White Kitchen Appliance Trends, are They Coming Back?

As time goes by, different trends rise, while some die down and lose popularity. There are different reasons why this happens, but that is not important right now. There are very many current trends in kitchens some of which feature the most fashionable and appealing colors.

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One of the most appreciated and used colors is white. White has always been a famous decorating color and it is a preferred choice for many kitchens. White kitchen appliance trends are very popular and there are so many ways you can use white to decorate your kitchen.

In this post, we will look at the white kitchen appliance trend. We will be sharing different ways you can integrate this pure color into your kitchen for a classy and elegant look. Read on for some great ideas.

Does White Work for a Kitchen

White is a very neutral type of color. That means that it will go with almost any other color and look great with it. That means that you can have a minimalist modern or classic farmhouse style in your kitchen and white will still work regardless.

Are white kitchen appliances out of style? To be honest, white kitchen appliances are timeless, which means that they will never be out-of-date. Remember, white has various advantages, including reflecting light, which is one of the things you will need in a kitchen.

Additionally, you can note any sort of dirt on white appliances. The kitchen is where you cook your food, which means it will have to be spotless. White is perfect because you will see any dirt with ease and you will tell when it is clean.

White Appliances

Are white appliances making a comeback? For a long time, the most popular appliances have been stainless steel. However, that is a trend that is losing popularity as time goes by. That is mainly because white is making a major comeback. White appliances will not show fingerprints and touches as stainless steel does. That is something you will surely love.

There is a new twist, ice white, which is an amazing color on white appliances. You could want to change the appliances from white to stainless steel design, which is good. If you are, we recommend that you try out some of the white appliances with some stainless steel features like handles. This is a perfect option to consider.

White Appliance Trends for your Kitchen

In this section, we will talk about some of the most popular white kitchen appliance trends.

All White Kitchen

This is a white trend that includes white appliances coupled with white cabinets. When you put these two together, you will end up with a seamless, clean appearance. Check out some photos of all white kitchen designs and you will find unique, modern, and stylish kitchens. They are completely white, but unlike other colors, they are not boring at all.

If you want to make a kitchen look spacious, this is one of the most effective ways of achieving that. Light from the sun or bulbs will bounce around, giving it the appearance of a larger kitchen.


In case you have some white cabinets, add white appliances and they will blend perfectly.

White Appliances, Navy Blue Cabinets

Imagine navy blue cabinets coupled with white countertops and white appliances. Seems amazing, right? And it is. The contrast is simply breathtaking. You can alternate the navy blue and the white whichever way you want and it will always work.

Colorful Cabinets and White Appliances

You do not need to match white appliances with white cabinets for them to work. Many people appreciate bolder colors on their cabinets. If you are one of those people, then try matching these cabinets with white appliances. As pointed out before, white goes with almost everything.

This combination will give your kitchen a great contrast, as well as a calmer background. Your cabinets will pop out and will be the main stars in the kitchen.

White Appliances and Mint Cabinets

You can choose a more subdued style for your kitchen. This is for those who do not love the darker shade of the navy blue cabinets. Mint cabinets, when coupled with white appliances, will give you a light and fresh style.

These colors are all easier to clean. At the end of it all, you will end up with a clean kitchen that also looks bigger than it is, thanks to the light bouncing around.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are white appliances coming back in 2022?

Answer: This year, white appliances will surely be integrated into many kitchens. The good thing about white appliances is that they blend with almost any other color. They will surely be coming back.

  1. Can you mix stainless steel and white appliances?

Answer: You can mix stainless steel with white appliances if you want to. Some appliances are mainly white with some stainless steel features such as door frames or handles. These are great for people making a shift from stainless steel to white.

  1. Are white appliances cheaper?

Answer: There are cases when the white appliances are cheaper, while sometimes they are expensive. The price depends mainly on the brand and the features integrated into the appliances.

When you have some white appliances that have all features that stainless steel appliances have, you can expect them to cost around the same.

  1. Which color is white ice?

Answer: This is a very popular type of finish for white appliances. This is a great option for anyone looking for classic appliances with a certain modern feel. The white ice color is smooth, bright, easy to clean, and glossy. In most cases, the handles have a stainless steel finish, which gives a trendy and classy appearance.


Are white appliances making a comeback? White was always destined to come back as a great trend. Even though stainless steel was a popular option for many, it always has some sort of lifelessness and coldness about it. That is, however, not the case for everyone. Regardless, you can never go wrong with white. The white kitchen appliance trends we have provided will surely make your kitchen look classy and elegant.

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