How to Reheat Sweet Potatoes

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ir?t=reviewho 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B0769XRD22Sweet potatoes are a great ingredient for different kinds of meals. Although we all love sweet potatoes, most of us have very few ways to prepare sweet potato meals. There are mashed, fried, baked, and many more ways you can enjoy your sweet potatoes.

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Not only are sweet potatoes great for your body, but also amazing sweet with an earthy and versatile flavor that will keep you yearning for more. When you have had as many potatoes as your belly can take, you must store them. There are great ways to store sweet potatoes and we will give you detailed guidance on how to do that.

Can you reheat sweet potato meals and is it okay to reheat sweet potatoes? We will teach you how to reheat sweet potato meals without losing their texture and amazing flavor. Stay tuned.

Best Ways to Store Sweet Potatoes

Before we get into the best ways to reheat store potatoes, we must learn the best ways to cool and store sweet potatoes.

At this point, you have had enough sweet potatoes and you want a good way to store them. This method should keep the sweet potatoes in the exact same manner without compromising the texture. First, you will need good containers for your storage. It should be an airtight container.

Storing Sweet Potato Fries

If you have crispy sweet potato meals, for instance, the sweet potato fries, you have to make sure that they are cool.

We’ve all done it at some point, throwing the fries in the freezer thinking that it does not make a difference, only to realize that the fries go bad really quickly. When you put them in the fridge while still hot, they turn soggy and the crispy texture is lost.

Therefore, before you place the sweet potato fries in your freezer or your fridge, you have to give them adequate time to cool by themselves. That will eradicate any chances of condensation inside the fries. If the level of condensation inside the fridge or freezer is high, the freezer burn will be high. The result is a dull color present on your fries. There will also be a deterioration in the flavor of your food.

Storing Baked or Steamed Sweet Potatoes

If they are baked or sweet potatoes, you do not have to worry about them cooling first. You can go ahead and stick them directly in the fridge even when they are hot.

The best way to store baked or steamed sweet potatoes is to cool them down as fast as possible. placing them directly in the fridge will allow them to cool as quickly as you need.

The main reason behind this is that a whole potato will usually take longer to cool compared to sweet potato fries, for instance. Therefore, the larger potato will have greater chances of growing molds from the inside layers. Therefore, unless you plan to eat them after a short time, you would have no reason to leave them on the counter. Before you place your sweet potato in the freezer, you have to ensure that it has adequate time to cool inside a fridge. That will avoid any chances of freezer burns.


Storing Chopped Sweet Potatoes

Here’s the thing. Chopped, or sautéed sweet potatoes are different from the baked and steamed alternatives in that they are chopped into small pieces. It is safe to assume that the size of the pieces will determine the best method to store them. As mentioned in the previous paragraph, a whole potato will take longer to cool fully, which would make it a good environment for breeding bacteria and mold.

With that in mind, you can conclude that a chopped sweet potato will take the least time to cool down before the mold starts its growth. However, you cannot leave them on the counter the entire day. Instead, you can leave them on the counter to cool before you place them in your freezer. You can ignore the fridge.

Storing Mashed Sweet Potatoes

Can you freeze your mashed sweet potatoes? Most of the critics state that it is not a good idea to freeze your mashed potatoes. The main reason behind this is that the texture changes. However, some people will freeze the mashed potatoes and improve them with butter. Regardless of this claim, you can easily store your mashed potatoes in your freezer with a few simple steps.

If you do not intend to store your mashed potatoes for a long time, you can easily use a fridge. Transfer the mashed potatoes to a container that is airtight and then place them in a refrigerator. If you store them in a good container, they should stay in good condition for at least four days.

If you simply want to freeze your mashed sweet potatoes, you should cook them in the right manner, after which you should place them in a fridge until they are completely cool. Make sure that you place them in a shallow pan when placing them in the fridge.

After that, you should scoop the potatoes on a baking sheet that is lined with parchment. You should place them in a freezer for about one or two hours. After it is solid, you can move each of the servings to an individual plastic bag. Make sure that the excess air is squeezed out of the bag, after which you should seal the bag.

You can then thaw them overnight in the refrigerator and microwave them after you remove them from the plastic.


The Best Way to Reheat Sweet Potatoes

Now that you know how to store different varieties of sweet potato recipes, it is time to get to the main topic. How can you reheat sweet potatoes?

We will handle the reheating process, in the same manner, we handled the storage of the sweet potatoes.

