Magnalite Roaster Sizes And Dimensions

Magnalite cookware is a very popular type of cookware. The cast-aluminum work of art has been behind the best and most successful recipes prepared in kitchens all over the world. One of the types of Magnalite cookware is roasters.

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Before closing down, Wagner Manufacturing Company had introduced different sizes of roaster for use on different occasions and different amounts of foods. In total, the brand produced five unique Magnalite roaster sizes, all of which were perfect for cooking.

Do you know the different Magnalite roaster model sizes? Not to worry. In this post, we are going to look at the different sizes of Magnalite roasters in detail. Let’s get started.

Different Magnalite Sizes

Wagner Ware Magnalite cookware set

Magnalite roasting pans are in five different sizes. In this section, we will look at the vintage Magnalite roaster sizes one by one.

  • Wagner Ware Magnalite Roasterette 4263

Of all the Magnalite roaster model sizes, this is the smallest. The product is an oval pan that is meant for cooking smaller amounts of food. If you are just two or three in your house, then this would be a perfect roaster.

The distance between the two handles of the pan is 13.5 inches. It also features a width of 8 ¼ inches and a height of 4 inches.

  • Magnalite Roaster Pan 4265

This is another of the Wagner Ware Magnalite roasters, with a shiny exterior and interior. The product is larger than the 4263, which means that it will hold more food. It has an 8-quart capacity, even though it is very lightweight.

As for the Magnalite roaster dimensions, it has 15 ½ inches between the handles. It also has a height of 5 inches and a width of 10 inches.

  • Magnalite Roaster Pan 4267

With a 13-quart capacity, this Magnalite pot is one of the most popular. That is mainly because it features a capacity that is great for an average-sized family. It has adequate size to cook a large turkey in.

Between the handles of the roaster, there is a distance of 18.5 inches. The roaster’s height is 5.5 inches and the width is around 11 ¾ inches.

  • Magnalite Roaster Pan 4268

The fourth Magnalite roaster size is the 4268. Even though this roaster is not as popular as the rest, it is among the models produced by the company.

It features a height of 9 1/6 inches, a width of 18 5/8 inches, and a length of 19 inches between the handles.

  • Magnalite Roaster Pan 4269

The final vintage Magnalite roster size is the 4269, which is the largest. It is more expensive than the rest of the roasters. You will notice that it is large, even though that is not heavy.

Between its handles, there is a length of 20 inches, a height of 6 inches, and a width of 12 ¼ inches.

Why Choose Magnalite Roaster

There are several reasons why someone might choose a Magnalite roaster:

  1. Magnalite cookware, including the roaster, is made from cast aluminum and heats up quickly and evenly, making it a good choice for cooking a variety of dishes.
  2. Magnalite roasters are known for their ability to sear meat and help ingredients and flavors meld together, making them a popular choice for dishes like white beans with sausage, smothered pork chops, and jambalaya.
  3. Magnalite roasters are reasonably priced at around $100 and can be used to cook large items like turkeys and other meats, as well as to make gravy using a V-rack inside the roaster to elevate the protein.

In summary, someone might choose a Magnalite roaster for its fast and even heating capabilities, its ability to sear meat and meld flavors, and its affordability and versatility when it comes to cooking large items like turkeys and making gravy.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much quartz is a Magnalite roaster?

Answer: Each roaster is unique in that respect. The 4267, for instance, is a 13-quart roaster.

  • What is the largest size Magnalite roaster?

Answer: The largest roaster is the 4269, which is perfect for a large family. It will fit any bird you want to roast without a problem.

  • How many quarts are in a 15-inch Magnalite roaster?

Answer: A 15-inch Magnalite roaster will have approximately 10 quarts, and dimensions of 12.00 x 6.75 x 18.25 Inches.

  • Does Walmart sell Magnalite pots?

Answer: The answer to this question is no. Walmart does not sell Magnalite pots. If you’re looking for a place to buy Magnalite pots, you should check out eBay, and Etsy.

  • How much are Magnalite pots worth?

Answer: There is no one answer to this question as the value of a Magnalite pot depends on a variety of factors, including the size, shape, and color of the pot. Some of the more popular Magnalite pots that are currently in demand include pots with intricate designs and vivid colors. So, it’s impossible to give an exact estimate of their value without first consulting with a reputable art dealer.

  • Is Wagner Ware collectible?

Answer: Yes, Wagner Ware cast iron is highly collectible. In fact, it is highly treasured by many collectors due to its rarity and excellent performance. The Wagner Manufacturing Company produced high-quality cast iron products, and their cookware is no exception.

However, it’s essential to ensure that you’re buying an original Wagner cast iron, as many fake ones are being sold for high prices in the market. Whether you’re buying it as a collectible or adding it to your kitchen cookware collection, Wagner cast iron is an excellent choice due to its high quality and collectible value.


If you get lucky and can get Magnalite cookware, you should make sure to take great care of it. There are different places online where you can get some great Magnalite cookware. Make sure that the Magnalite roaster size you purchase is going to be enough to cook for your family.

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