Best 17 Kitchen Corner Storage Ideas and Products

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Kitchen corners are some of the parts of a kitchen that are challenging to optimize. In most kitchens, you will notice that the corners have cabinets. The problem with cabinets on kitchen corners is that they make access and visibility hard.

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Corners cabinets have 50% more depth compared to the other parts not to mention the darkness in the corners.

When you think about it, when you store things in your kitchen corner storage, they will be harder to access and see. It would not be surprising if you found a couple of expired products at the back of cabinets all over. Out of sight out of mind, right?

So, now that we have isolated the problem, are there possible solutions? There are very many kitchen corner shelf ideas that you can incorporate in your kitchen to take advantage of that space. In this article, we will highlight 17 of the most effective ideas for kitchen corners.

Let us look at them.

1. Lazy Susan

Lazy Susan

This is one of the most popular kitchen corner storage solutions in households. It is a classic solution that will allow you to store strainers, dishes, pans, and pots efficiently. What’s even better, you will be able to access them easily with a simple finger twirl.

Indeed, you will still have to reach and bend, but the solution is easier to operate and it is more functional than cabinets.

The only problem associated with this solution is that space might get tighter.

2. Blind Corner

blind corner cabinet solutions

The blind corner is a very standard idea for kitchen corners. It will allow you to access and optimize the space created when cabinetry walls join at a corner. You will then access this space using one door.


The problem with this solution is that even though you will optimize the space and make use of it, access is now always easy. You will find yourself trying harder to reach things at the back of the cabinet. For that reason, the spaces end up as junk bins and are just left there for a long time.

3. Drawers

Installation for four, three, or even two corner cabinets will offer you quick access to the stored items. You will have a lot more space, especially if you have deep drawers. But that is not all. When you install the drawers, the kitchen will have a more interesting dynamic to the aesthetics.

4. Diagonal Cabinet

Diagonal cabinets can be custom-built or prefabricated boxes. If you do not have a prefabricated cabinet, you can choose to install a normal cabinet box. The diagonal corner cabinets will add dimension to the kitchen and will give the kitchen a nice appearance.

However, even though this space will increase the overall space, you will still have to reach further to get your dishware.

5. Swinging Pullouts

Swinging Pullouts

You can use the corner storage to store the big pans and pots by installing swinging pullouts. This solution is better than the lazy Susan because it brings everything out for you. You will reduce the overall reaching and bending.

This type of storage will limit the amount of space but will increase convenience and accessibility. The design is considered a great upgrade and will cost more than the regular blind cabinet.

6. Pull-Out Shelves

This solution is amazing because it gives you modern and sleek storage. The idea is to attach metallic shelves to the cabinet door. That way, when you swing the door opens, the interior will come together with the door.

Since the shelf is rectangular, there will be no worry of some of the items being forgotten at the back.

7. Appliance Garage

Every kitchen requires a toaster, a mixer, and a blender. The problem with these appliances is that storage can be a challenge. They are heavy and they might create an unpleasant sight when stored on a countertop. With an appliance garage, all these problems will be solved.

These appliances can be hidden behind a lift door where they can be accessed by sliding them out. The installation of an appliance garage might take up some counter space, but it clears the rest of the space.

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8. L-Shaped Shelves

You can increase visibility drastically in corner spaces by swapping out cabinets for some open L-shaped shelves. This will not only add a modern touch to the kitchen but will also increase the reach to those corners. You will therefore be able to see your products easier and the depth will be shallower.

Adding open shelves also adds some character to your kitchen. You can display photographs, artwork, favorite crockery, as well as plants. It is also possible to use them for things you use most like spices and herbs.

9. Corner Pantry

Corner Pantry

You can maximize the space at the corner by converting the open space to an open pantry. When you run shelves from the top to the bottom of the corner wall, you will have adequate space to store all the cupboard food.

Open pantries give you great access to every item and make it simple when making a shopping list. You can see everything in the open pantry at a glance.

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10. Bi-Fold Corner Doors

These bi-fold doors are a great solution for every dark corner in the kitchen. The door’s two halves will be folded upon each other when you open the door. It will reduce the shadows that the door will cast, allowing more light into the corner. You’ll also have adequate room to get things at the back of the cabinet.

11. Liquor and Wine Storage

Liquor and Wine Storage

If you are a wine enthusiast, you can use that corner for a wine rack. This is an amazing design that will bring the wine close to you. There are several designs for these racks that will allow you to show off your wine. You can have one that runs from the top of the kitchen to the bottom.

A top-to-bottom wine rack will hold around 76 wine bottles. The edges of this rack are rounded slightly. The bottles will not slip out with ease.

Wine racks should be made out of material such as redwood that will protect the wine from humidity and mildew. That way, they win will be safe for a long period.

You should remember to make sure that the shelves are not in the sun. Be careful not to mess up your wine in different ways.

12. Dead Space

We would all prefer to maximize every bit of space in the kitchen. However, it might be best to leave that space without using it. It is especially preferred if the house you are renovating is older and has a layout dysfunction.

Dead space might also be a good idea if you are trying to reduce the total budget.

13. Sitting Area

If you are willing to let go of some counter and storage space, you can install a banquette in a very creative way. It will make the cabinetry more inviting and cozy. It will also add space. The pillows, linens, and cushions will complement the decorative scheme of that kitchen.

14. Built-in Pantry

Built-in Pantry

Everyone wants to have all the cooking ingredients close when preparing a meal. The installation of a corner pantry in the kitchen design will make that possible. Installing a built-in pantry ensures that you prepare a meal faster with less effort.

You will, however, sacrifice some of your counter space.

15. Diagonal Sink

Your kitchen corner can hold more than your cabinets. Did you know that you can move your sink to the kitchen corner?

The space that the sink will take up is normally unused. Now, it will hold all the sink space and the pipes. The area that held the sink before would now be available for pan and pot storage. There’s more. When you position the sink in the corner, you will have a lot of uninterrupted space for food preparation.

16. Corner Stove

Another great idea is moving the stovetop to the corner of the kitchen. It is one of the most elegant designs for a kitchen. The range hood will be able to fit in the upper corner of the kitchen. All the issues related to the upper cabinet corner will be eradicated.

The cupboards at the corners below these stoves can hold pans and pots. The cookware will be situated in a convenient position and will hold large items that would not be forgotten at the back of the counter.

17. Rotary Recycling Units

You can easily eradicate all the confusion and clutter that is around the recyclables with this recycling mechanism. It is the best type of lazy Susan design, which makes it easier to dispose of waste.

The recycling center will make it easy to dispose of trash. There will be three bins that help to easily sort out your recyclables. There is no more excuse not to stay organized, save the environment, and keep the trash bins out of sight.

If you have pets in your house, you can go with this solution. Your pets will no longer jump in the cabinets.

Wrapping Up

You should not allow the kitchen counter corner storage in your kitchen to stay unused. They should not scare you either. It is not a useless space just because reaching it is harder. You have a range of solutions to choose from. These spaces are therefore accessible and will help you to organize and maximize the unused space.

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