Vosteed Morgan Chef’s Knife 8” – Detailed Review

A knife is one of the most important tools for any meal preparation. We all know that. We also know that the quality and performance of a knife greatly affect how you do your meal prep and how fast you do it. That is why you need a great knife.

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The problem, however, is that the market is filled with different knives from different brands, each with a different set of strengths and weaknesses. Have you heard about the Vosteed Morgan series 8-inch chef’s knife? Well, we have and we want to tell you about it.

This post features a detailed review of the 8-inch knife. We tried it out and made up our minds about its quality and its performance. Let’s talk about this knife in detail.

About the Knife and Brand

vosteed.com is a company that has been around since 2021. It has the main purpose of delivering high-performance, durable, and uniquely designed cutlery with the help of collaborators. One of their superstars is the Morgan knife series.

The design of Morgan series knives is greatly influenced by Japanese knives. The specific one we are reviewing today is among the best featuring a strong 8-inch blade, a sturdy G10 handle with a grip that simply makes you feel like the knife is an extension of your arm.

Blade Design and Construction

vosteed Blade Design 2 vosteed Blade Design 1

Let’s start by checking out the Magic chef’s knife design and construction.

The first thing you will appreciate is how the knife looks. It features a silver-gray shade of color that has a black Vosteed logo on one side. The bottom part – the sharp part – of the blade has a black zigzag design that is simply unique and beautiful. Even though the knife has such designs, it is sophisticated and we know you will love it.

As for the material, it is made using a 3-layered high carbon stainless steel – 9Cr18MoV. This is a very sturdy material that makes the knife durable and strong. At the same time, it allows the knife to cut almost anything without losing the sharpness of its edge.

When it comes to its resistance to corrosion, toughness, and edge retention, you will not be disappointed at all. Its performance is superior.

According to Yue Dong – the knife’s designer – it was very important to ensure that the knife is first able to provide peak performance before caring about how it looked. Therefore, it is a performer first, and a looker second.


There are different cutting styles for meal prep and this knife can rise to the challenge with the help of the design. Its spine is straight and as it reaches the end, it forms an angle downwards, coming together with its belly to form a very sharp tip. You will enjoy different cutting styles when you try out the knife.

The Handle

Vosteed Morgan Chef’s Knife 8” handle

A blade is pretty useless if you will not be able to hold it properly. Vosteed recognizes the importance of the handle and has included a G10 handle to ensure that performance is not downgraded by the handle.

We loved that it is a wet-proof, durable, G10 handle that does not allow for heat conductivity. Even when you have oily or wet hands, you will have a good grip on the knife. It is always safe on your hands. At the same time, the length of the handle is adequate so that your hand or fingers remain further away from the cutting board, keeping you safe.

The G10 handle is a plastic laminate used to make gun handles, as well as circuit boards. The reason why it is used in such cases is its sturdiness, its lightweight, ability to retain its shape, as well as difficulty to break.

How is the Performance?

The blade is curved, which makes it easier to use in a rocking motion. At the same time, this blade is large, which is intentional, to allow you to slice more each time you move. Even if you are not a professional chef, you will feel like one when you start chopping or dicing with this beautiful knife.

The Edge

Vosteed Morgan Chef’s Knife 8

Vosteed’s Morgan Chef’s knife has a sharp edge. One side slants at 18 degrees and the other at 12 degrees. The sharp edge they form when they meet allows them to remain completely sharp for a long time and serve you for longer.

It has a hardness level of HRC58-60. That means that the sharp edge will remain in that state for longer without the need for sharpening.

Balance and Weight

Balance is important in ensuring that you have a steady rhythm regardless of what or how you are cutting. For the Morgan 8-inch chef’s knife, the knife and blade have a 1:1 balance. You might notice that the blade is a bit heavier, but the balance is almost perfect.

Do not forget that the blade is light, totaling up to 7 ounces only. That means that even a restaurant’s chef will be able to make use of the knife for a longer period before getting tired. It is one of the reasons why we thought that the Vosteed is a great choice for professional and non-professional users alike.

Price and Return Policy

After considering the Vosteed Morgan Chef’s knife features, you would expect it to be quite expensive. However, it is reasonably priced and you can even get discounts on different platforms when making a purchase.

After you make a purchase, the company gives you 120 days to check out how it performs. In case you do not like the knife, the brand allows you to return it. You get a free return policy. If you decide that you do not like it, no harm, no foul.

What we loved

  • The knife is made with quality materials
  • It features a beautiful Japanese-style design
  • It is sharp and remains sharp for a long time
  • The Vosteed Morgan chef’s knife is reasonably priced
  • We loved that it is well-balanced and comfortable.

Some Cons

  • Since it is hard, to ensure that it remains sharp, it is harder to sharpen.
  • Even though it is a durable knife, the material used to make it can crack if mishandled by dropping or using it on harder stuff like bones.

Final Words

After trying it out several times, we concluded that the knife is not only solid but also comfortable to use. It can retain a sharp edge for a long time and the G10 handle makes using it a breeze. Regardless of what you are cutting or dicing, it remains balanced, allowing you to flow with a certain rhythm without getting tired.

Feel free to share your observations with me in the comments section!

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