What to Eat with Bacalaitos

If you have been to Puerto Rico or are Puerto Rican, you’ve most definitely already tasted Bacalaitos. Bacalaitos are a Puerto Rican street food that is very tasty.

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They are normally sold on the island’s beachside and truth be told, one is never enough. They can be addictive because of their richness in flavor. In this article, I will help you discover what Bacalaitos are made of and what to eat with Bacalaitos.

What are Bacalaitos Made of?

To understand what to eat with Bacalaitos, it is beneficial to know what they are made of. Bacalaitos are fried cod fish fritters that are made from butter flour seasoning and sprinkled with some Puerto Rican herbs. These include coriander seeds, cumin, parsley, and sage among others.

The cod fish is usually very salted and are usually boiled to remove the excess salt. After that, the cod is shredded, mixed with water and seasoned butter after which it is fried till golden brown. Due to frying, Bacalaitos are crispy on the outside but chewy on the inside. This makes them very suitable to eat as a snack without any other dishes.

What Foods go with Bacalaitos?

Bacalaitos are perfectly enjoyable as a snack, appetizer, or side dish. Most people, like on the Puerto Rican beaches, enjoy taking Bacalaitos as a snack. They are full of flavor and are perfect alone. Some people enjoy them also with a side of lemon.

For those people who do not consider Bacalaitos a dish to be eaten alongside something else, you can have the crispy Bacalaitos with a sizeable Pina colada or a passion fruit mojito that is refreshing.

However, they can also be served with garlic and cilantro sauce to get a blast of flavors. Other foods that can go with Bacalaitos include steamed cabbage salad, yellow spicy rice, or any other food that works well for you. The good thing is that Bacalaitos are so full of flavor and are so easy to make.


Bacalaitos are mostly Puerto Rican street food but it is also important to note that like other Puerto Rican dishes, Bacalaitos originated from a blend of different cultures. You can also make them at home. They can be eaten solely as a snack, as most people do, or alongside other meals such as salads and sauces. Now you know what to eat with Bacalaitos.

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