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Molding is an important part of all floor installations in a home. There are several reasons for including this step in the installation. The first and obvious reason is to end up with a beautiful floor. In the parts where the wall and floor meet, there are raw edges, which are finished by molding.

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Additionally, the floor can expand with ease as air moisture and temperatures change. This molding is simply attached to the wall and not the floor to make the expansion possible.

The most common and popular molding is quarter round. It is available widely, is cheap, and it works perfectly. But what if you want another option? What can I use instead of a quarter round? The good news is that there are options to choose from, as we will mention in this short post.

Quarter Round Alternatives

So, what can I use in place of a quarter round for molding?

Shoe Moulding

You can choose to use shoe molding instead of quarter round. You can also refer to shoe molding as ‘base shoe’. It is simply put together with the baseboard, after which it is painted to have a consistent color. It is simply a thin molding strip that completes the shape and appearance of a baseboard.

In most cases, it features a curved shape that is almost similar to a quarter round. However, the style and height can be different. T is a style that is not only versatile but also efficient in resolving most issues with concealing the difference between a baseboard and floor.

Custom Cut Moulding

Even though quarter round works just fine, you can choose to have molding with a custom cut. It can be any design that you think would work well with your décor. Remember that when you decide to work in this direction, the wood you choose to use will affect the quality of the molding.

Bullnose Moulding

This type of molding is not only flashy but also perfect for different floors, including tile floors. You should know, however, that this molding does not look like molding as much as it does a baseboard. You can choose from a wide range of finishes and woods.


This molding will end up lower and farther from each wall. The space left allows for all expansion the floor might require. It also helps to bring together different flooring materials. A carpet and wood, or a carpet and tile.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can you use Caulk instead of quarter round?

Answer: You can use Caulk instead of the other alternatives. In case there is a gap of around ¼ of an inch, you can use a caulk that matches the color. Choose between sanded and regular caulk based on your needs.

  1. Can you use cove molding instead of quarter round?

Answer: It is not common to find cove molding used for this purpose. As you would know, since it is on the floor, the molding needs to be strong. The cove might be fragile and might not last as long as you would like.



What can I use instead of quarter round? You have a range of options when it comes to molding. The choice you decide on will be based on several factors such as the décor, the cost, as well as the availability. Make sure to put all options into consideration.

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