Are Air Fryers Worth It?

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Air fryer seems fancy and all, but it is in reality a cooking oven that looks like a basket. It’s easy to google air fryers and see the images but for those who do not know, air fryer looks like electric kettle with a basket attached to it. It is an oven with a convention mode if we describe it in a simplified manner. It has a fan that emits hot air which helps in cooking.

It is becoming extremely popular these days especially among health enthusiasts who want to avoid fried food and yet would like to have a taste of it.

While it is much in vogue, some people are skeptical about its uses and want to stick to the regular oven. It is not so different from a convection oven, frankly speaking. However, its special feature is the crispiness that it promises.

There are differences of opinions among the health experts, gadget experts and chefs about this kitchen appliance. Some say that buying it is a waste of money but others are of the opinion that with a tiny bit of oil, you can enjoy most food in this oven.

It is good for baking as well since  it has the convection mode. Chicken tenders, onion fries, mozzarella sticks etc are made pretty quickly in air fryer.

There are many pros and cons of air fryers, we will talk about the cons quickly before we move on to the pros.


  • Small Cooking Basket

The con of using this fryer is that it has a small cooking basket. You can never cook much. Maybe some fryers have bigger baskets, but most fryers in the market have nine inches by nine inches cooking basket.

Basically if you want to cook a small amount of food, then this is a value for money offer. People living alone and busy for most of the times prefer air fryer to regular oven.

  • Different Texture to Food

Some people would complain that food cooked in air fryers has a peculiar texture and taste. That is true to microwave cooked food as well. You only need getting used to.

Air fryer, judging from consensus, is really good for frozen food items such as chicken nuggets etc. It fries them quickly with minimal amount of oil.

  • Harsh Noise

One of the other minor problems would be the noise of the fan. People often complain that they cannot hear the other person in the room if they do not talk loudly.

And the constant noise of the fan produces irritation to the ears.

  • Takes Quite a Lot of Space

The space it takes on the kitchen counter is quite a lot. If you have both regular oven and this one, you might encounter problems managing space in the kitchen.

But these last two issues are minor and not worth talking much about.


  • Time

Moving on the pros, the time saving quality of air fryers deserves to be appreciated. The hot, rapid air and the convection mode helps in fast cooking. It has heat transfer qualities that also contributes to the fast making of food.

However, because of the shortage of  space in the oven, you cannot cook more food at a time. In the regular oven, there are more options and modes that you can man-oeuvre through as well.

  • Healthy Meal

This would be most perfect for the health conscious people because it is mostly baked food that gives off a feeling of the fried. It is extremely healthy for your body because of the minimal oil intake.

The lack of oil will make your skin glow and you will also intake minimal calories. The experts say that even baking is very easy and hassle free.

You can take very little amount of dough and little amount of butter or oil to make doughnuts or cakes.

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  • Crispy Food Without Oil

Believe it or not, air fryer is good for making crispy food without oil. You can even cook your chicken which will come out juicy and crispy.

But you will have to be smart about it. In case your food is not being prepared as good as you thought they would be, you can try the air fryer manual.

Fried chicken and shrimp are certified dishes that cook excellently in this oven.

  • Hassle Free Cooking and No Oil Stains in the Kitchen

Frying stuff in the kitchen on gas oven always produces oil stains on the kitchen walls.

But if you fry your food in the air fryer, there will be no oil stains on the walls or on the kitchen items and utensils. Cooking is  hassle free here.

Frying stuff on gas is often uncomfortable for amateur cooks because they are afraid of hot, boiling oil which might sizzle and hurt them. In that case, if you fry stuff in the air fryer, there will be no such issue.

If your kitchen is small, it often happens so that the smoke coming out of frying feels suffocating. If this happens in your kitchen, you should try to  get an air fryer.

  • Quick Food

If you want to make food quickly for a snack, air fryer is the way to go. If you have friends over and you do not have the resources to cook food and yet you want to cook for them yourself instead of ordering from restaurants, air fryer will help you make quick fried food that the guests will enjoy.

Last Thoughts

In brief, fried stuff are good and oil free as cooked in the air fryer and the food turns out quite tasty as well. But if it is worthy of your hard-earned money or not will be up to you to say.

In that case, you might want to check out trials. Air fryers have many pros, however, if you compare it to the regular oven or even convection oven which has more capacity, then it might seem like a fail.

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