How To Reheat Frittata?

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Frittata provides us with a perfect way to use eggs and improve the results. Similar to omelets, frittatas are amazing concoctions containing eggs that are extremely appealing and sweet. When you prepare a large frittata, you should expect that you will have some leftovers since you cannot have it all at a go.

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Therefore, you will have to consider storing the leftovers so that they do not go bad. At the same time, you should also consider how to reheat frittata once you decide to have it again. Do you want to learn how to store and reheat frittata without compromising on its quality and flavor? Well, this post will teach you just how to do that.

Understanding Frittata

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Before we get to the best way to reheat frittata, let us take a look at the dish itself. Frittata is an amazing and versatile dish that you can change up in several ways in order to improve its flavor or simply alter it. The amazing aspect of the frittata is that it is quite easy to make and you can alter it in any way you want depending on your preferences.

Frittata is a common Italian dish that is almost similar to omelets or quiche. However, it has certain alterations that make it better than omelets. The dish is usually made to a round dish, just like pizza, although that is not completely a requirement. You can alter the shape depending on your serving preferences or restrictions.

You can add several ingredients to change up the frittata’s appearance and/or flavor. These ingredients include spinach, cheese, onions, tomatoes, Italian sausages, mushrooms, artichoke, carrots, and many more. There are very wide varieties of ingredients that you can add to make the dish amazing. You can use them whichever way you want and still have an amazing dish on your table. It sounds simple. And it is.

You can make a frittata in several ways. Simply choose one that you prefer. You can cook a frittata using an oven or a stovetop by using a Frittata pan. You can also have a certain recipe that will require that you use both of them to perfect your dish.

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Making a frittata is easy. It’s easier than you think. However, you will have to follow the instructions on your recipe closely to make it good. In addition to that, you will have to practice a bit in order to nail down the frittata that you will appreciate completely.

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Storing Frittata

This is the part where most dishes start deteriorating in regards to flavor and quality. It can be the hardest part of saving your leftovers to enjoy later. However, when it comes to storing frittata, it is quite easy. Since it would be better reheating frittata in the oven, it is recommended that you store it using the same dish in which you baked. The main reason behind that is that the transition from cooking, to storage, to reheating will be quite smooth and it will take fewer dishes to complete.

After you cook the frittata, you should let it cool down. It is not advisable to throw it in your fridge while it is still hot. Therefore, make sure that it gets to room temperature first. After that, you should use an aluminum foil or a plastic wrap to cover it properly. After covering it, you can place it in the fridge. But how long is frittata good for? When you place the frittata in the fridge, it will last up to five days.

The longer you leave the frittata in the fridge, the more you have to worry about its integrity when you decide to reheat it for consumption. Therefore, make sure it does not stay there for long if you want it to maintain its flavor.

Reheating Frittata


Now you’re ready to learn how to reheat egg casserole in the oven. The first step is to remove the frittata from the fridge and remove the foil or plastic wrap you used to cover it. You should then preheat the oven to a temperature of 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Cover the frittata again using an aluminum foil. It will not damage the meal if you decide to use the same foil you had used during storage. Bake the frittata for 20 minutes at 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Make sure it is completely hot then you can enjoy it. The main important point you should not forget is to cover it using foil. Otherwise, it will become soggy.


This might be the fastest way to reheat your frittata. However, you should remember that warming up a frittata in the microwave too long will make it rubbery, and you will definitely not enjoy it in that state. The reason why it behaves in that manner is that dishes prepared using eggs usually have a bad reaction when reheated with microwaves. However, if you reheat it in just the right period, you will be okay.

The first step is to place it in a container. Make sure that the container is microwave safe before you place it in the oven to avoid any health issues. Secondly, cover the dish using a damp paper towel. Make sure that you cover it properly. You should then place it in the microwave until you are certain that it is hot. Be careful because overheating it will make it disgusting.

Freezing Frittata

Can you freeze a frittata? The reality is that frittata actually freezes easily. Freeze individual slices if you want great results. Simply wrap each slice with a foil and place them in a freezer bag. It will remain good for four months when you freeze it. If you want to know how to reheat frozen frittata, simply follow the same steps provided above.


Storing and reheating frittata is quite easy. If you do it right, you can be sure that the integrity and flavor of the dish will be intact. You can enjoy the meal in the same state it was when you cooked it. Give it a try today.


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