How To Microwave Chicken Without Drying it Out

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It is a common belief that a microwave cannot cook chicken properly. However, believe it or not, you can cook a delicious chicken meal with your microwave. To make that happen, you would need to follow a certain series of steps that will help you cook the chicken without making it dry.

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In this article, we will provide you with detailed instructions that will help you to prepare that amazing chicken meal for you and your family. We will also help you understand how to reheat the chicken without making it soggy. Let us get started.

Microwave Differences

One important thing you should know is that all microwave ovens are different. Different manufacturers create their microwaves differently so that they can use different wattage to get to certain different temperatures. Due to that difference, you would have to experiment with your microwave so that you can understand the cooking time and temperature.

A user manual accompanies every microwave during delivery. It is very helpful to read so you can recognize the wattage used by the microwave and understand the temperature levels that the microwave reaches.

A microwave ranging from 600 watts to 1200 watts will cook faster. If the wattage is high, the chicken will cook faster. It also means that the food will be cooked more evenly and it will be hotter. With lower wattage, it will be cooked slower and it will not be as evenly cooked as a microwave with a higher wattage.

You should also know that the cooking time would definitely be different for a raw chicken and a reheated meal. We will handle the differences that come with cooking a raw chicken and reheating one.

If you become familiar with the wattage used by your microwave, you will be able to adjust your cooking timing and temperature to produce a perfect meal for your family.

Cooking Times for Chicken

The chicken’s thickness will affect the time it takes to cook. You should know that the legs and thighs of a chicken would not take more time, compared to a thicker chicken breast. It is also important to consider whether the chicken has bones or not. If it has bones, it takes more time to cook evenly and it is more difficult. If the chicken meat does not have bones and is cut too thin pieces, it will take less time to cook. However, that thin, boneless chicken will dry up faster so you need to keep a keen eye.

Frozen Chicken

If you intend to cook your chicken safely, you should make sure that it thaws completely. The most efficient way to thaw your chicken is by placing it in an airtight containment and placing it on a refrigerator shelf overnight. Make sure that the container is completely sealed to avoid contamination of other food by the fluids. After you thaw the chicken, you can store it or cook it immediately.

Microwaving the Chicken

This part addresses how to cook the chicken using a microwave and how long to microwave the chicken. The important aspect to remember is that you need adequate spices and garlic to add flavor to the chicken. You should also ensure that you have an adequate chicken broth that will cover all the pieces of the chicken.

The first thing you have to do is ensure that the chicken has been thawed correctly. Place the pieces of chicken meat side by side. You should then season it with pepper and salt and include any other spices that you like. Place the separate pieces inside a casserole dish with adequate space between all the pieces. Make sure that none of the pieces rests on top of the other and that they are placed in a single layer inside the casserole dish.


Make sure that the dish you are using is safe to use in a microwave. Most of the dishes that are made of porcelain are microwave safe. However, it does not hurt to be sure. Check the dish’s underside where the microwave-safe designation is positioned.

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After you place the chicken inside the casserole dish, pour adequate chicken stock on the chicken so that it covers the bottom of the pan and add two garlic cloves. The liquid you pour should be evenly spread at the bottom of the pan and it should cover half the chicken. You can also add garlic and garnish to increase the taste depending on the way you like it. Finish this step by covering the dish. Make sure the lid you use is microwave safe too. It is important to leave some space for the escape of steam when cooking. If the lid is tight on the dish, the steam might build up when cooking and the lid blew off. That is a possibility of damage to the microwave’s interior.

You should set the timer to four-five minutes and use the highest setting. After four minutes are up, uncover the casserole dish. Remember that it is hot and it might burn you. You should also avoid coming in contact with the steam. When you open the lid, use a spatula or tong to turn the meat. After you rotate, place the lid back on, return it in the microwave, and cook with the same setting for five minutes. After five minutes, check for any pink spots. Let it rest away from the heat and use a thermometer to check the chicken’s inner parts. Make sure it reaches 170 degrees F for the tights and 165 for the breast.

If you are wondering how to reheat chicken in the microwave, the process is essentially the same. However, you will need to reheat it for three minutes and turn it, after which you will cook for three more minutes.


Can you microwave chicken? You can use a microwave to cook an amazing chicken meal. The process explained above will give you amazing results. You should avoid overcooking the chicken so that it browns perfectly.

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