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Saute Pan Definition And Uses

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Sauté pans are not very common in households. If you are not a keen cook, the purpose of a sauté pan may not be clear to you. In most cases, people will choose not to purchase a sauté pan because they have a frying pan.

However, is a sauté pan the same as a frying pan? It is our strong belief that if you understand the uses of sauté pan, you will see the need to purchase one. This article will give you a sauté pan definition and uses. Stay tuned.


T-fal C51782 ProGrade Titanium Nonstick saute pan

A sauté pan is a type of cookware that you use to sauté food. Sautéing is a method of cooking that involves cooking food using little fat at very high heat levels. Therefore, the food will cook faster compared to the other methods of cooking. As a result, the surface of the meal you are preparing will be brown and the flavor will be unique. You can cook a wide variety of food with a sauté pan.

What are the Uses?

We have already mentioned that you can cook a wide variety of food using this cookware. Here are some of the cooking methods you would enjoy in your kitchen.

Searing Pieces of Meat

Note: A sauté pan usually has a large cooking surface area.

Therefore, you have adequate space if you want to sear large slices of meat. As a result, you can prepare a large steak for your family or simply brown chicken thighs easily. It is almost impossible for your food to touch the pan’s sides.

Saucy Dishes

If you are preparing a saucy dish, this is the right cookware to use. Some of the saucy dishes you can prepare using this pan include curries, chillis, as well as casseroles. The sides of the pan will help you to reduce sloshing. They will also give you adequate depth, which means increased volume. A skillet is not as efficient as a sauté pan in preparing these foods.  The large surface will also work perfectly when you want to brown meat.

Cooking in an Oven

Most of the sauté pan models found in the market are oven safe. Therefore, you can finish cooking a meal by sliding it in the oven for a short while. If you are preparing certain dishes such as a frittata, it is a great way to finish the cooking process and get great results.

Before Purchasing

Cuisinart 733-30H Chef's Classic Stainless saute pan

Before you purchase a sauté pan, you should make certain considerations.

The material used in the pan is one of the considerations. It should be a versatile and durable pan. Therefore, avoid pans with a single material layer. Choose one with a material combination.

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Most pans range from 8 inches to 12 inches. A larger pan will cook more food and that is important considering the size of your family.

The handle plays a major role in the usage of a pan. Make sure that the handle is attached securely to the pan and that it is sturdy. It should also have adequate insulation so that you do not burn when cooking with the pan.


After checking out the deep sauté pan uses, it should be easy to determine its importance. Make sure that you purchase a pan that will last longer and will serve you adequately.

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