SodaStream Jet vs. Play: What are the Differences?

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Everyone loves sparkling beverages or sodas. How great would it be if you would make them conveniently from the comfort of your home? That sounds like a great idea, right? Well, SodaStream has exactly what you need.

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Thanks to advancements in technology, you can turn some water into soda easily. Gone are the days when you had to stick to what you get from your retailer.

This article includes a comparison of two main models from SodaStream, the SodaStream Play and SodaStream jet. These are easy-to-use, portable soda makers that you would appreciate. However, there are SodaStream jet vs. play differences that you should know about before you choose to get one or the other.

Read on to learn these differences as well as their pros and cons.

How do these Machines work?

Before going into any specifics, we should learn how these machines work and how they give you that tasty carbonated water.

The main idea behind these models is to introduce some carbon dioxide to some cold water. This is done using a nozzle. This CO2 is in a gas bottle. In case the gas in your machine is depleted, you can get a gas bottle made available by SodaStream. All the refill gas bottles are sized perfectly by all the models that they make. It does not matter which one you have. So, make sure to get them from SodaStream.

Each cylinder can give you 60 liters of carbonated water, around 60 drinks each cylinder.

The process of installing the gas cylinder is quite simple. You simply have to insert it into the back of the soda maker and twist it until there is a seal formed between the soda maker and gas cylinder.

The nozzles at the front part of these models are meant for bottles with the standard size similar to SodaStream bottles. This limitation is put in place because you should only use water without other additions.

Detailed Comparison

Now let’s get into the main difference between SodaStream Play vs. Jet differences.

The Design

When it comes to the design, the SodaStream play’s design is more suitable compared to the Jet model.


SodaStream Jet is a perfect entry-level soda maker because it is lightweight and compact, making it an easy machine to set up or carry around with you. Setting it up is not a challenge at all. However, it is not as completely convenient as you would expect. Why? Well, it does not have a snap-lock feature so you will need a technique to help screw the bottle in place properly.

SodaStream Play, just like the other model, is lightweight and sleek. the design is more subtle, which makes it unique compared to other models. What’s more, there are a couple of color options. Unlike the other model, it has a snap-lock mechanism so attaching the bottle is quite easy. So, when it comes to convenience, this model takes the prize. You can also get some sample flavors for free when you purchase this model, although that will depend on where you buy it.

Flavors and Carbonators

SodaStream does not stop at giving you sleek machines. You will get a lot of drink flavors and carbonators to use with your new machine.

There are more than 100 flavors from which you can choose. They are available in bottles or capsules.

Using a capsule is quite easy. All you would need to do is place it on the bottle after the process is complete, and then press down on it so that the flavor is released into the bottle. After that, you should shake it in a rolling, circular motion.

If you are using bottle flavors, you simply measure the syrup quantity using the lid and pour it into the bottle gently.

You can use 130 and 60-liter canisters in both models. If yours dries up, all you would need to do is schedule a simple refill and a new carbonator will be mailed to you.

The Performance

There are two ways to look at this. The SodaStream Jet will create a fizzier drink faster while the Play model will operate more conveniently.

Nevertheless, they will not disappoint you in regards to performance. The only difference in their performance is that will do a better job in fizziness. The main reason behind that is that three pumps of the Jet will create light carbonation when it takes around five for the Play model.

When operating the Jet model, what you need to do is remove the cover at the back of the machine. When new, the machine will have a carbonator that has a label on it. You will have to peel that label off carefully, after which you should unscrew the cap and screw in the carbonator in the machine. After it is fastened properly, replace the cover at the back and it will be ready to go.

Now, all you will need to do is to fill your BPA-free water bottle with some cold water, screw it on the holder, and push down the pump until a buzz is produced. The more pumps, the more the fizz.

Both models work in the same way, except that there is an edge with the Play model because of the snap-lock bottle. You will not need to screw it on like with the Jet model.

SodaStream Jet

SodaStream Jet Sparkling Water Maker Review
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  • + This is not an expensive unit. The cost is quite reasonable
  • + The slim design allows it to fit anywhere you want
  • + It is compatible with both 130 and 60-liter canisters
  • + Using it is not a challenge at all.


  • The plastic housing is not the most sturdy
  • There are complaints of carbonation being weak.

SodaStream Play

Sodastream PLAY Soda Maker Starter Review
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  • + The design is beautiful and modern
  • + You can get it in different colors
  • + It is very easy to use
  • + It does not require any electricity to function
  • + Compatible with 130 and 60-liter canisters
  • + It is available at a reasonable price.


  • There are complaints regarding its durability with people saying it is made with low-quality material.

Wrapping Up

Making a carbonated drink has never been easier. You can do it from the comfort of your home with these simple machines. All you would have to do is pick the right one for you. You should know that there is a bunch of other models from SodaStream that have the same function. Make sure to check them out.

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