Best Warming Drawers – Detailed Reviews and Buying Guide

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Are you a cook looking for a simple method to keep your crockery and food warm? If you answered yes, then you are in the right place. Warming drawers have been around for a while but have not been very popular. However, that is changing and the amazing kitchen additions are soaring in popularity in the recent past.

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Different brands have come up with some amazing products with different features, appearances, and costs. But you cannot have one of each, right? So, it is important to find the best warming drawer to get the best results. Finding the right one for your kitchen would require a bit of research but luckily, we have taken care of that for you.

In this post, you will find detailed warming drawer reviews to help you figure out which specific drawer to get for your kitchen. We have gone a step further and included a buyer’s guide and answered some frequently asked questions.

Let’s get to it.

What is a Warmer Drawer?

Before we get to the specific products, we will start by identifying what a warmer drawer is.

A warming drawer is a small appliance that is available in 2 main sizes. This is an appliance that will truly save your life more than you would expect. Primarily, warming drawers are used to keep your food and crockery warm before you can serve the food.

But these appliances will do more than that. The best kitchen warming drawer should be able to defrost food and can also be used for proving bread.

Another reason why people install warming drawers in their houses is to add a balance to the built-in ovens.

We all know that food tastes best when it is warm. A warmer drawer will make sure that you get your food at just the right temperature. With these compact appliances, you will be able to maintain the temperature without the need of reheating or cooking it over and over again. We all know that constantly warming your food might lead to loss of the original taste and aroma.

Sound astonishing, right? We think so too. But for the best results, you need the best drawer in the market.

Our Top Picks

In this section, we will provide you with the best warming drawer reviews so that you know exactly what you are about to purchase. Here is what you need to know.

  • Best Overall Kitchen Warming Drawer: Frigidaire FGWD3065PF 

Frigidaire FGWD3065PF 30" Stainless Steel Warming Drawer Review
View on Amazon >>>

ir?t=reviewho 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B00HYBN0MSir?t=reviewho 20&language=en US&l=li2&o=1&a=B00HYBN0MSAfter purchasing a Frigidaire home appliance, you are assured that the product is convenient, stylish, and has ultimate performance. This is one of those appliances that is designed to work in perfect harmony with your lifestyle.

This brand is one of the leading brands in the production of the best warming drawers. According to our research, this might be the best of all their models. Several things led us to believe that.

For instance, capacity is always a huge issue in such appliances. However, this specific drawer has adequate capacity to hold a couple of dishes and keep them warm properly at the same time.

The controls are also something to appreciate. The drawer’s temperature can be adjusted easily and precisely or you can simply choose the bread-proof option. But you can adjust more than just the temperature. You can also adjust the humidity so that your food remains hot and moist throughout without any chance of drying out. It will remain in the same state until you are ready to serve it.

The appliance also features an indicator light. That light is meant to inform you when your drawer is on and is functioning.


  • + The design is elegant and beautiful
  • + Installation is a complete breeze
  • + The appliance is very easy to use
  • + Adequate capacity to warm different meals at a time
  • + Temperature adjustment is very precise
  • + Performance is unmatched.


  • None.

  • Best MultiFancutional: KitchenAid KOWT100ESS Warmer Drawer

KitchenAid - 30 Warming Drawer
Check Latest Price >>>

This KitchenAid appliance is more than a normal warmer drawer. The compact appliance can use the consistent temperature for the preparation of bread dough by activating the yeast in the dough so that it is ready for baking.

It will function perfectly as a slow cooker that allows you to start preparing a meal in the morning and it will be ready in the evening when you arrive home. Essentially, it will do the same thing that a slow cooker would do. But there is more than that for this appliance.

You no longer have to deal with guesswork. You can easily select an adequate temperature for different purposes. It has three zones that are identified clearly. With this feature, you will be able to adjust the temperature perfectly for bread proofing, slow cooking, as well as warming your food.

Additionally, the warmer features a sensor control that will prevent your meat from drying out. The food is maintained at the same temperature consistently to avoid drying.

With this amazing appliance, you can easily retain the texture and flavor of different types of food by simply controlling the moisture levels inside the drawer.

KitchenAid - 30 Warming Drawer

You should also know that the drawer has two main position racks you can use. You can place the rack from side to side or front to back. That depends on the size of the pan you are using.

This KitchenAid warmer drawer is a very important and versatile tool for every functional kitchen. It does the work of a slow cooker, a bread maker, as well as an oven. All the functionality is put together in a beautiful, elegant, and simple unit. You will be able to keep several dishes warm at a time, slow cook the savory meat dishes, and much more. The tech integrated into the appliance eradicates all the guesswork.


  • + It is an elegant warming drawer
  • + You will find that this appliance is very easy to use
  • + It is a versatile compact appliance
  • + Take the guesswork out of warming food with the functional tech integrated
  • + The warmer drawer takes up less space.


  • It is a bit pricey.

