Matfer Bourgeat Black Steel Pan – A Detailed Review

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Matfer Bourgeat Black Steel Fry Pan review
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Matfer Bourgeat is one of the best cookware manufacturers in the world. The cookware’s design and manufacture are mainly for restaurant professionals. The main reason behind that specific target is that cookware that is used in most professional kitchens is mostly exposed to abuse and excessive heat compared to the normal kitchen in households.

Therefore, the French manufacturer creates pans that will be able to take the heat and abuse found in a professional kitchen. One of the most recognized and praised cookware is the Matfer Bourgeat black steel pan. This pan’s design makes it extremely durable regardless of the harsh conditions to which it is exposed. We have compiled the information on this post to help you understand the workings of the Matfer Bourgeat carbon steel pan, as well as its amazing design.

Understanding Carbon Steel Material

Carbon steel is the same as cast iron, except it is skinnier. Therefore, it has the same advantages that a cast iron will provide you, except the weight is less compared to cast iron. In regards to building up heat and retaining it, carbon steel is able to gain heat extremely quickly and is amazingly able to distribute it evenly throughout the pan. As a result, your food will be able to cook quickly and evenly without any instances of cold spots.

If you heat your pan and realize that the temperature is higher than you need, you can simply remove the heat and the pan will cool fast. The carbon steel responds quickly to temperature changes, one of the major advantages of the pan.


The Need for Seasoning

A Matfer carbon steel pan can have non-stick coating capabilities. However, it is important that you season it in order to achieve this capability. When you season the pan, it will develop a patina, which will form a natural non-stick coating without any chemical components such as PFOA and PTFE. Failure to season the pan will result in rust, similar to the cast iron alternatives, which will affect the pan’s quality and durability.

If you want to season Matfer black steel pans, all you need to do is cook peels of potato with oil and a bit of salt and the coating will form.

The Matfer Carbon Steel Pan Design

The Handles

The pan has a handle made of carbon steel, which is 1.2 inches wide. The bar is slightly concave, which is very important for grip. The finished design of the handle is tumbled, which is very appealing to the eyes. As you continue using this cookware in your kitchen, it gets the grease. However, it will not matter because the handle’s shape digs perfectly into your hand’s base and the grip is improved amazingly. There are different sizes of this cookware, which actually have different length of the handle. You might have some problem handling the pan depending on your hand’s size.

The handle of the Matfer carbon steel pan is attached to the rest of the pan using rivets. The rivets have been worn off. This is a simple, yet very important design improvement from the other types of pans. The reason for that statement is that the food remnants and gunk will usually stick to the rivets and are very hard to clean off without using too much effort.

There are very few pans that do not have rivets and still have handles mounted perfectly on the pan.

Cooking Surface

The Matfer Bourgeat black steel frying pan has an amazing pan with an amazing non-stick feature. It is thinner than most of the cast iron pan alternatives. The thickness is around 3.1 mm, while a cast iron will be ranging around 3.78 mm.


Many cooks would prefer a pan with a smooth surface and this pan offers just that. You do not have to use a grinder on it to make it smooth. However, it is important to know that a pan’s surface will not affect a food’s ability to stick. If food sticks on pans, it will stick on the pan, even if the surface is completely safe. Therefore, make sure that you season it to make it completely non-stick regardless of the type of meal you are preparing.

The diameter at the bottom, however, is different from the diameter that is advertised. There are chances that the diameter at the bottom is less by 2 to 3 inches. The pan does not have a pouring lip and is not rolled, just like the older pans.

Pouring liquids such as oil from the pan might be troublesome due to this feature.

The Finish

The finish and the fit are perfect. The main idea behind the design is to have it look unfinished and raw, which it does. The tumbled handles eradicate the need for constant polishing. It also has a cooking surface that is completely covered in wax to eradicate any chances of rusting.

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The Performance

The Matfer black steel pan can be used on a wide range of dishes with different recipes. You can use it to fry, scramble, sear, or sauté. The design is meant to ensure that the pan has an even heat distribution, as well as consistent heat. It can work with all types of hob. You can use it for induction cooking if you want. In addition, you can use it in an oven without worrying because the quality of the material used in its manufacture makes it oven safe.

When caring for this pan, it is important to clean it with your hands using water and soap. Avoid using any bleaching agents on it because they might affect its integrity, as well as its durability.

As mentioned before, the construction of Matfer Bourgeat carbon steel makes it one of the most durable cookware.

Pros And Cons


  • + The Matfer black steel pan is extremely durable, even under harsh conditions
  • + It has a very appealing smooth and sleek appearance
  • + The carbon steel heats up relatively faster compared to cast iron
  • + It is very easy to clean.


  • The pan does not come with a non-stick coating, which means you have to season it first before using it
  • You cannot cook any food that is acidic as it will react with the pan
  • The seasoning in carbon steel does not last as long as on cast iron.


The carbon steel pan has received great praise and reviews from online customers. It is a perfect addition for all kitchens and is preferred by all professionals. It will not lose its integrity even when exposed to high temperatures. However, make sure that you clean it properly using soap and water. Additionally, season it properly, to make sure that your food slides right off when ready to serve.

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