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Your success in the kitchen is dependent on your skills. But the truth is, your skills do not matter if you do not have the right tools and equipment to cook and prepare tasty food. With a good ZLINE range, the kitchen can be a place where you create unbelievably tasty food.

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A ZLINE range is an attractive appliance that will keep your kitchen looking beautiful, modern, and completely functional. The problem, however, is that the market is filled with a large number of products from the ZLINE brand. Choosing one can therefore be a problem if you do not have adequate information.

In this post, we will be telling you about the best ZLINE ranges to consider. We will include ZLINE range reviews to help in that respect. We chose all the products based on extensive research conducted on each of them. But that is not all. You will also find additional information to help you understand what the ZLINE brand is all about. Keep reading…

Different ZLINE Range Types

Before we dig into the ZLINE range reviews, we will identify various types.

  • Dual Fuel Range

This is the type of range that you should be considering if you are looking at the best type of range there is. The range features dual-fuel, which means that there are cooktops that you can either use the gas top or the electric oven, based on your needs.

The main thing about this type of range is the ability to use electricity and gas at the same time. When it comes to cooktops, the gas is always better than the electric tops. You get heat faster and you have more control over the temperature. That is why the cooktops on this range use gas for fuel.

However, when it comes to ovens, electric ovens function better than gas ovens. There is a better distribution of heat, which is one important aspect an oven should have. That is why the dual-fuel has an electric oven.

When shopping, most of us will consider how an appliance looks inside the kitchen. Does it go with the décor? Luckily, that will not be much of a problem because there is a wide range of designs, sizes, and colors. There is something for everyone’s kitchen.

The dual-fuel ranges have different amazing features at different costs. Make sure you get one that is fit for you.

  • Gas on Gas Range

Unlike the dual fuel ranges, this one is powered only by gas. There are several advantages associated with this type of range. You can prepare your meals at the speed you desire. You will not have to deal with the slow cooking speed associated with electricity.

Both the cooktop and the oven are powered by gas. Even though gas does not have the temperature precision you get from electricity, it has more speed. You will not always have the time to cook with the speed of electricity and still do other things, which is why this might be the type of range that you need for your kitchen.


There are different models under this type of range, all of which have additional unique features. They are reasonably priced, even though the prices are different. Additionally, there are different shapes, designs, and colors, all meant to match different customer preferences.

  • Rangetops

A range top is unlike the standard type of range cooktop that would easily stand by itself. Instead, this type of cooktop is meant to sit on top of a countertop or a cabinet.

They are different in a range of aspects. For instance, instead of the controls being on top, they will be at the front. That means that installation might need a bit more skill and effort for a great result.

It is a great product for people who do not have much space in their kitchens. With this type of range, you will make better use of the kitchen space.

Regardless, there are amazing features associated with this type of range. For instance, you can find a built-in griddle or grill. You will also enjoy around seven burners, all of which use gas.

With this type of range, you can cook faster, with precision, and more efficiently.

Our Top Picks

In this section, we will provide ZLINE range reviews based on our research. We will also include the strengths and weaknesses we found in each product.

  • ZLINE Professional 6 Cu. Ft. Freestanding Dual Fuel Range

ZLINE RA48 Professional Dual Fuel Range
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ir?t=reviewho 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B07WS267PFEnjoy a dual fuel range that has different colors and sizes to match your kitchen. The first ZLINE range review focuses on this amazing dual-fuel range that gives you professional functionality and design. It is a range that gives you a flawless cooking experience. What’s more? You get all that functionality and efficiency at a very reasonable price.

With a cooking power ranging from 4,200 to 18,000 BTUs, you can be assured that your cooking will seem professional. The range gives you evenly distributed and precise heat so that your food can cook just as you would desire. No overcooking or undercooking with the precise temperature controls you get.

When it comes to the double ovens, you will get deep capacity so that you can cook a larger batch each time. Additionally, it has a 3-layer insulated glass through which you can monitor the food without feeling the heat inside the oven.

Different features include oven racks with ball bearings, adjustable legs, dual lighting, and more that make operation even easier than you would expect.

