Brioche vs. Hawaiian Bread – Discussing the Difference

French toast is among the most popular and amazing foods you can enjoy for brunch or breakfast. If we are being honest, most of us will try to enjoy some French toast whenever the chance presents itself. There are different types of bread to use for French toast.

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You cannot say definitely that one type of bread is better than others. However, some are very good. Today, we will be checking out the difference between two of the best – brioche vs. Hawaiian bread.

Is Hawaiian bread similar to brioche? We hope to explain how they differ in this brief post. Stay tuned!

An Overview

Brioche bread

Brioche is a buttery bread that combines a rich and sweet buttery flavor with a tender and soft texture to become among the best for breakfast. There is a lot you can enjoy with brioche, including bread pudding and French toast. It is a bread of French origin. Its high butter and egg content makes it tender and rich.

One similarity between brioche vs. Hawaiian bread is that they have a high egg and butter content. Even so, Hawaiian bread features more sugar with less fat compared to a brioche. Additionally, it has some potato flour, responsible for keeping the bread moist for several days after it was baked.


Normally, traditional bread features water, salt, flour, and yeast. Brioche, on the other hand, features more eggs, some milk, and butter, which makes it very rich.

Hawaiian eggs also contain eggs, sugar, flour, and butter. However, certain variations feature potato flour and pineapple juice.

Is Hawaiian bread healthy?

Hawaiian bread mostly contains carbs, salt, sugar, and protein with no fiber. You did really hear accurately, this bread doesn’t include any fiber. In contrast, it has high sugar content.

If you’re looking to eat a healthy, balanced diet, then Hawaiian bread probably isn’t the best choice. But if you’re just looking for a delicious, indulgent treat, then go ahead and enjoy!


When it comes to taste, Brioche is moist, soft, and buttery. It is normally prepared and baked in the form of a loaf. Regardless, you will find some buns and rolls in the market too. It is similar to a croissant in taste but is easier to prepare.


You will also notice some differences between brioche and Hawaiian bread in that the Hawaiian bread is sweeter. Some variations have more ingredients such as pineapple juice, which makes it sweeter.


The texture of brioche bread is soft and tender, which is an amazing texture for breakfast.

Hawaiian bread is soft, tender, and fluffy. It can retain more liquid.

Why are brioche buns so expensive?


Brioche buns are one of the most delicious and indulgent treats you can have. But why are they so expensive?

Brioche buns are made with a rich, sweet dough that is often enriched with eggs and butter. This makes them exceptionally light, soft, and flavorful.

However, all of that richness comes at a price. Brioche buns can cost up to twice as much as a regular bun.

So, why are brioche buns so expensive? There are a few reasons.

Firstly, the ingredients used to make brioche are expensive. Butter, eggs, and even the flour used to make the dough can all add to the cost.

Secondly, brioche buns take longer to make than regular buns. The dough needs to be carefully mixed and kneaded, and the buns need to be proofed for several hours before they are baked. This all adds to the cost.

Lastly, brioche buns are often made in small batches by artisan bakeries. This means that they can’t be mass-produced like regular buns, and so the price reflects this.

In Conclusion

Hawaiian bread is also a great substitute for brioche because it can hold more liquid, contains almost the same ingredients, and much more. We recommend you try these two loaves of bread for different recipes and simply make amazing breakfast and brunch.

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