Can i Freeze Cooked Ham? And How To?!

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It is common to purchase ham for a meal with friends and family, only to find yourself with excess food. We have all been there. At that point, the main thing you would think about is how to store the food so that you can enjoy it later.

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In this post, we will discuss how to freeze cooked ham. What is the best way to do it and how long can you freeze cooked ham without it going bad? Stay tuned to learn more!

Learning about Ham

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Ham is typically a type of pork. It is a piece of meat that is cut from a leg. It is then preserved using a curing method. In certain cases, however, the meat might be smoked before the curing process begins.

The overall process is the most important. When you visit your store, you will have a wide range of options from which you can choose. You can enjoy country ham, city ham, honey ham, boneless ham, bone-in ham, and many more available all over.

It is important that you consider the amount of ham that will require your dinner plans. To help you decide on the amount you will require, consider that each person should have a third of a pound.

Multiplying that with the number of people you expect to host should help you figure out the exact amount you might require. Most of the time, you will estimate, only to find that you bought too much or too little. We’ve all been there. If, for instance, you want to purchase a ham for 12 people in total, you should purchase 5 pounds of ham, just so that you can cover those who might have more than a third of a pound.

Storing and Freezing

Can cooked ham be frozen? The storage of ham works perfectly. You can use either a freezer or a fridge to store it. If you intend to use a fridge, you can store it for a maximum of five days before it starts going bad. In order to store it in a refrigerator, you would require a container that can be closed up to provide an airtight environment around the ham. Use a container or airtight storage bag to get the best results.

Can you freeze a fully cooked ham? The truth is that it takes some steps, but yes. Freezing boiled ham is quite easy. It is recommended that you use a double protection layer. That type of protection prevents the ham from drying out inside the freezer. The first step is to wrap it in a freezer wrap or simply a foil. When you wrap it properly, insert it in a freezer bag that is heavy-duty, or choose an airtight container.

It is highly advisable that you label it with a date so that you can keep track of the time it has stayed in the freezer.

How long can you freeze cooked ham? The fact is you can store the ham in the freezer for 12 months. However, if you want the best flavor maintained, you should choose to store it for 6 months.


If you want to store sliced ham, you can freeze it with ease. However, to store sliced ham, you should wrap each of the slices in individual wrappings that are freezer safe, after which you should use a heavy-duty freezer bag to store all of them. They will remain fresh for six months, after which the quality will start to deteriorate.

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Using the Ham after Freezing

Fact: It is very easy to work with a frozen ham. In fact, there are very many ways you can reheat the ham if you do not intend to have it chilled. The most important thing to consider is that it will dry out very easily if you do not reheat it right. You will require a foil to wrap it to avoid loss of moisture. You will also require a moisturizing liquid to retain the moisture.

You do not have to glaze it another time when you reheat it. However, you might require some moisturizing liquid or a simple melted butter applied to the ham’s exterior. That will prevent it from drying out once you bake it again.

Another option that you can choose is to thaw it for an entire night in the refrigerator. Once you allow it to thaw overnight, the results of reheating will be much better. It becomes easier to work with when you thaw it.


How can you tell if Cooked Ham is bad?

You can tell if the ham is bad by smelling or looking at it. If it has a sour smell, it means that your harm is bad and you should get rid of it. The same goes for a ham that appears slimy.

Can you Use Ham That is Frozen for Two Years?

You should know that the longer ham remains frozen, the lower its quality gets. Therefore, you should consider if it has gone bad before you decide to use it. In case it is still good, you can have it. However, beware that the taste might not be as good as you would expect.

How long can Cooked Ham Stay at Room Temperature?

Once you cook ham, it will remain at room temperature for two hours maximum. At that point, it will start to grow bacteria. Therefore, it is very advisable to freeze cooked ham shortly after you have cooked it to prevent it from growing bacteria.


Can I freeze cooked ham? Yes, you can. The method pointed out above will help you retain the moisture and flavor of your ham when you store it. You will also have a great experience when you thaw it before reheating. If you notice any sour smell or a slimy appearance, it has gone bad and you should get rid of it to avoid any health issues. We hope that this guide will be valuable to help you freeze ham in the right manner and similarly enjoy it properly after you decide to have it later.


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