Difference Between Peanut Oil And Corn Oil

With the variety of oils available in the market, it is important to have the necessary information to decide on which oil is favorable for you. Different oils have different properties that qualify them for specific methods of cooking. Some oils can be consumed raw while others have to be cooked.

In this article, we’ll look at corn oil vs peanut oil. Is corn oil similar to peanut oil? If not, what are their differences? What are their health benefits? Let’s dive in and get the answers to these questions.

What Is Their Nutrition?

Let’s get to understand corn oil vs peanut oil nutrition. What are the nutritional constituents of each?

Corn oil is extracted from the germ of the corn. It is one of the most affordable oils hence the most prevalent. Corn oil contains monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, vitamin E, phytosterols, and omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. However, omega-6 fatty acids are higher than omega-3.

On the other hand, peanut oil is derived from peanuts. It is quite costly compared to corn oil but has many benefits. It contains monounsaturated fats and polyunsaturated fats but the monounsaturated are more. It also contains vitamin E and omega-6 fatty acids.

The unsaturated fats found in these oils are safe for consumption. However, omega-6 fatty acids cause inflammation if taken in high quantities.

Nutrition Facts (per tablespoon)Peanut oilCorn oil
Fat14 grams14 grams
Saturated Fat:2 grams2 grams

Smoke Point

Smoke points of oils

In looking at corn oil vs peanut oil smoke point, we’ll get to see which one is more heat resistant.

Corn oil has a high smoke point at around 450 degrees F.

In comparison, peanut oil also has a high smoke point of 437 degrees F.

The difference in smoke points is not that great and they both have high smoke points which is an advantage as discussed below.

Deep frying

Deep frying in Peanut Oil And Corn Oil

Corn oil vs peanut oil deep frying. Which one is best suited for deep frying?

To determine whether an oil or oil blend is ideal for deep frying, we have to consider its smoke point among other considerations. As we have seen, both corn oil and peanut oil have high smoke points making them both ideal for deep frying.

Another consideration is their saturated fat content. The lesser the content, the safer the fried food. Both corn oil and peanut oil have low saturated fat content making them ideal for deep frying.

Corn Oil vs Peanut Oil

From what we’ve seen so far, which one is better peanut oil or corn oil? Considering their smoke point and deep frying, they are both ideal.

With their similarities in consideration, can you substitute peanut oil for corn oil? The correct answer is yes. You can substitute peanut oil for corn oil. Most vegetable oils are safe for deep frying as long as they have low levels of saturated fats. The two oils have low levels of saturated fats.


Which one would you choose? Corn oil or peanut oil? Whichever decision you make, it is completely up to you as long as you consider allergy possibilities.

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