What Is The Difference Between Black Bean And Yellow Bean Sauce?

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Black and yellow bean sauces originate from Asian culture, more precisely from Chinese. They are exceptionally preferred and loved to be consumed with several meals.

You can consume black beans with chicken, tofu recipes, beef plates, or just with vegetables.

Yellow bean sauce is mainly used to prepare other more complex Asiatic sauces.

Today I will point out some differences between black bean vs. yellow bean sauce.


Both sauces are made with fermented beans instead of fresh ones. The base for black bean sauce is black beans, fresh shallots, brown sugar, soy sauce, and some dry cherry.

Those ingredients will be passed in a pan for some minutes to fry and let to be cooked in the end for seven more minutes.

The main ingredients for the yellow bean sauce are fermented soybeans, white sugar, and flour. Instead of water, you can put soy sauce.

Yellow bean sauce is usually found in supermarkets, more than cooked homemade, but you can still try it.


beans color

As the name itself dictates it, another difference is in the color of both bean sauces. Due to black beans, soya sauce, and brown sugar, the black sauce has a dark brown color, almost black.

As per yellow bean sauce, due to the soybeans with a golden color, this sauce is more yellowish.


Black beans sauce has a strong, pungent taste with some earthy tones and complexity of aromatic smells coming from the fermented beans. It is usually used in chicken recipes or to accompany a bowl of rice and tofu.

While the yellow sauce has a light taste, the soy taste can be strongly felt mixed with some flour presence.

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Is yellow bean sauce similar to black bean sauce?

Their similarity lies in the fact that both types of beans are fermented and not fresh, so they go through the same process before being integrated into the sauce.

You can find some strong taste of soy sauce in both of those sauces. Besides that, the other ingredients and consistency are pretty different.

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