How to Keep Rice from Sticking to the Bottom of a Rice Cooker

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Rice is a staple part of different meals. In most parts of the world, most of the recipes have some rice in them. Cooking rice is not hard at all. If you have a rice cooker, it is the easiest meal to prepare. That is the main reason why a rice cooker is the most recommended method of preparing rice.

If you use it correctly, the rice sticking to the rice cooker should not be a problem. Rice sticks to the bottom of a rice cooker for several reasons such as inadequate water, excessive starch, or overcooking. This post helps you learn how to keep rice from sticking to the bottom of a rice cooker. Let’s get started.

Preventing Rice from Sticking to the Bottom of a Rice Cooker

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Before anything, you need to check to make sure that your cooker is not damaged. If it has a nonstick interior, you have to make sure that it is not scratched. If you notice any damage to the interior of the cooker, you might need to get yourself an inner pan.

In most cases, you can prevent sticking by correct preparation and cooking of rice. This might depend solely on the type of rice you are cooking.

First, you have to follow any instructions that come with the packet.

There are additional tips that should help you prevent the rice from sticking to your cooker.

Rinsing the Rice.

You should use a mesh strainer or a muslin bag for this task. You should then rinse the rice using some cold water. This should help in releasing excess starches from the rice grains. Repeat this process around three times. The water should get clearer each time you rinse the rice.

The amount of starch you can wash off depends on the type of grain. Reduction of starch reduces the likelihood of rice sticking.

Stir the Rice

After you rinse, you should add an adequate amount of water and the rice to the cooker. But before you turn the cooker on, you should stir the rice and water several times so that each grain becomes separate. If the grain is not already stuck to the bottom, it might not stick at all.

Adding some Oil

If you add some vegetable oil to the grains, they will be lubricated and they will not stick to each other when cooking.

You should add a teaspoon of oil before turning on the cooker. You will notice that it sits at the top at first. However, once the cooking process starts, it will immerse.

Leave it to Steam

After it has cooked, you should leave it for a couple of minutes, around five, before you remove the lid. The rice will steam and all remaining water should evaporate. The result? The rice will be fluffy and dry, not stodgy and wet.



Cooking rice should be very simple. The best meals should have well-cooked rice. The tips we have provided above should help you cook the best rice for your family. Have fun cooking!

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