What Is the Difference Between Canned Black Beans and Canned Black Soy Beans?

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Beans and other legumes are some of my favorite ingredients: dirt cheap, easy to prepare, versatile, and packed with essential minerals. They’re also a fantastic source of protein, whether you’re vegetarian or not. Sadly, they’re very much misunderstood by many home cooks. What, for instance, is the difference between canned black beans vs canned black soybeans?

There is a multitude of different kinds of beans, each with its own uses. So, have you recently stumbled on some canned black soybeans and are wondering what to do with them?

Canned Black Beans and Canned Black Soy Beans

Black Soy Bean and black beans

Most people know black beans, perhaps refried and wrapped in a tortilla or mixed with veggies for a hearty stew. Black soybeans are a little more exotic: they really don’t have much in common apart from the color. Like kidney beans and garbanzo, they come from entirely different plants.

In addition, canned black soybeans have been prepared differently. All soybeans start out as white; the dark color comes from being fermented. Does this sound a little yucky to you?

Never fear: fermented foods are perfectly safe to eat and in fact very good for you. Black soybeans have an appealingly zesty flavor you’ll get used to in no time.

Canned Soybeans vs Canned Black Beans Nutrition Facts For 1/2 Cup

 Black BeansCanned Black Soybean
Carbs23g (6g dietary Fiber and 1g total sugar)11g (6g dietary Fiber and 2g total sugar)
Fat0.5 gr4.5g
Protein8 gr11g
Cholesterol 0mg0mg

Black Beans and Black Soy Beans in the Kitchen

Personally, I prefer to buy my beans dried: they’re a little cheaper this way, while soaking and boiling them really isn’t that much of a chore. Canned beans usually contain way too much sodium for my taste, while I’m still a little worried about BPA contamination.

Still, having a couple of cans on hand for a busy day can be a lifesaver. It’s even better when you have a little variety in the cupboard.


  • Can I substitute black soybeans for black beans?

Answer: You can safely substitute black soybeans for ordinary canned black beans in most recipes. The taste of canned black beans vs canned black soybeans, of course, is a little different, with black soybeans working well with spicier dishes.

  • Where to buy canned black soybeans?
Answer: You can find black soybeans at most grocery stores or health food stores and online retailers like Amazon.com and Walmart.com.


experimenting with new ingredients is half the fun of cooking, so keep an eye out for canned black soybeans the next time you go shopping.

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