Corn Tortillas – Can you Freeze them?

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If you are reading this post, you probably have a load of tortillas and are not sure about storage. Is it possible to freeze corn tortillas? What would be the process of freezing the tortillas? The truth is that most of us have been in the same situation.

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You might know that tortillas are usually perfect when they are fresh and warm. However, it does not mean that you cannot freeze all the tortillas you have leftover. Freezing corn tortillas is possible and quite easy. Long as you know how to freeze corn tortillas, you will not have a problem with either homemade or store-bought corn tortillas. You will maintain the fresh state for as long as possible. If you have been wondering, “can you freeze corn tortillas,” you are in the right place. This article explains how to freeze them properly, how to thaw, and other important details. Read on for more details.

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Freezing Corn Tortillas

Can corn tortillas be frozen? The answer is yes! Corn tortillas are very important in different recipes including the preparation of tacos, chicken tortilla bake, as well as some homemade chips. With that in mind, you would see the importance of keeping some extra corn tortillas in your kitchen.

Do corn tortillas freeze well? Corn tortillas are freezer-friendly, just like flour tortillas. You can simply freeze them, as explained below.

Even after you freeze the corn tortillas, they will maintain their delicacy when you defrost them. However, if you want them to maintain the flavor, you will need to freeze them in the right manner.

First, you have to make sure that you place them in the appropriate container. That way, the corn tortillas will be protected from frost, which ensures that their nutrients are locked in well. The easiest and best way to achieve that is by stacking them inside some freezer bags. If you are looking for great freezer bags, make sure that they are designed for that specific purpose. In most cases, you will find bags that feature zip locks. That way, they can still be reused.

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In case you do not have freezer bags, you can still achieve the same success by wrapping your tortillas using tinfoil or cling film, after which you can place them in the freezer. If by any chance, you have pressed the corn tortillas by hand, it would be advisable that you allow them to cool down before you throw them inside the freezer.

The number of tortillas that you freeze together will affect their shape. It might affect their ability to hold their original shape. The best idea would be to freeze them in stacks that are suitable for your meals. A maximum of 10 tortillas would be perfect.

Note: It is a good idea to place parchment paper or foil between tortillas. That way, when the time comes to defrost them, you will have an easier time.

The general idea is to allow your tortillas to cool to room temperature. The next step is to place them inside a suitable container or freezer bag, making sure that they are separated by parchment paper or foil. After that, throw them inside the freezer and finally allow them to freeze.


Sounds quite simple, right? Well, it is. You should always remember to allow them to cool down. Can you freeze uncooked tortillas? It is recommended that you freeze them before you cook them, especially if they are freshly pressed. However, if you have cooked them, you do not have anything to worry about. However, it would be a great idea to put them inside a fridge, after which you can freeze them.

Remember: Placing some warm tortillas in a freezer will result in quick degradation because the temperature will change drastically. The gradual reduction of temperature will allow the tortillas to maintain their flavor.

So, how Long will they Last?

How long can you freeze corn tortillas? You should know the time limit when you have frozen your corn tortillas. If you have frozen them in the right manner, then you have up to eight months. After eight months, the tortillas will start degrading. The structure, taste, as well as flavor, will immediately start breaking down. After eight months, they will not be as good when you defrost them.

Although eight months is still great, it would be best to reduce that time to a maximum of two months. At this point, they are still as good as they are when fresh. Their taste will still be magnificent.

How you freeze your tortillas will also affect how long they last inside a freezer. In case your corn tortillas are store brought, they will freeze for a longer period compared to corn tortillas that are prepared at home. The store-bought variety will feature more preservatives. The recipe usually has more preservatives, which means that they will last longer and they will be in better shape.

Additionally, if you have not opened them, they will freeze for longer compared to those that are in an opened package.

How about Defrosting?

You need to know how to thaw corn tortillas correctly to get the best results. However, you should know that the process is quite simple.  You simply need to remove the corn tortillas from the freezer, after which you can allow them to thaw on that side. The process would not take more than an hour. However, the period it takes to defrost depends on the thickness of the corn tortillas.

If you are wondering how to defrost corn tortillas quickly, you can choose to use the microwave. Make sure to use the lowest power. If you use high power, your tortillas will simply become soggy.


So, can you freeze corn tortillas? The truth is that corn tortillas are very easy to freeze. You can freeze them for a long period and still enjoy their amazing flavors and texture. After you freeze them, thawing will even be easier. When you thaw them, you can use them the same way you use other fresh tortillas.


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