t=reviewho 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B00I0R3L1USilgranit sinks are gaining popularity in the market, as the new durable sink options for our households. Blanco, a company that is recognized for quality products, makes the sinks. The sinks are available all over the world in different plumbing suppliers, home interior products suppliers, as well as online markets. Do you have a wish to purchase this type of sink?

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Well, before you do, you should learn everything about the product. That includes the advantages, disadvantages, as well as maintenance of the product. In this post, we intend to provide you with all this information and so much more. Let’s dive in.

About Silgranit Sinks

What is Silgranit? Silgranit is a composite of granite material that is patented by Blanco. Silgranit has a granite composition of 80% and is amazingly hard, compared to other types of materials that make kitchen sinks. The sinks are not only created to be tough and resistant to harsh environments, but also beautiful and affordable. The company behind this type of sink has various collections in the market. That would mean that you could choose any of the available sinks to fit one of the kitchen’s décor. Astonishing, isn’t it?

The material is all these, and still lighter compared to fireclay and cast iron alternatives. Most of the varieties that the company provides are extremely affordable.

Material Composition

The sinks are made using 80% of real granite and a 20% addition of a strong binding agent. These two materials come together to form one of the hardest, yet light, sink materials. It is lighter than natural stone. The material is created in such a manner that it is antibacterial. That simple composition will prevent the growth of bacteria. It reduces the chances of bacteria growth by 98%, which is quite amazing.

Color Varieties

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The truth is that nobody thinks much about kitchen sinks when they are planning their kitchen décor. It is quite unfortunate if you think about it. Most of the kitchen aspects, which include the floor and the worktop are decided early. The sink, however, is not decided. It has to fit into the house. A stainless steel sink usually works, but not as well as you would expect it to. An alternative is provided by a Silgranit sink. With a Silgranit sink, you can easily introduce some color to your kitchen and it will definitely make your day-to-day operations more exciting. There is a wide range of colors from which you can choose. The Blanco team designs them, with the Silgranit Black being the latest addition to the range of sinks.

The team behind these amazing colors has two important things to consider when they create these colors. The criteria are the existing colors in your kitchen, as well as extended satisfaction to the customer. You will get anything you want, whether a contrasting aspect or one that chimes with the overall concept in your kitchen. You should also be continuously happy with the product regardless of the environment to which the sink is exposed. Therefore, if you want it placed close to the window, the sunlight will not result in a change in the sink’s color even after many years of use.

Resistance to Acids

Most of the alternative sink materials react with the acid that comes from fruit. It is actually possible since the acid that is produced by fruits is quite aggressive. Have you noticed how limescale quickly becomes loose when it encounters citric acid? You might also have had an experience with an orange piece slipping into the sink bowl or some lemon juice getting to the ledges. With this amazing sink, that should not be an issue. The pores that would be on the granite composite are completely blocked. There are no chances of anything getting in the sink’s material, or leaving. The material will remain in the same condition for many years. It will not react with any type of chemical or acid regardless of the color. Therefore, it will not change its appearance and the quality will definitely not be compromised.


When using your sink to rinse dishes, there are bits that will be left in the sink. You can use a non-abrasive cleaner to remove the stubborn debris.

Good news: Blanco has its own type of cleaner that is quite effective in cleaning the lighter-colored sinks. If you have a sink with a darker color, you can use a sponge and baking soda. Simply use the two to clean the sink and rinse after you are done.

If there are stains that are quite stubborn, simply mix equal amounts of chlorine and water and use it to clean the sink. Do not use the undiluted bleach since it will damage the sink’s coating.

On to the Silgranit sinks pros and cons.


  • + High temperatures do not compromise the quality of Silgranit sinks. The sink can hold up to 536 degrees Fahrenheit without crushing.
  • + The sinks are very easy to clean. You do not need any harsh chemicals to leave them as clean as they were when new. In fact, you are advised to avoid any harsh chemicals.
  • + There is a wide range of styles, finishes, as well as sizes. There is complete uniformity in the colors of the sink’s body. The sink’s underside is rough, which is intentional and is a result of the method of production.


  • You may realize that the Silgranit sinks will have marks left by pans and pots. These marks are left since the material on the Silgranit sink is hard and the metals will leave a mark when rubbed against it.
  • The warranty will only cover the cost of the sink and no additional charges such as installation.


We will conclude this post by stating that this type of sink is revolutionary and is quite an amazing addition to any kitchen. The variety of shapes, colors, and sizes will allow you to find one that will suit your kitchen perfectly. Choose one of the best from any online or offline store.


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