Difference Between Ceramic Top and Glass Top Stoves

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Ceramic cooktops are becoming rapidly popular every day. They are also referred to as smooth tops or glass cooktops. They are a great, elegant replacement for the old coil stoves we are used to. Even though the cooktops are stylish, there are other great reasons why you should consider getting these cooktops.

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Most people wonder about the glass vs ceramic cooktop difference. But did you know that no cooktop is made of 100% glass or 100% ceramic? So, are ceramic and glass cooktops the same? The truth of the matter is that even though they might have different brand names, they are all made of a blend of ceramic and glass.

What do you need to know about these cooktops? This post will provide you with in-depth details about glass cooktops including their advantages and disadvantages as well as the dos and donts.

Let’s get started.

Ceramic Cooktops Overview

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Ceramic cooktops are cooktops that have smooth surfaces that contain tempered ceramic glass. As such, there is no ceramic vs glass cooktop difference because they are the same. These cooktops have a blend between 95% and 50% crystalline. They are made using a ceramic-glass blend.

Ceramic cooktops have a sleek design and are very efficient. They are more efficient than the electric coil cookers. The ceramic cooktops will use less electricity compared to coil cooktops and are more efficient than the other types of cooktops. These are the main reasons why people prefer to replace other cooktops with these ceramic powerhouses.

Did you know that there are different types of ceramic cooktops? There are radiant options that feature metal coils under a ceramic glass, halogen tops that use halogen bulbs and not metal for heat generation, induction tops that use magnets for the generation of heat, and finally semi-halogen tops that have a combination of halogen bulbs and metal coils.

There is no much difference between radiant, halogen, and semi-halogen, except for the fact that the halogen bulbs will light immediately making it easier to know when your cooktop is on. Apart from that, these tops have the same convenience and will cook similarly.

The induction cooktops, however, are different. They heat up extremely fast and will boil water at twice the speed of other cooktops. The main difference is that these cooktops do not use a certain heat source for heat generation. Instead, they use magnets that interact with the metal pan directly. That will turn the pan into a sort of burner. Therefore, the cooktop does not heat up unless there is a pot or pan on it even if it is on.

The science for induction cooktops is a bit different but we will not cover it here.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Ceramic Cooktops

So, what are the pros and cons of a glass top stove? Let’s look at some of them.


These cooktops are made using a blend of glass and ceramic. This material provides the cooktop with a smooth surface that is both elegant and stylish. It is one of the reasons why people love this cooktop. It provides your kitchen with a modern and sleek appearance.

As you would expect, cleaning the cooktops is very easy. We all know that cooking can be a messy process and you will find yourself spilling on the cooktop from time to time. When this happens, you will have a very easy time cleaning up. However, you should know that the food might cook and stick to the surface. That makes it harder to clean.

The surface of these cooktops can scratch easily. Nevertheless, you can use the surface to place things if you do not have much space on your countertop. When you think about it, ceramic cooktops give you some more space in the kitchen.

Glass cooktops are energy efficient. As mentioned above, the cooktops will use up 12% less energy compared to electric cooktops.


Even though these cooktops are great, you will need to be careful about the pans and pots you purchase. It is very easy to scratch the cooktop’s surface if you use the wrong pan. Therefore, we advise against using pans and pots with aluminum and copper bottoms. Enamel pans and pots would stick to the cooktop’s surface too.

If you drop a heavy pan or pot on the surface, chances are that you will crack it.

After you turn off the cooktop, it will take some time to cool down. However, the red light will go off immediately and it might be a bit hard to tell if the stove is hot. You could unknowingly burn yourself if you touch it before it cools off.

There are specific cleaners meant for ceramic cooktops, especially if dealing with food stuck on the surface.

Things to Avoid

You should treat your glass cooktop in a certain manner to maintain its quality. Therefore, you have to avoid certain things.

You should avoid using cast iron cookware on the cooktop. The bottom of this cookware is rough and you can easily scratch the cooktop if you drag it.

It is not recommended to use pans or skillets with round edges on the bottom. It is better to use flat plans because they will distribute heat better. Additionally, they are more stable.

Avoid using any metal pads or abrasive cleaners because they will scratch the surface. You should instead use the recommended cleaning solutions and soft sponges.

Clean the bottom of pots and pans clean. If grease builds up on the bottom, it might leave some rings or other types of marks on your cooktop. These marks are difficult to clean but might be removed with specific cleaners.

Avoid spilling any sugary substance you might be cooking. These substances are very likely to discolor your cooktop and leave yellow patches on the surface.

Do not place stirring tools on a warm glass cooktop. The food that is on the cooktop will burn on the cooktop and might leave a mess that will be hard to clean off.

Wrapping Up

Glass-ceramic cooktops are very stylish and elegant. They are also very efficient and we recommend that you get one for your kitchen. At the same time, you have to keep them very clean so that they maintain their sleek look longer. Be sure to get one from a trusted brand.

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  1. which is the difference between a frig 30 inch stainless steal cooktop and the glass ceramic one/ Other than the price

    • There is some difference between the glass ceramic and stainless steel cooktops other than price. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. For instance, when it comes to appearance and ease of cleaning, glass-ceramic cooktops take the prize.
      However, stainless steel cooktops are meant to be tough and durable. You have to be careful with glass-ceramic cooktops since certain accidents, like dropping a utensil might simply break or chip it.


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