Are Burrowing Crayfish Edible? The Answer Is a Little Complicated!

Burrowing crayfish are among the many species of crayfish found in the world. These animals that resemble a mix of lobster and crabs have brought about some questions regarding how edible they are. It is understandable to wonder, are burrowing crayfish edible?

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Well, we have done a lot of research regarding that question. We have looked at how these crawfish can be cooked, as well as some of the negative effects of eating burrowing crayfish. Let’s dive right in.

What are Burrowing Crayfish?

Burrowing Crayfish

Burrowing crayfish are also referred to as land or terrestrial crayfish because they will rarely live in open waters. What they do is spend their lives in some undergrown burrows that they dig. It is possible that you have not seen a crayfish before, but you might have come across some large mounds around the wet areas, especially when it is rainy.

These mounds are known as chimneys and are built from mud. They are placed around the entrance of the crayfish burrows.

Can you Eat Burrowing Crayfish?

Cooked Crawfish

The truth is, there are risks that come with the consumption of undercooked or raw crawfish of any type. There are chances that they can lead to some parasitic infections if not cooked properly.

But the question is, are burrowing crayfish edible? Well, yes. They are edible, but you will need to be careful when you decide to enjoy them. You need to ensure that the crayfish is cooked thoroughly to avoid the danger of any infection.

To cook burrowing crayfish, you need to start by cleaning it first. When the crayfish are ready, boil them for around three minutes, after which you should soak them at 160 degrees Fahrenheit for 20 minutes.

There might be more steps that you will have to follow based on the recipe you decide to use. However, these first few steps will make sure the crayfish is cooked properly.

What does Burrowing Crayfish Taste Like?

The taste can be described as a blend of shrimp and crab. They are savory and might retain some sweetness. Their mild saltiness and lack of sweetness is among the reasons why they are not classified as water-bound crustaceans, even though the flavor is somewhat similar.


The part you are eating will also determine the taste you feel. Regardless, they are among the tastiest creatures.

Are Crawfish Harmful to Humans

You might have come across myths regarding poisoning associated with eating crayfish. Here’s the truth. Crawfish might have some bacteria that might cause certain side effects like weight loss, fever, chest pain, night sweat, dyspnea, and cough.

There are chances of getting Paragonimiasis. The parasite that causes this is Paranimus. It can affect different parts of your body such as the lungs, skin, and brain.

You should know that the risk is not as much as you would expect, but it is present. Only a small percentage of people can get sick from eating crawfish.


As you can see, burrowing crawfish are edible. However, there are certain risks that come from eating them undercooked or raw. Remember that there are also other advantages associated with the fish. We recommend that you ensure the burrowing crayfish is cooked thoroughly to reduce any chances of getting sick.

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