Which Is Better Ghirardelli vs. Guittard?

I don’t think any American citizen has not tried at least once in their life Ghirardelli or Guittard.

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Those brands are iconic in America, but now they have become popular worldwide.

As two of the most famous brand of chocolates, you may ask: which is better between Guittard vs. Ghirardelli?

I will respond to this question very objectively by analyzing all possible components.


If we compare the prices, Ghirardelli is cheaper as a bar of chocolate may cost from $3,32 per bar. This price remains the same no matter the cocoa content, different from other companies in which this factor may affect the price.

On the other hand, Guittard has a higher price, as it costs around $6,63 per bar. This price is almost double compared with Ghirardelli.

This price may indicate good quality and good positioning on the market. Price is also affected by cocoa production location; that’s why prices of both chocolates may change from one variety to another.

Products Offered

If we compare Guittard vs. Ghirardelli in terms of the products offered, there can also be noticed differences.

For example, Ghirardelli has twelve tastes of chocolate proposed, from the classic ones to chocolates with sea salt, nuts, and caramel.

They offer chocolate squares filled with different liquids like caramels or peppermint. Another unique service in Ghirardelli is that consumers can create special boxes with the types of chocolates they prefer.

Not only this but more types of cocoa, baking chocolates or professional chocolate can be ordered through their website.


On the other hand, Guittard misses the gift products but has a lot of different types also. They have around seven selections of sweetness and cocoa content.

Guittard doesn’t sell chocolates with unique tastes like mint or caramel; they stick to the classic types.

Company Principles

After 150 years of history, Guittard is now seeking more sustainable ways to produce the best quality in the market.

The brand has been part of several programs regarding better cocoa cultivation through honorable sourcing and preserving the environment.

Cocoa is certified, and other products like palm oil are sustainable.

Ghirardelli has created their cocoa farming program in which they have invested USD 10 million every year. Part of this program is around eighty thousand farmers in total.

Which Is Better between Guittard vs. Ghirardelli chocolate chips?

Ghirardelli chocolate chips are the right choice if you aim to have not a very sweet selection of chocolates in your recipe.

They are perfect for brownies or for a lover who prefers the original taste of dark chocolate.

Guittard’s chocolate chips are sweeter and more similar to milk chocolate. You can use this type for cupcakes, put on the top of pancakes, or just in milkshakes.

Is Guittard The Same as Ghirardelli?

As explained above, Guittard vs. Ghirardelli are two different products belonging to two other brands. 

Both brands have been in the market for more than five generations offering different types of chocolates, and now they both operate like leaders in the chocolate industry.

So, which is better?

I compared both brands in detail, and now you may still ask: so with is better?

I don’t prefer to give an ultimate response to this question as it depends on what you are building your evaluation.

Guitard is more expensive in terms of price, but this does not necessarily mean that it is better.

On the other hand, Ghirardelli has more variety of tastes, while Guittard prefers to stick to the classical selection.

In terms of principles, both brands are supreme. They have invested a lot of money in building sustainable businesses beneficial for all parts, including the plant.

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