GoWise USA GW22637 Pressure Cooker Review

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GoWISE USA GW22637 electric pressure cooker
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The trends of electric pressure cookers are rising high in the global market. Most homemakers these days love to bring a classic electric pressure cooker to home as it makes cooking routines much more convenient. But as the market is loaded with many competitive brands, you may find it a little difficult to choose the best one.

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Experts recommend investing in GoWISE USA GW22637 electric pressure cooker as it is loaded with many advanced features. However, if you are interested to know more about this product before making a final purchase, it is good to go through the detailed Gowise pressure cooker review.

Incredible Features of GoWISE USA GW22637:

ir?t=reviewho 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B01LVZY19HThere are so many things to know about GoWISE USA GW22637 electric pressure cooker. A few of them are listed below to ease your decision-making process.

  • Simple pre-sets:

Manufacturers have added 12 presets to this pressure cooker that may ease your cooking routines with advanced functionality. The list includes steam, egg maker, yogurt, canning, bean/chili, veggies, seafood, poultry, meat/stew, porridge, multigrain, and risotto/rice. Three more useful functions include slow cook, delay time, and sauté.

  • Release options:

The same recipes may need a natural release process where you wait for some time so that the safety pin of the pressure cooker can drop itself. Another desirable option is a quick release where you can press a button on the top portion of the electric cooker and open the cooker immediately.

Gowise USA pressure cooker offers both these options. And the best part is that it comes with a built-in safety mechanism; with this, the lead doesn’t open until it is safe to open.

  • Additional accessories:

This pressure cooker series is designed with a ceramic copper insert pot. It is made up of non-stick material, and you will find it easier to clean up. All models under this category come with a spoon, measuring cup, stainless steel rack, as well as a steamer basket. Other than this, the package comes with a complimentary recipe book that includes detailed instructions to prepare 50 unique recipes, including entrees, sides, and desserts as well.


  • + The high-quality stainless-steel finish makes it durable and scratch-resistant.
  • + The slow cook feature of the Gowise pressure cooker leads to higher versatility.
  • + Suitable for a wide range of recipes, including stew, soups, meat, and rice preparation.
  • + Programmable controls make it more useful for busy homemakers.


  • Little expensive.
  • The cord is a little fragile.
  • Require some effort for cleaning.

The verdict:

Among most the advanced kitchen appliances, GoWISE USA GW22637 electric pressure cooker seems the must-have product for every home. It can make your cooking hours more flexible and stress-free as compared to Gowise instant pot. This cooker is pretty easier to use; even kids can handle it with ease when you are not at home.

Furthermore, it offers delicious meals with fast cooking abilities. You can order it online right now to enjoy fast delivery at your doorstep. Soon you will be able to prepare some of the best recipes to impress your guests and family members; without even spending much time in the kitchen, click here to read amazon customer reviews.

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GoWISE vs. Instant Pot

It is definitely a great idea to add an electric pressure cooker to your kitchen tools. They can reduce your cooking time by a considerable level. The best thing to know is that they can replace many of your existing space-consuming appliances such as steamers, rice cookers, and slow cookers.


Difference between Gowise and pressure cooker:

Many big brands around the world are working on advanced designs for electric pressure cookers. In the vast range of products, buyers often get confused about buying the best one. Well, experts recommend the two most amazing products to purchase; Gowise pressure cooker vs. instant pot. You can pick any of these to ease your cooking routines. However, if you are a little confused about which one of these to choose, it is good to check the detailed comparison below.

Instant Pot:

Instant Pot Duo 60 321 Electric Pressure Cooker
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It is one of the most famous brands in the market that offers multiple functions. It can reduce the standard cooking time by almost 70% while promising a delicious taste loaded with rich flavor and nutrients.

There are 14 pre-set smart programs that may help you to cook a variety of food items by simply pressing a button. It is also possible to customize the cooking operations by setting pressure, temperature, and time settings as per need. Other than this, the third-gen processor keeps on monitoring all settings while ensuring easy adjustments for desired cooking results. You will find it safe to use with 10 safety mechanisms.

Key features:

  • Easy to use with a versatile control panel and 14 pre-set cooking programs.
  • Can replace around 7 regular appliances in your kitchen.
  • It comes with several accessories that are dishwasher safe.
  • 10 safety mechanisms that offer an accident-free cooking solution.
  • Easy to clean with impressive design.
  • Designed with automatic warmer functions and a 24h delay timer.


GoWISE USA GW22637 electric pressure cooker
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Same as Instant Pot, GoWISE USA GW22637 is also loaded with many smart features. This electric pressure cooker comes with two size variations that promise easy and efficient food preparation services. The exterior pot for this cooker is made up of stainless steel material, whereas the inner steel pot is coated with PTFE and PFOA-free coating.

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Gowise pressure cooker comes with several essential accessories such as a steam basket, steam rack, rice scooper, and a measuring cup as well. The multi-cooker function of this electric pressure cooker makes it more useful for busy homemakers. Other than this, it has the keep warm and delay start feature.

Key features:

  • It can cook faster than most other standard stovetops.
  • Even beginners find it easier to use.
  • Loaded with 12 different pre-set cooking programs.
  • It comes with cool-touch handles and a detachable lid.
  • It provides easy access to around 50 delicious recipes.

Summary: Gowise vs. instant pot

Both these brands come with unique features that offer easy cooking solutions. Although most of the features are the same, you can choose Instant Pot if you want extra safety features. The control panel buttons are another great addition to these models.

On the other side, the touch control panel makes GoWISE USA GW22637 a more reliable choice for routine cooking. Moreover, the lid offers an extra safety lock solution. Other than this, focus on the budget range while buying any of these products.

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  1. My Gowise takes 20-30 minutes to reach pressure. It dries out my sauces by releasing so much steam. Is this normal?

    • Your pressure cooker might take different times to build pressure. It all depends on the time in which the food is actually pressure cooking. The ingredients’ initial temperature, type and amount of ingredients might cause a fluctuation in the time it takes to build pressure.
      When it comes to sauces, your pressure cooker might be taking longer to build pressure because of too much or inadequate liquid. A pressure cooker needs adequate amounts of liquids in the ingredients to function properly. If there isn’t adequate liquid in the ingredients, it will take more time, and releasing that pressure will dry out the sauces.

  2. Hi Hazel, instant pot/Gowise cannot be used for pressure canning. and according to the manual, it isn’t recommended for safety purposes. However, you can do water bath canning/steam canning.


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