What To Serve With Duck Confit? – Ultimate Guide

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Duck confit is not only one of the tastiest dishes but also one of the most popular. If you have tried it before, you know just how good it is. It is a French dish that can be served with a wide range of side dishes. One of the major decisions you have to make is what to serve with duck confit. As mentioned before, there are many options to choose from.

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You can choose from many duck confit sides but if you just want a fast answer, you can serve these dishes with potatoes or green salad. As for your sauce, you can consider one such as cherry sauce, orange sauce, or even redcurrant sauce.

Remember that this is a very special meal that you can serve your family and with the right duck confit side dishes, you can prepare a meal that will leave them asking for more. This post highlights every great side dish idea that would work great for you. Let’s get to it.

Duck Confit Overview

Duck confit is simply a French meal. You make this dish by cooking a full duck in the duck’s rendered fat. However, you can choose to use different fats like olive oil or even combine both if you would like.

Confit is a word derived from the confire, a French word meaning “to preserve”.

It is a technique used to prepare a certain ingredient using fat. It is made of meat, vegetables, and fruits. Nevertheless, one of the most popular is duck confit. It is a delicious, tender, and moist meal that you will simply appreciate.

This is a dish that will last a long time. It might last weeks or even months if stored properly using a refrigerator. Before you serve it, you have to reheat it, one of the important parts of its preparation.

Recommended Side Dishes

Duck confit with mashed potato side dish

Now, there are many side dishes for duck confit, all of which have some unique results as you are about to find out.

  • Roasted Vegetables

Roasted Vegetables

Roasted vegetables are among the best duck confit sides out there. It is among the easiest to prepare and will only require 10 minutes for preparation and 50 for cooking in an oven. You can choose to use all your preferred vegetables such as parsley roots, celery, carrots, or even garlic and onions.


Cut all vegetables to the same size, clean them and allow them to dry. You should then add some olive oil, and flavor with pepper, salt, rosemary, and more. Place it in an oven while in a pan covered using aluminum foil and place in the oven for 50 minutes.

  • Duck-Fat Rice

Duck confit is prepared using duck fat. This is among the duck confit side dishes that can reuse that same fat. Prepare some duck-fat rice for use as a side dish.

If you love duck meat a lot, then this is a side dish that will work best for you.

  • Mashed Potatoes

Mashed Potatoes

If you are wondering what to serve with duck confit, then you can choose mashed potatoes, preferably with caramelized onions. It is a very sweet side dish, great for the duck. You simply need to prepare the potatoes in the same way you normally do, then cut slices of onions, and place them in a pan with some olive oil. Stir for around 20 minutes continuously. Combine that with the mashed potatoes for the best results.

  • Roasted Potatoes

Duck confit menu ideas that involve potatoes include roasted potatoes. It is especially great if you do not have much preparation time. All you would need to do is cut the chosen potatoes into some cube shapes. Add some olive oil, pepper, garlic powder, and salt, then go ahead and roast that meal.

You can prepare something else while you roast the potatoes and wait to serve your family.

  • Mixed Salad

Mixed Salad

One of the easiest, fast duck confit sides you can prepare, includes salad. It is not only easy to make but also a very healthy option to choose. You can choose anything from Asian salad, Greek salad, or any other type of salad that your family would appreciate.

This is a side dish that will give your dinner more fiber and add some vibrant color for improved appetite.

  • Red Beet Salad

Red Beet Salad

What goes with the confit of duck? Why not try out some red beet salad? It might indeed take a bit longer to prepare the red beet, compared to the other side dishes, but it will be worth it. This salad’s savor will complement the duck meat’s taste perfectly.

First, you will need to prepare the red beet. Make sure to clean them properly after which you should place them in an oven. Place them in a pan and cover them with parchment paper before placing them in an oven.

Normally, it will take around two hours to bake properly. After that, chop into fine pieces, then flavor with some salt, a sugar pinch, then olive oil. Caraway seeds and a bit of horseradish will also make it much better.

  • Braised French Green Lentils

Green Lentils

You might be confused about what to have with confit duck legs but this side dish is simply perfect you will love it.

They are also known as puy lentils and include different small lentils. They might have a grey or green color and a flavor somewhat like pepper.

To prepare this meal, you would need some carrots, garlic, and onion sautéed in a pan. Add some lentils after cleaning, as well as your chosen stock. Next, add some ground black pepper and then simmer until they are softer. Finally, add some olive oil and some lemon juice then serve the meal.

What do you do with duck fat after confit?

After you’ve confit your duck, you’ll be left with a lot of duck fat. You can save this fat and use it in other dishes. There are a number of ways you can use duck fat after confit, but the most common is to use it in cooking. You can use it to make a roux or to add flavor to soups and stews, or you can add it to sauces or other dishes to give them a rich, buttery flavor. You can also use it in place of vegetable oil when frying foods, or you can use it as a spread on bread or other foods.

Duck fat can also be used in baking. It adds richness to cakes, cookies, and other desserts.

How long will duck confit last in the fridge?

Duck confit will last in the fridge for up to 6 months. This dish is made with duck legs that are slowly cooked in their own fat. This process helps to preserve the meat and keep it moist. When stored properly in the fridge, duck confit will remain fresh and delicious for up to 6 months.

Make sure it is completely submerged in the fat.


Duck confit is among the best meals that you can serve in a range of ways according to your needs. When you are serving the confit, do not only think about its taste but also the taste and the nutrients in the meal. You can serve it with salads, carbs, soup, lentils, or even some sour sauces.

Now that you know what to serve with duck confit, make sure that your family enjoys it.

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