What Goes with Fried Shrimp?

Most people love shrimp. We cannot deny that shrimp is not only tasty but also versatile, which means that it can go with a wide range of side dishes. You can also make shrimp in different ways including frying, baking, as well as sautéing.

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Imagine this. You have an amazing recipe, but you cannot figure out what to serve with fried shrimp. To be honest, it can be confusing considering the range of options that there are. The first thing you need to know is that your preference will play a major role in your recipe. So, what are the choices?

In this post, we have included detailed information that should help you identify what goes with fried shrimp. Let’s get cooking!

Best Side Dishes for Fried Shrimp

We recommend that you go with a less complicated option. The best of the best side dishes will normally feature some mild and memorable flavors. There are also some great healthy options. There is no way you can go hard when it comes to fried shrimp.

Here is a list of the fried shrimp side dishes you can consider;

  • Rice

Raw Rice

Yes. The white plain rice will create a great side dish for fried shrimp. It will be even better when you add certain flavorful ingredients including herbs and spices, tomatoes, or onions. You can also go with textures such as pecans, chopped walnuts, as well as pine nuts.

Spanish rice features green peppers, onions, as well as tomatoes and would be an amazing side dish for fried shrimp.

Remember: There are special types of rice such as basmati and jasmine, which will improve the overall flavor of the fried shrimp. Risottos, an amazing addition, will provide a creamy texture. To improve the depth of the flavor, you can include mushrooms or shallots of your own choice. For an improved visual appeal, you can add wild rice, and grass grain, for the dark grains.

  • Pasta

Egg Noodles

Think about Orzo, which is pasta shaped like rice. It not only gives the shrimp a festive appearance but also makes it very unique. The best way to go about this is to cook this pasta in some chicken broth. Added flavors like garlic and onion will make it even better. You can also choose to add some chopped mushrooms to the mix.


Couscous is also another dish that will complement fried shrimp and will be better when flavored as you do with orzo.

If you are thinking of an informal meal, think about cold pasta salad coupled with mayonnaise, chopped celery, and macaroni. A touch of pimiento will provide a visual appeal. One of the favorite home-style side dishes is macaroni and cheese. When coupled with green onions and crumbled bacon, you will have a meal you cannot forget.

  • Vegetables


If you are thinking of what to eat with fried shrimp, consider a healthier option. Vegetables served cold or hot, will work perfectly for fried shrimp. A refreshing, light salad includes tomato slices, sliced sweet onions like Vidalia, and some bell pepper rings. Arrange all this properly for a great appearance.

You should place these on a serving dish and pour an Italian dressing over them. Garnish them with some cracked pepper. If you want to go a bit informal, you can consider Coleslaw which is a very popular choice for most people.

Crudités, coupled with a creamy blue cheese or ranch dip will also go great with the fried shrimp.

You can go for a warm vegetable option such as some spinach soufflé coupled with cheese and onions. Some carrots, when glazed with some orange juice combined with brown sugar will also go well with fried shrimp.

  • Potatoes

Baby Dutch Potatoes

Some of the most popular sides to go with fried shrimp include baked potatoes and French fries. They will compliment fried shrimp perfectly. However, it would be best to improve the potatoes by including some additions.

For instance, you can consider adding some crumbled bacon, green onions, sour cream dabs, as well as cheddar cheese as great toppings. You can easily sprinkle the fries with some garlic salt and onion combined with some herbs like basil, oregano, or thyme.

For an informal setting, consider hash brown casseroles. It is better if you include some mushroom or chicken soup creams with some sour cream and some cheddar cheese.

In case you need some fancier potato side dishes, you can consider slicing the potatoes into thin slices for cheesy potatoes. You can also go with mashed potatoes coupled with a lot of butter, salt, and garlic.

You can make cold potato salad using russet potatoes. Cubed red potatoes will provide a tastier variation but the jackets should be left on. For a better experience, add some sliced celery, onions, and dill pickle relish.

  • Mango Guacamole

Mango Guacamole

This is a tasty way to give your fried shrimp some tropical vibe. Add some amazing mango guacamole to the recipe to get a tangy, spicy, yet sweet side dish that features adequate flavor. It is the best type of summer side dish.

All you will need to do is to dip the shrimp or some tortilla chips in the bowl with unique flavors for the best experience.

Can you Fry Cooked Shrimp?

Let’s assume that you have cooked your shrimp and have decided that it would be better if it was fried. Would it be possible to fry the already cooked shrimp so that you can use any of the side dishes above? Well, you can fry already cooked shrimp.

However, there is something that you should know. Different cooking methods bring out different types of flavor in the dish. Therefore, even though you can fry already cooked shrimp, it is recommended that you fry uncooked shrimp instead. The main reason behind that is that the uncooked shrimp will soak the flavors better and the dish will be much better compared to the cooked shrimp.

Corn on the cob – Panko shrimp and corn on the cob are made for each other! The sweetness of the corn pairs beautifully with the savory panko breading.

Potato salad – The slight crunchiness of potato salad makes it a great pairing for panko shrimp. Try mixing in some celery, red onion, and mayonnaise for an extra flavorful treat.

Pasta – Pasta with creamy Alfredo sauce is always a crowd-pleaser, but when you add panko shrimp on top, it turns into dinner party perfection!

What sides go with tempura shrimp?

Ramen noodles, Tsuyu, curried rice pilaf, Zaru soba noodles, ginger sesame salad, kakiage, whitefish with spicy beans, and chorizo, sweet & sour sauce, fried rice, Japanese fried vegetables, chicken yakitori, and steamed vegetables.


Now that you know what goes well with fried shrimp, you are ready to prepare a meal for your family. But cooking is not about following a set of rules. Experimenting with what you like is a great way of finding a side dish that is not only unique but also tasty and works for you and your family. You can even choose to make alterations to our recommendations for a more personalized experience.

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