Reheating Sweet Potato Fries

how to reheat sweet potato fries

Do you want to know how to reheat sweet potato fries? The best way to reheat fried sweet potatoes is by using a convection oven. Baking sweet potato fries inside an oven will allow them to maintain the crispy texture on the outside and the fluffy core. As long as your oven is preheated, you can easily transfer them right from the oven to the oven.

To reheat sweet potato in the oven, you should first preheat the oven to about 400 degrees Fahrenheit. After it is preheated, you should remove your frozen fries from the freezer and place them in a line on a baking paper. It is crucial that you leave adequate space between each of them. That will allow them to regain their original crisp without a problem.

After placing them in the oven, you should bake them for around 14 minutes until they are completely hot. After that, enjoy your delicious fries.

You can also choose to use an air fryer to reheat your frozen sweet potato fries. It gives results similar to the oven. However, you should avoid filling the air fryer since the fries might fail to crisp properly. For the best results, reheat them in small batches.

The best recommendation is to use an oven. It gives you a chance to reheat all of the frozen fries at a go.

Reheating Baked Sweet Potatoes

Do you want to learn how to reheat baked sweet potatoes? If you want to reheat baked sweet potato, you have four options, which are an oven, a microwave, a stovetop, and an air fryer.

You can use an air fryer but let’s face it, an air fryer is smaller. If you have a small batch to reheat, it is a great option. Simply turn the air fryer to a temperature of around 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Leave them in the air fryer for around three minutes, or simply wait until they are completely hot. If the air fryer is the only option and you have a large batch to reheat, simply reheat it in smaller batches.

A stovetop counts as another quick way to reheat baked potatoes. All you need is to heat a skillet or frying pan with olive oil with a low fire setting. You should then split the potato to two and place both halves on the pan. Cover the skillet using a lid and turn down the heat. Wait for at least three minutes or simply wait until they are completely hot. Flip the potatoes to ensure that all sides are crispy and simply serve.

Fact: A microwave is the fastest way to reheat baked sweet potatoes. Unfortunately, since it heats up the sweet potatoes fast, there are great chances that this method might result in very dry sweet potatoes. Therefore, you have to split the potato into two halves to prevent it from drying up. The next step is to cover each of the halves using a damp paper towel. After you place the potatoes in a dish, reheat them for at least three minutes.

An oven is the best way to reheat baked sweet potatoes. The method will prevent not drying out the sweet potatoes. The first step is to preheat it to a temperature of around 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Take the potatoes out of the fridge and allow them to get to room temperature. If you want the potato skin to be crispy, you should take them directly from the fridge and place them on the oven racks. You can also choose to use a cookie sheet. After you bake for around 20 minutes, the potato will be ready.

Reheating Sautéed or Chopped Sweet Potatoes

can you reheat sweet potato wedges

Can you reheat sweet potato wedges? If you want to reheat the chopped sweet potatoes, you can choose one of two options. First, you can bake them, the same way you bake the fries, or you can sauté them once more.

To sauté the sweet potatoes again, you have to start when sautéing them in the first round. Add oil to the pan you are using and turn the heat setting to medium, after which you should wait until they are hot.

However, you need to be careful because the potatoes might start to disintegrate once they start becoming hot. The main reason is that they had already been cooked again and another reason is that they are already soft enough to become mushy. The best way to do this is to turn the heat up, but not more than the medium heat. The smoking point of the oil you are using will also be a great influencer.

Reheating Mashed Sweet Potatoes

Can you reheat sweet potato mash? It will take more work to reheat your mashed sweet potatoes, especially if the sweet potatoes were frozen during storage. There are three main options, which are the oven, stove, and slow cooker.

To reheat mashed sweet potatoes in an oven, you should start by transferring them to a casserole dish. Make sure that the casserole dish is oven safe. You should then spread the top so that the layer is even. Use a foil to cover the top of the dish and bake the mashed potatoes at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for at least 30 minutes. You can also wait until the mashed potatoes get to 165 degrees Fahrenheit. Once they are heated halfway, you should stir and return the foil and continue reheating.

You might need to add some moisture. Therefore, prepare yourself with milk and butter.

To use a stove, simply transfer the sweet potato mash to a Dutch oven and heat it on a medium heat setting. Continue to stir continuously when they heat and add some milk to bring back some moisture. After 20 minutes, the food should be ready.

If you want to use a slow cooker, you can use a slow cooker that is greased slightly. Heat the food until they are warm. However, it might require a lot of time.


In this post, we have learned how to reheat sweet potato mash in a microwave, as well as how to reheat sweet potatoes in a toaster oven. Each of the steps that have been provided should help you get the best quality of food. Food will be similar to the way it was when cooked the first time.


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