  • Best Warming Drawer For Small Kitchens: Bosch HWD5751UC

Bosch HWD5751UC 500 27" Stainless Steel Electric Warming Drawer Review
Check Latest Price >>>

ir?t=reviewho 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B00J58THKWWe all know just how great German craft is when it comes to efficient and functional machines. This warmer drawer is just another success that you must incorporate into your house. The warming drawer is created by a brand that strives to overcome all and any tech. obstacles. The result is a powerful, precise appliance that will provide better than others in the market and only use few resources to make things happen.

But do not forget that even though functionality and efficiency are of prime importance, you will also get some stylish and elegant products. The stainless-steel warming drawer is an amazing addition to any kitchen. It features a very efficient heating element that uses up only 450 watts in operation. It Is hidden under the drawer.

This warming drawer will keep your meals hot. It is designed in such a way that it fits perfectly with Bosch products including the brand’s steam, speed, or wall ovens. The drawer features 3 main settings that will keep your food warm and always ready to be served.

The operation is very easy. The appliance has some ball-bearing rails that allow it to open smoothly with less effort. To make sure that you do not have to keep worrying, it has a timer that runs for around 1 hour. The warming drawer will turn off automatically once the timer finishes counting.

This is one of the drawers that we highly recommend for you.


  • + It is a perfect flush fit for most appliances, especially those from Bosch
  • + It is very beautiful and elegant
  • + The quality matches the price
  • + Functionality is simply perfect.


  • Wiggles from side to side when the drawer is opened.

  • Best Warming Kitchen Drawer for Versatility: Dacor HWD30PS 

Dacor - Professional 30 Warming Drawer
Check Latest Price >>>

This is the best kitchen warming drawer from Dacor. The drawer is designed with some unique touches that are only provided for professional kitchens. The drawer features electronic touch controls that give you ultimate precision in regards to the regulation of humidity, temperature, as well as time.

You can be assured that your food will always be in the best state and the results will always keep your guests happy. There are four temperature levels you can choose from. You can choose between high, medium, low, or proof for proofing bread dough.

The appliance is designed so that it fits perfectly under a wall cooktop, microwave, or oven.

Imagine you are preparing a huge meal that includes several dishes. By the time you finish preparing the last dish, the first one might have already become cold and we all know how stressful it can be to start warming it up again. But that does not have to be the case with this amazing warmer drawer. You can choose to keep your food warm for different hours.

You can select between one and four hours on the timer. There is even an infinite mode that will keep your food warm for as long as you would like without messing it all up. To make sure that this is the case, you can choose between different humidity and temperature levels so that your food remains fresh. The drawer will maintain the food’s crispiness or moistness.

This is a product that is made in the USA. The company provides many families with jobs. You can be assured that the products are of the best quality.


  • + It has an elegant and stylish design
  • + The electronic touch controls provide the best precision
  • + It is versatile because it can warm food and even proof dough
  • + It has a unique sabbath mode that switches off automatically
  • + Adequate space to warm different meals at a time
  • + The operation is very easy.


  • Might be a bit pricey.

  • Most Fun/Easy to Use: GE CW9000SJSS 30-Inch Warming Drawer

GE CW9000SJSS Cafe 30" Stainless Steel Electric Warming Drawer Review
Check Latest Price >>>

ir?t=reviewho 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B00W4KN78GThis is a perfect warming drawer with one of the best designs out there. With this drawer, you can be the best host or hostess for your guests. It has a very simple control panel that anyone can use without a challenge, even for the first time.

You can adjust the temperature of the drawer simply with the use of a knob. You can choose between four main settings. There is proof, which is around 80 degrees Fahrenheit, low, which is 140 degrees Fahrenheit, a med that is 170 degrees Fahrenheit, as well as high, which is 210 degrees Fahrenheit.

the drawer is switched on or off using a rocker switch, which is very easy. It also has a half-rack that will allow the drawer to be versatile on different levels.

You can customize the humidity levels using a very easy moisture selector located behind the panel. Together with the appliance, you will get an optional wooden panel that you can install on the drawer to adjust its front panel.

Finally, this drawer has an indicator light that you can use easily to identify when the drawer is operational.


  • + Maintains a constant food temperature
  • + Performance is perfect as you would expect
  • + It will heat up quickly and the temperature maintained is precise
  • + It is available at a reasonable price
  • + The drawer has outstanding quality.


  • You might hear some popping sounds when operating.

  • Another Favorite: Lynx L30WD-1 Outdoor Warmer Drawer

Lynx L30WD-1 Outdoor Warming Drawer Review
Check Latest Price >>>

ir?t=reviewho 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B0007Y2RWIThis warming drawer is a high-quality outdoor appliance that will provide you with the ultimate outdoor barbecue experience. Several things will simply make you love this warmer drawer. The warming drawer features a heavy-duty stainless-steel construction that will withstand harsh weather outdoors. That construction also gives the drawer a durable and elegant style that everyone will keep their eyes on.

