Best Cheese For Turkey Sandwich

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We cannot assume that everyone on the planet loves turkey but a larger percentage of the world’s population may find it amazing. Turkey sandwich is one of the best turkey recipes, coupled with some cheese, as well as cranberry sauce.

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Before you make a turkey sandwich, you have to think about the cheese you want to use. Assuming you have been working on a recipe for a long time and have come to the part where you need an amazing cheese for that roast turkey, what will you choose?

In this post, we will talk about the best cheese for a turkey sandwich and show you how best to make one. We will also give you additional information to help you make the best turkey sandwich.

Making a Turkey Sandwich

You have two options when it comes to making a turkey sandwich. In case you have a bacon-laden and smoky turkey, you will need to add some mild cheese so that the turkey flavor remains at the top.

In case the turkey is roasted and plain, you might want to boost the taste of the cheese. Your taste buds will have the potential to take on something stronger. You can go for a pungent, aged cheese. Washed-rind cheese is also an option if you can handle it.

We will give you some suggestions but it is completely up to you to decide on the best. Some of us like turkey sandwiches with strong flavor while others like them mellow. Here are the options for you.

Aged Cheese

This is the best option for you if you are dealing with plain turkey. Aged cheese will work best if you have a simple turkey that can do with a stronger flavor. When it comes to flavor, turkey is sort of the middle of chicken and beef. That means that it can be done with a pungent cheese that will wash out the flavor completely.

Cheese such as Asiago, Provolone, Pecorino Romano, and Parmesan will provide a more pungent, sharper flavor that will stand out properly. If aged cheese is not an option for you, you can decide to go with Havarti or Edam combined.

These are great grilled sandwich cheeses but you should expect them to be a bit runny.

A plain sandwich can also do with some blue cheese. Nevertheless, it is not advisable to mix that with Pecorino or Parmesan mainly because it will be too much to handle. Blue cheese should be combined with mild cheese for the best results.

Washed-rind cheese is also an option if you can handle it. Apart from Durian, washed-rind cheese might just be the most pungent taste you will taste. Beaufort, Limburger, Fontina, or Gruyere would be great options if you are looking for a wild taste.


Provolone Cheese

With its smooth texture and slightly sweet taste, provolone cheese is another excellent choice for turkey sandwiches. Originating from Southern Italy, provolone pairs well with turkey, adding a touch of richness to each bite. Whether layered atop your sandwich or melted inside, provolone provides a deliciously gooey component that enhances the overall indulgence of your meal.

Mild Cheese

This might be the best cheese with turkey that is smoky and flavorful. Adding strong cheese might not be advisable because the turkey has a strong flavor that might be crowded with stronger cheese.

Mild cheeses include Muenster, American, Swiss, Havarti, Monterey Jack, Colby, Edam, and Gouda. These are amazing options if you are working with grilled, cold sandwiches. They are great because they melt well.

You can choose to use a single one of them or you can add a couple if you want.

Smoked Gouda might be as good as Cheddar. Cheddar produces a sharp, sweet note while Gouda stands out a bit.

A pepper Jack is also another great idea. It will work well alone or when combined with other mild cheese alternatives.

Swiss Cheese

Known for its mild, nutty flavor and signature appearance of evenly spaced holes, Swiss cheese is a popular choice for turkey sandwiches. Its smooth texture and subtle taste complement the savory flavor of turkey without overpowering it. Whether melted or sliced, Swiss cheese adds a delightful creaminess to your sandwich that is sure to please your taste buds.

Pepper Jack Cheese

For those craving a bit of heat, pepper jack cheese is the perfect option. Made with Monterey Jack cheese infused with spicy peppers, this cheese adds a kick of flavor to your turkey sandwich. The creamy texture of pepper jack balances out the heat, creating a harmonious blend of spicy and savory notes that tantalize your taste buds with every bite.

Gouda Cheese

Originating from the Netherlands, Gouda cheese is renowned for its rich, caramel-like flavor and smooth texture. When paired with turkey, Gouda adds a decadent element to your sandwich, elevating it to gourmet status. Whether melted for a luxurious finish or sliced thinly for added depth, Gouda cheese is sure to impress even the most discerning palates.

Muenster Cheese

With its mild flavor and smooth, creamy texture, Muenster cheese is a versatile option for turkey sandwiches. Originating from France but popularized in the United States, Muenster cheese melts beautifully, enveloping the turkey in a blanket of gooey deliciousness. Its subtle tanginess adds depth to the sandwich without overwhelming the delicate flavor of the turkey.

Havarti Cheese

Hailing from Denmark, Havarti cheese is known for its buttery taste and creamy texture. When paired with turkey, Havarti adds a luxurious mouthfeel and subtle sweetness that enhances the overall eating experience. Whether served cold or melted, Havarti cheese brings a touch of sophistication to your turkey sandwich, making it a gourmet delight.

Colby Jack Cheese

A combination of Colby and Monterey Jack cheeses, Colby Jack offers the best of both worlds. With its mild flavor and smooth texture, Colby Jack cheese provides a creamy backdrop for the savory turkey. The marbled appearance adds visual appeal to your sandwich, making it as aesthetically pleasing as it is delicious.

What about Mayo?

Mayo is a great option for turkey. The flavors of the turkey sandwich will meld. If you have a dry turkey, then this will help you out.

With that in mind, you should know that there are various types of mayo.

Mayo can indeed be overwhelming for some people, which is perfectly fine, but there are alternatives you can go for.

Mayo Substitutes

Hummus, for instance, can be a great spread rich in protein. If you want to go for additional sources of protein, adding cheese as well as hummus will help provide that protein you are looking for. What’s more, hummus will give you an earthy tone that will have an even meatier taste.

Pesto is also an option you can go for. It will provide a new, fresh flavor. More than that, it is refreshing and you should give it a try. It is a great option if you think the flavor on your turkey is too much and you just want to balance it.

Cream cheese, one of the amazing options, will help rake some edge off the chosen ingredients. You cannot go wrong, whether you choose flavored or cream cheese.

You can also go for Tzatziki sauce, especially if not too runny. A thicker sauce will be more refreshing than anything you would think of. You do not want to warm it before using it. Its best results are when it is completely cold. If you want to use it on a grilled sandwich, it would be best if you added it at the end. Alternatively, you can place it in a separate bowl and dip your sandwich.

Mustard also goes great with a turkey sandwich. To be honest, there is no specific type of mustard that would work better than the other. You can choose to go with plain mustard, a sweet variety, or even a spicy one. It all depends on what you prefer.

Wrapping UP

Turkey sandwich is the type of dish that you can play around with however you want. What cheese goes with turkey? You can use different types of cheese for different types of turkey sandwiches. What’s even better, is that you will have a chance to add a lot of add-ins to make the entire thing better.

Cranberry sauce, for instance, will give you a tangy, sweet flavor that will also help you save dry turkey. You can also add lettuce, mayo, tomatoes, and much more.

Make sure to try out different versions for the best results.

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