The cooktops are made using high-quality porcelain material, which is scratch-resistant and durable. The grill is made using cast iron for durability. Be sure that you will be enjoying this range for very many years.


  • + Amazing design for your kitchen
  • + Wide range of features to enjoy
  • + Completely easy to operate and cook with
  • + Great functionality.


  • It is easy to turn on the burner buttons by accident.

  • ZLINE RG36 Professional 4.1 Cu. Ft Gas Convection Range

ZLINE RG36 Professional 4.1 Cu. Ft Gas Convection Range
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ir?t=reviewho 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B07VGXZ25HThis specific burner features 6 burners, all of which are fueled by gas. The space on the cooktops allows you to use larger pans and pots up to “14 to prepare larger meals at a go. You will also get a deep oven that provides the same ability to cook a lot of food at once.

It does not matter what your kitchen looks like. You can enjoy the different sizes and colors of this product for your specific preferences. The burners are designed and created with Italian craftsmanship.

Therefore, you can be sure that you will get durable and strong burners to hold almost any amount of food when cooking.

We had to include in the ZLINE range review that the range is powerful and heavy-duty. You get powerful and exceptional cooking functionality. To make the experience even more pleasant, there is a self-cleaning ability, which is simply convenient.

You do not have to keep monitoring your food’s progress. The range has a timer that will signal once food finishes cooking. The range’s exterior is made using a premium stainless steel alloy that is both scratch and dent-resistant. Its top is made using scratch-resistant porcelain while the grill is made using cast iron. That ensures that it can take a lot of heat without cracking or breaking.

In general, this is a very strong and durable range, meant to last long with frequent operations.


  • + Adequate capacity for a lot of food
  • + Great construction for durability
  • + Burners provide even heat
  • + Smooth sliding racks
  • + Wide range of colors for different decors.


  • Service and warranty are provided by a third party.

  • ZLINE 4.0 Cu. Ft. Freestanding Gas Range RGS-WM-30

ZLINE 30 in. Professional 4.0 cu. ft. 4 Gas on Gas Range
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ir?t=reviewho 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B08MT4RPS3This is a ZLINE gas range review for the white masterpiece with a beautiful design and amazing functionality. It is available for your kitchen in a range of colors and sizes. That means that you can get one that matches your kitchen but still operates perfectly.

On this appliance, you will get different settings, including a low and even simmering function that works on all burners. That means that you can cook at precise temperatures whenever you need to.

To make operation easier, the oven features oven racks with SmoothSlide ball bearings. Removing anything is not a difficult task with such racks.

The burners are made with Italian craftsmanship that assures you a powerful and durable performance. The burners can withstand high-temperature levels without breaking or cracking under the heat. You will also notice that the range is made using DuraSnow Stainless steel, which means that you get a durable, scratch-resistant, and dent-resistant range.

To make things better, on the control panel, you will find a switch that has turned the dual-lighting feature on or off. Monitoring your food is now easier than ever.


  • + Exceptionally easy to operate
  • + Made using high-quality material
  • + You get the value you pay for
  • + It is a durable range.


  • We could not find any negative issues.

  • ZLINE 48-Inch rangetop RT48

RT48 ZLINE - Professional 48" Gas Cooktop with 7 Burners
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ir?t=reviewho 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B074JKPWTTThis is a range top with 8 gas burners. It is made using Porcelain with Italian expertise. That ensures that you get the highest level of functionality. To make the deal sweeter, you get a powerful cooker that will deliver between 4200 and 18000 BTUs of cooking power. You will be able to prepare meals easily with speed.

As pointed out in most ZLINE range reviews, this is a very durable appliance, which is also easy to maintain and clean. You can even detach the burners for a more thorough clean. The grill on the cooktop is made using heavy-duty cast iron that will withstand high-temperature levels and the food’s weight.

If you are looking for a range that will function as required for a long time, then this is the durable ZLINE range for you. In most ZLINE gas range reviews, you will notice that customers are happy with the functionality of the cooktop.


  • + The range top easily matches the décor in most kitchens
  • + Has adequate cooking space for large pots and pans
  • + It is an affordable range
  • + It is durable
  • + Easy to operate.