This innovation will go to temperatures as high as 220 degrees Fahrenheit to keep your food warm. You will also notice that the drawer has some amazing stainless-steel rollers that allow for a smooth operation. All Lynx outdoor equipment has that construction and you can tell why the brand insists on this strong construction.

But that is not all this appliance has to offer. It has an adjustable moisture vent that allows for control of moisture so that the food inside maintains a certain texture.

Additionally, it has professional handles that maintain a stylish appearance and keep all the food inside safe.


  • + The product has an amazing stainless-steel construction that is durable
  • + The design is very elegant and stylish
  • + It is an outdoor appliance, which is very efficient
  • + The drawer’s quality is unmatched.


  • It is not the cheapest appliance in the market.

  • Worth a Mention: Sharp KB-6100NW Warming Drawer

Sharp KB-6100NW 30-Inch Warming Drawer Review
Check Latest Price >>>

ir?t=reviewho 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B001QFYDS8This warming drawer is available in white. It features a 450-watt heater and a very appealing interior and exterior. The interior has adequate space to hold several meals at a time so that they remain warm for as long as you need.

It also features a concealed panel with auto-touch controls. There are six temperature settings, coupled with a timer and an automatic shut-off feature. You can choose to run the appliance for longer without automatically shutting it off.

What’s more, there is a humidity control feature that allows you to maintain different crisp or moist results on your food.

This appliance will coordinate with a microwave drawer from Sharp so that the general results are simply amazing.

Finally, once you get this product, you will have a 1-year limited warranty on the drawer.


  • + No hardwiring, which makes installation very easy
  • + It is completely functional
  • + The design is breathtakingly beautiful
  • + Adequate storage to keep different meals warm
  • + The price is unbelievably reasonable.


  • You will notice that it protrudes further from the face of the cabinet
  • It is a heavy appliance.

What to Look For in Kitchen Warming Drawer

Now that we have checked out the warming drawer reviews, let us look at things you should consider when choosing between different options.


In general, there are two main depths of these drawers. You can get a 290 mm or a 140 mm drawer. The latter is a great choice if you want to warm plates and such, while the former works best for any work including warming meals, plates, and more.

You have to think about what you expect to warm before you purchase the drawer. If just for crockery, there would be no need to get the larger one.


These drawers are not normally included in kitchens. However, there are different places where you can fit them. These include under an oven, replacing a sliding drawer, and other places. If you do not want to make many changes in the kitchen, you can go for a shallower one because it goes in more spaces perfectly.

You also have to consider any challenge that might be presented by the spot you fit the drawer. You should also know that some might need hard wiring, in which case you have to consider that.

Weight Capacity

You will notice in the best warming drawer reviews that there is a limit on the weight a drawer can hold. If you exceed that, the drawer can easily be damaged or it can warp. The shallow alternatives are better at holding heavy things because the pressure is reduced on the unit.

Advantages and Disadvantages

We will now highlight the general warming drawer pros and cons.


Imagine being a party host. You would have to provide food for your guests, which can be a drag if you have to keep warming the food. But with this amazing drawer, that does not have to be a problem.

Most of us work too late nights. If you have other family members who would normally depend on you to cook some food, you can leave the food in the drawer where they will find it warm whenever they need it.

The warming drawers heat your plates so that you get that same restaurant feel.

Bakers can enjoy this appliance because it is used to rise dough. You will also keep your baked food warm and fresh for however long you need.


Unfortunately, this appliance might take up some space. Therefore, if you have limited space, you would have to think of another option, especially if you do not appreciate any of the pros listed above.

Warming drawers are not as expensive as they were a while back. However, they can be a challenge for anyone on a tight budget. Sometimes it would be better to go for a microwave or Convection oven.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where should I put my kitchen warming drawer?

You can install a warming drawer below or above a wall oven. You can also install it under a cooktop, in the dining room, or even on an island. It is completely up to you to decide which place you think would be best for your kitchen warming drawer.

  1. Does a warming drawer dry out food?

Fortunately, warming drawers have humidity settings that will allow you to adjust the amount of humidity in the drawer. Therefore, your food will maintain the proper texture and moisture you require.

  1. Can you slow cook in a warming drawer?

Some appliances will not only keep your food but also help you by slow cooking your food. An appliance such as the KitchenAid warming drawer mentioned above will slow cook your food. Just place it in the drawer in the morning and it should be ready by evening when you get home.

  1. How warm does a warming drawer get?

In general, warming drawers have a proof mode that ranges from 80 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit and other heating levels from 140 to 250 degrees Fahrenheit.

  1. Can you put tin foil in a warming drawer?

You should avoid using plastic covers for wrapping food. However, you can use aluminum foil to cover the food. At the same time, avoid aligning the drawer with the foil.

  1. Can you put Styrofoam in a warming drawer?

It is not advisable to use Styrofoam in a warming drawer. It is a poor heat conductor and it might easily catch fire.

In Summary

Different brands give you great warming drawers. You should consider the different options before you decide to get one from the list. You have to consider their depths, construction materials, and much more. We recommend that you consider what other people have to say about their experiences with these products so you know what to expect.

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