What Is The Difference Between Glass Top Stove And Coil

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If you are reading this, you are probably looking for a new or replacement range. The truth is that you can be overwhelmed trying to make a choice that you will not regret later. It is not easy to decide between electric vs. gas, glass top vs. coil. But not to worry. We have all the information you require.

We have compiled this post to describe in detail the main differences between these two. This post includes a glass top stove vs. coil comparison in all aspects. Stay tuned!

Glass Top Stove

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A glass top stove is quite similar to a coil top burner. However, it features burners positioned under a ceramic or glass surface. The burner, in form of coils, has a wire that heats the coils, which will then heat the surface and cook the food. You will notice an outline that should help you identify the exact position of the burners underneath.

Coil Stove

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A coil top range has burners that are in the form of spiral, flat metal. These coils have an electric wire placed inside the metal. Electricity passes through this wire and in turn heats the coil. You will notice that the burners have an orange glow as they heat up. The heat intensity is adjusted using the temperature knob on the range. One flat top vs. coil stove similarity is that they both have these coils, only that the glass top has them under glass.

Main Differences

What is the main difference between flat top stove vs. coil differences?

Let’s take a look;

The Price

A budget is an important and determining aspect of each home improvement project. That is why we start by comparing the price between these two types of ranges.

The simple fact is that coil top stoves cost less than glass top ranges. That is mainly because coil stoves have a simpler technology. Therefore, if you have a limit on your budget, coil stoves can prove to be an affordable alternative. Nevertheless, you should note that there are brands of both types that have different prices. It would be a great idea to check out the two. You might find that the high-end coil ranges cost the same as a low-end flat-top stove.

In regards to the replacement of parts, the drip pans and heating elements of a coil top range will cost less to replace. On the other hand, in case a ceramic and glass material on the flat top stove breaks, you might find it is more expensive to replace. In short, maintenance of a coil top stove is cheaper.


As you would expect, one of the main differences in the flat top stove vs. coil comparison is the ease of cleaning. A flat top stove features a single, large, smooth ceramic and glass surface. The heating elements are hidden completely underneath the glass. The glass on the stove will not allow any spilled food to go to the elements. That means that cleaning will be much easier for a smooth top stove. However, you should know that gentle cleaners are highly recommended for the maintenance of glass quality. Some are specifically meant to prevent any scratches. The coil top stoves have a metal that will withstand harsher cleaners.

The glass surface does not have cracks, which makes it completely easy to scrub. If you notice that some food has spilled over the glass surface, you can simply use a brush or soft cloth to wipe it off and it will be clean again. Cleaners would be required if the spilled food has been burned on the surface.

Coil stoves have drip pans that are placed under the heating elements. These are meant to catch any spills. Nevertheless, the spills might be on the coils and it might be harder to remove them from the metal. The drip pan can also become hard to scrub well, especially if the spills have been on it for a long time. If it becomes impossible, you can simply purchase a new drip pan. They are not expensive.

Heat Conductivity

We must look into glass top stove vs. coil efficiency. After all, you will be cooking with it. As expected, coil burners will have a more efficient heat conductivity as compared to flat-top stoves. The pan you are cooking with sits directly on the metal. The heat is transmitted directly from the coin to the pan.

However, you might notice that some coils might not be leveled properly, which might cause uneven cooking of food. If they are not on a proper level or if they get damaged, you can easily replace them.

When it comes to smooth top stoves, the story is different. The heat moves from the heating elements and radiates through the top glass or ceramic. The material does not conduct heat as well as metal. That means that it will take much longer before the heat properly.

Similarly, you can expect the smooth top ranges to cool faster. That means that the flat top stoves might be safer. There are lower chances of burning after you finish cooking. The metal on coil top stoves will remain hot for longer.


There are other differences such as the durability of the ranges. You must compare all these facts and determine which one would be best for your house. Everyone wants a stove that will function perfectly and still look appealing in the kitchen. Go through the glass top stove vs. coil comparison and determine which would be better for you.

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