SodaStream Jet vs. Source Soda Maker – A Detailed Comparison

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Most people want to make carbonated drinks from the comfort of their homes, which is made possible by the SodaStream fountain jet and the Source soda maker. However, if you think of the SodaStream jet vs. Source, you will find that there are many similarities between the two. Regardless, these two have several differences that you should know about before you choose the best choice to purchase for your home.

We highlight the main aspects that these two alternatives to help you understand how they work and help you understand the differences.

SodaStream Jet vs. Source Soda Maker

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There is a difference in the appearance of these two machines. It would be easy to know what they are just by looking at them, but it would be hard to tell them apart from each other. The fountain jet has rounded features unlike the source machine, which as a squarer shape.

Regardless of the difference between their shapes, they are both appealing to the eye. When it comes to the color, the SodaStream fountain jet has several default colors, which are the black/silver, and cherry red/silver

In regards to the size, they have almost the same measurements, which are 5-inch width, 17 inches height, and 6 inches depth.


In this aspect, there is quite a difference noted on the SodaStream fountain jet vs. source comparison. The jet’s constructions are completely plastic. The source’s construction, on the other hand, has a nickel plating coupled with plastic.


The machines work perfectly in this department. Both of them will carbonate a beverage at an average of 30 seconds.

When it comes to the installation, you will be able to install either of them quickly and easily. All you will need to do is to insert the carbonator cylinder. This process, however, has a slight difference in each of the models.

In regards to the operation, they are both easy to operate even though the operation has a slight difference for each machine. You have to fill the bottle included with water, making sure it reaches the line. Carbonate the bottled water and remove it after.

The source’s entire top is sensitive to touch, which makes it more sophisticated compared to the jet because you have to use a button on the jet.


The machines use pressurized CO2, which eradicates the need to use batteries to make drinks using these machines.


The source is able to carbonate a total of 60 liters because it is good with bottles with 14.5 ounces. The fountain jet, on the other hand, will work with carbonators of 33 ounces, allowing it to carbonate a total of 130 liters.


SodaStream is able to produce more than 60 flavors. These flavors do not have high-fructose syrup. Different users have different opinions about these flavors. However, that is expected because a user would make his or her own drink with different proportions of water, carbonation, and flavor. A bit of trial and error should help you find a combination that you appreciate.

Regardless, the strawberry, orange, and grape flavors are the most popular among users.

LED Indicator

The fountain jet does not have a LED indicator like the source. In fact, the source has two indicators. One of them indicates the level of fizz added to the drink you are carbonating. The other indicator shows the level of CO2 left inside the tank.


This lock will hold the bottle while being carbonated. For the source model, you simply have to push the bottle until you hear a snap. For the fountain jet, however, you have to twist the bottle to lock it.


The SodaStream source vs. jet comparison proves that there is not much difference between the two. However, you will find some major differences like the lifetime warranty for the source, which is more than the fountain jet’s 2-year warranty.

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