  • Installation in the kitchen can be a bit of a challenge.

  • ZLINE 36-Inch Cooktop RC36

ZLINE 36 in. Dropin Cooktop with 6 Gas Burners (RC36)
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ir?t=reviewho 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B074JKK7HMThis is a 36-inch cooktop with a total of 6 burners. The burners use gas, which saves more on energy. But there’s more. The cooktop provides you with precise temperature control, coupled with even heat distribution for the best results in any recipe.

The burners on the cooktop are designed and made with Italian skill with sturdy material. That ensures that they can hold up a lot of food and take high-temperature levels without breaking. They are among the best in the market.

The rest of the cooktop is made with Stainless steel and is hand-finished. The powerful cooktop makes sure that you get adequate heat to cook your food fast, with precision, and with ease.


  • + Great quality cooktop
  • + It is reasonably priced
  • + Matches most kitchens’ décor
  • + Cleaning is a breeze.


  • There is a spring under the knob that can make an irritating noise.

What to Look for When Buying a Zline Range

After reading the ZLINE range reviews, you have seen how good the selected products are. The problem, however, is that you will not be purchasing all of them. Luckily, we have several factors for you to consider when making the final choice.

Size of Family

You should consider your family size to decide the size of the range you need for your kitchen. Three or fewer people in a family do not require the larger ranges unless there is more cooking done in the kitchen. For a small family, you can use a 4-burner range.

Space Available

It is important to think about the space available in the kitchen. The truth is, the wise thing to do is to measure the space in which the unit will sit. Make sure you have the length, width, and height. You will make a more informed choice with these measurements.

Cooking Style

People have different cooking styles. A gourmet chef, for instance, will require a complex ZLINE range. You might love cooking different dishes at the same time, which means that the 7-burner type of range would be the best for you. What you prefer should be a major consideration.


You will have a wide range of ranges to choose from, all of which have unique features. There are those with self-cleaning capabilities, which reduces your overall work. Some have built-in timers and many more. Consider the features you would prefer in a range and choose one that has them.


Remember not to go outside your budget. When you decide to buy one, you will have a certain amount meant for that task. Purchase a reasonably priced range that will give you great quality for your money.

ZLINE Autograph Edition vs. Regular Range

This brand has brought a new set of appliances to the market and they have been revolutionary. The new Autograph edition is meant to bring around more precision and a different level of luxury to homes all over the world.

The new line features porcelain range tops, ranges, and dishwashers. This beautiful set features stainless steel construction for durability and longevity. The new design also ensures that the appliance’s surface is stain and scratch-resistant.

You can choose from different amazing styles to find one that fits our kitchen perfectly. These are elegant appliances with different finishes on the knobs. Choose from Gold, Matte Black, and Champagne Bronze.

One thing that does not change is the Italian set of burners that distribute heat perfectly for many years.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where are ZLINE ranges made?

Answer: ZLINE is based in the USA. It is a company whose headquarters are in Ohio, Nevada, and Tennessee. The products from ZLINE are shipped from the USA.

  1. Is ZLINE a good brand?

Answer: ZLINE is one of the most popular brands for ranges and cooktops with great, functional, and appealing appliances.

  1. Where is ZLINE manufactured? Are they made in China?

Answer: The products are designed at the headquarters. The parts are then sourced from different countries such as Germany, Italy, and the US, to China where ZLINE facilities are. They are then assembled there.

  1. How should I consider the installation of my ZLINE range?

Answer: Your fuel source will determine the installation process. There are different installation guides or different types of ZLINE ranges.

  1. How can I choose between the dual fuel and the gas range?

Answer: They are both efficient when it comes to cooking, even though each has unique strengths and weaknesses. If you care more about the quality than speed, then the dual-fuel would be best for you. If you are more concerned with speed, the gas range will be a better choice for you.


We have looked at different ZLINE gas range reviews. You should have adequate knowledge to help you determine which range would work better for you. We recommend that you compare every aspect of the gas ranges before making a choice. Remember to consider the space measurements to avoid regret.

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