What Is Salsa Lizano – and What Can I Substitute for It?

You can think of Salsa Lizano as Costa Rica’s most loved condiment. It is a very popular condiment in the country. If you are after the authentic flavor, then you might want to find the real thing.

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However, we all know that finding the authentic thing might be a bit of a challenge. That is why you will have to work with what you have. So, what is a good substitute for Salsa Lizano?

In this post, we will be looking at some of the important details you should know about Salsa Lizano. We will then finish the post with a couple of substitutes that would work well in replacing Salsa Lizano. Here we go!

What is Salsa Lizano Made of?

Salsa Lizano

Salsa Lizano is made with a couple of ingredients, which include sugar, water, salt, spices, pepper, turmeric, mustard, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, modified corn starch, sodium benzoate, as well as vegetables. The vegetables used include cucumbers, cauliflower, carrots, and onions.

Salsa Lizano Taste

When it comes to taste, you can compare Salsa Lizano with barbecue sauces or Worcestershire sauce. In general, it is a spicy, yet sweet condiment. Since it features some notes of cumin and black pepper, it has a taste similar to some curry sauces. You will also notice a certain acidic aspect.

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Is Salsa Lizano like Worcestershire Sauce?

Also known as English sauce (Salsa Inglesa), Lizano features a color, flavor, as well as consistency that is similar to Worcestershire sauce. You will find it in almost any food made in Costa Rica.

What can I Substitute for Salsa Lizano?

So, what can I use instead of Salsa sauce? Well, there are some great options, as we will see in this post.

Worcestershire Sauce

Worcestershire Sauce

Most people believe that this sauce is the inspiration for the creation of salsa Lizano. The fermented sauce has a flavor that is not easily discerned. It is hard to identify ingredients used in making it just from the taste.


Since it is widely used, you will have an easy time finding it in places other than Costa Rica, which is a huge advantage.

HP Sauce

HP Sauce

This is a British condiment. It features some similarities with Salsa Lizano. That includes the texture and the flavor. HP sauce flavor is tart and fruity. It is also thick like Salsa Lizano. The ingredients used to make it include tamarind, molasses, as well as tomatoes. They will work well in place of each other to complement savory dishes.

Unfortunately, outside of the UK, finding the HP sauce can be somewhat hard.

Pickapeppa Sauce

Pickapeppa sauce

This is a Jamaican condiment. Even though it is not as old as the other two substitutes, it is almost as old as salsa Lizano. It has a bit more flavor, but the fruitiness and tanginess are almost similar. One major difference that they have is that Pickapeppa is spicier, but not enough to be a hot sauce.


There might be other sauces such as the A1 sauce, which are considered similar to Worcestershire sauce. Even so, the list of substitutes we have listed will give you a lot more similarity. We hope that you have found what you need to complete your recipe.

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