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What is Walu (Escolar) Fish?

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It is possible that you might have come across Walu fish in a fishmonger’s or a restaurant. Some fish species are in danger of overfishing, while some are not preferred by people because they have high levels of mercury.

Regardless, the people require a fish with low levels of mercury, affordable prices, as well as delicious and satisfying taste. An escolar fits that description perfectly. It is one of the tastiest fish available. However, before you eat escolar, there are details about the fish with which you should be familiar. These include some controversies that go around the fish, it’s preparation, as well as our bodies’ reactions to consumption of the fish.

About Walu Fish

walu walu fish

What is Walu fish? Walu Fish, also known as escolar, gets the name from the rings that appear to be spectacles around the eyes. Walu is Hawaiian. Fishermen around the Gulf of Mexico catch this fish along with Tuna. It has bright white flesh with a cream color. It turns to snow white when cooked. There are chances that you might get an upset stomach if you consume large quantities of the meat.

Walu fish is extremely affordable and sustainable.

What does Walu/Escolar Taste Like?

Escolar happens to have one of the most amazing tastes compared to other types of fish. It is consumed raw in sushi and is prepared in different ways. Its raw meat has high levels of oil, which are higher than the fattiest tuna. When consumed in large quantities, the oil-rich meat causes a stomach upset.

Can you Eat Walu Fish?

Yes. You can eat Walu Fish. Walu Fish was considered useless and worthless once. However, it has grown to become one of the most delicious fish in the menus. It is mainly referred to as King Tuna from the Pacific Ocean. It can be prepared in different ways and used in different recipes. You can eat Walu Fish raw or cooked. The dense flesh, which has a high retention of moisture, is usable in many different ways.

This fish is not able to metabolize the ester aspect of its diet. Since it is not able to metabolize the gempylotoxin, its meat gets an oily texture. The ester is quite similar to mineral oil, which causes gastrointestinal problems. In other words, the excessive consumption of this meat will cause explosive diarrhea. Most of the people that have reported their cases explain that there is a loss of control and accidents are prone to happen.

For these reasons, the Italian and Japanese governments banned the import and sale of escolar in their countries. In other countries, such as Canada and Denmark, you have to include a warning label on escolar.

You can eat this fish and enjoy it without a problem as long as it does not exceed six ounces.

Consuming Walu Fish

You might have heard of foods that will cause health problems. Some of the health issues that people talk about are long-term. However, there are foods that will cause problems minutes after consumption.

Escolar is quite popular as tasty food while in fact it is not recommended for your consumption. Due to its popularity, it is quite possible to find it in recognized restaurants and sushi bars. You should always take caution regardless of the popularity.

Escolar has a large amount of oil within its flesh. The main belief is that all the fish oils improve the health of a human being. However, not all types of fish oils fall under Omega-3 oils. Escolar, for instance, has wax-esters filled in its meat. This is a type of oil that you human stomach will not digest or absorb regardless of the amount you take in. Instead, your body tries to get rid of it by flushing the system.

The reaction of your body will be so quick that you will start experiencing the symptoms within the first hour of consuming the escolar. These symptoms could last from two hours to one and a half days. There is a common misdiagnosis of these symptoms with most people suspecting food poisoning.

Comparison to Tuna

yellow fin tuna

Walu Fish can imitate the appearance of several fish species. As a result, Escolar becomes of the most labeling fraud subjects. It is mainly due to its cheap aspects, as well as the failure of consumers to recognize the difference. It is even possible to have a chef prepare the Escolar without recognizing that it is escolar and not another species.

If you happen to have stomach issues each time you have sushi from your favorite sushi spots, you should consider the fact that you are eating Escolar.

The common type of problem that might arise from labeling fraud is an unexpected need for the bathroom. However, there are chances that a consumer might take in a food that he or she is allergic to.

Allergic reactions to the fish might be a rash, which is the most common. You may also have risks of anaphylaxis or even death.

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Simple Methods of Avoiding Problems

The first thing you should do is avoid visiting places that you suspect might be confusing the consumers. Once you have certain stomach problems after eating at a certain spot, take note of the spot. If the problems arise again after eating from the same spot, avoid it completely.

You can consume escolar and still avoid the stomach problems. You can do this by limiting the consumption levels to six ounces. You should also try consuming the meat that is closest to the fish’s tail.

You should note that the cooking method or method of storage does not have any effect on the wax-esters found in the meat.


We have explained what is Walu fish and the effects that the meat can have on your body. We have also highlighted some of the ways you can avoid accidents. You should remember that you can have the fish in different recipes, which are extremely delicious. Regardless of the type of recipe, you are preparing, remember to limit the ounces you consume.

Different methods of reheating tofu will produce great quality of results. The results, however, are different, and it is your responsibility to figure out one that works out perfectly for your preference.

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