Which Is Better Halogen Oven Or Air Fryer?

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In this present-day society, where most people are far more health-conscious than they used to be, eating out has become a thing of the past. And with home cooking growing its popularity, the market has also upgraded its kitchen appliances.

You will see so many innovative gadgets coming up that are designed to promote healthier eating and more efficient cook time.

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Amongst all the trendy kitchen appliances available, two of the most popular kitchen appliances are Air Fryer and Halogen Oven.

Here is a quick comparison guide that discusses air fryer and halogen disadvantages and advantages.

Let’s jump right in;

Air Fryer Vs Halogen Oven

Air Fryer and Halogen Oven are both countertop devices. These devices are low-fat fryers that make nutritious, healthy food with less energy consumption.

The Air Fryer and Halogen Oven also have somewhat similar designs, and do pretty much the same thing but are unique in their way.

So, to understand more about the differences between the Air Fryer and Halogen Oven, let’s list down some comparisons on Air Fryer vs Halogen Oven.

Difference Between Air Fryer And Halogen Oven

Air Fryer

COSORI Air Fryer

  • The Air Fryer functions like a mini convection oven. They use coil and fan for cooking food. The fan to evenly circulate the heat from the coil, and cooks food evenly and quickly.
  • The Air Fryer comes in a compact size with a smaller volume. They require a smaller space because the food needs to be closer to the heat so that it can fry and make the food crisp.
  • This appliance, unlike traditional deep frying, fries food using little to no oil.
  • Again, just like a convection oven, this appliance requires preheating to your preferred temperature.
  • The only detachable piece in an Air Fryer is the metal cooking rack where you place your food.

Halogen Oven

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  • Halogen Oven works by using lightbulb, radiation, and infrared energy. When the halogen bulb is lit up, infrared heat is released and gets your food cooked.
  • Halogen Oven has more space for more significant portions of food. The device comes in 5-15L plus capacity.
  • This device works best for roasted foods.
  • And unlike the Air Fryer, the Halogen Oven does not require preheating before cooking. This is because, as soon as you turn the power on the device will heat up pretty quickly.
  • For the Halogen oven, the removable pieces are the lid and the glass bowl. One plus point for this device is the fact that, since the oven has a transparent glass bowl, you can see your food cooking, which gives you more control during the process of cooking.


Both the Air fryer and Halogen Oven are more energy-efficient than the deep fryers because their temperature increases quickly and thus cook your food in no time.

  • They are a countertop appliance that comes in a compact design. It cooks food with little to no oils, producing a low-fat meal, much healthier than those made from deep fryers.
  • When it comes to functionality, both the Air Fryer and Halogen Oven are so easy to use. You simply place your food into the bowl of the food basket, then set the temperature and the cooking time, then what you will do now is wait for your food to be ready.
  • They also have the same controls. It comes in analog as well as digital formats.
  • They are both excellent economical versions of a full-size traditional oven.

 Cooking Times

The cooking times of Halogen Oven and Air Fryer are comparably the same. But the Air Fryer takes the lead to a small degree when cooking smaller food portions.

However, when it comes to a more substantial volume of food, the Halogen Oven gets a clear win.

How they work

The Air Fryers are created to cook crispy foods just like the deep fryers but use low fats. After placing your food into the fryer, the heating mechanism releases hot air. This hot air rapidly moves in a circular motion with the help of a fan, which is at the top section of the fryer. And this is what browns the food, giving a crisp exterior with moist on the inside.

On the other hand, Halogen Oven functions by using infrared energy and radiation to transfer the heat evenly throughout the chamber. This infrared energy and radiation are emitted from the light bulb.

The infrared radiation penetrates and passes the food making the food molecules and other compounds such as fats and proteins to vibrate, and generate heat, thus allowing the food to turn brown, giving a crispy surface.



Cleaning an Air Fryer is fast and easy. It involves straightforward steps.

  • Firstly, remove the food basket and clean it using hot water, mild soap, and a sponge.
  • And for the outer unit, you can gently wipe it clean using a cloth. Also, every few months, you can clean the build-up that might have collected inside the air vent using a soft bristle brush.
  • Another point to note is that most Air Fryers come with parts that are dishwasher safe, so always check on that before you throw them in the dishwasher.

Likewise, cleaning the Halogen Oven is just as simple. But the one advantage Halogen Oven has over Air Fryer is that most Halogen Oven comes with a self-cleaning feature that cleans the interior of the glass bowl. The self-cleaning feature won’t completely do the cleaning, but it makes your job a lot easier. Now to do this-

  • First, remove the excess food from the glass bowl and add some hot water with dish-washing soap.
  • Set the control to self cleaner and set it to about 10 minutes. After the self-clean, remove the glass bowl with water carefully using a holder. If there are still some stubborn sticky remains, then scrub it using a soft bristle brush.
  • Then you can rinse and dry it. As for the lid, you can gently wipe it using a cloth or sponge.

Halogen Oven Vs Air Fryer: Healthiness

Although they are both a healthier alternative to a deep fryer and give great low-fat meals, Air Fryer is a clear winner because Air Fryer cuts the calorie intake a great deal. Study shows that people who use Air Fryers reduce their calorie intake by about 70-80%.

This appliance requires little to no oil while cooking, thus cutting out all the excess fat and calories from your food.

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The Air Fryer Vs Halogen Oven: Size And Cooking Capacity

As far as the size of the two appliances is concerned, the Halogen Oven straight away takes the crown.

In general, an air fryer cooking capacity is quite low compared to the Halogen Oven. The Air Fryer size ranges from 1-13L. The smaller Air Fryer has volume for less than 2 lbs chicken. Whereas a Halogen Oven can go up to 19L mark. You can easily fit an entire chicken in a Halogen Oven.

Basically, the bigger the size, the more cooking capacity.

 Easy To Use

The Air Fryer, as well as the Halogen Oven, is very easy to use. In both cases, you simply place the food onto the metal rack or the glass bowl. Then next, you will set the cooking time, and all you will do is wait. It is as simple as that.

However, since the Halogen Oven has a transparent glass bowl, it allows you to see the cooking progress making your cooking experience more convenient.


When discussing the Halogen Oven vs Air Fryer, we could say that the Halogen Ovens are far more on the cheaper side. When buying a decent Air Fryer, you may spend close to $100 or even exceed it, and it gets more expensive as the appliances have more luxurious features.

But for a typical Halogen Oven, it is easy to find a product as cheap as $40. And with luxurious features, the cost goes up.


Air Fryer has plenty of healthful benefits to offer-

  • It produces low-fat meals and hence can help in weight loss.
  • You get healthy, delicious meals fast and easy and save you quite some bucks too.
  • Cutting down on calorie intake reduces the risk of many health conditions.

Likewise, the Halogen Oven also has a lot of benefits to offer in regards to healthy eating just like the Air Fryer.

  • Since cooking in Halogen Oven does not use any additional oil, it limits the presence of excess fats in your food to a great extent.
  • Another benefit is that the Halogen Oven requires no preheating before cooking, making the cooking process even more accessible and quicker.
  • The Halogen Oven is quite versatile. You can pretty much cook any style of food like roasting, steam boiling, broiling, grilling, baking, air fry, etc. Works great for reheating too.


With this Which Is Better Halogen Oven Or Air Fryer article, you have probably learned the advantages, disadvantages, and the difference between both kitchen appliances. Simultaneously, you see that they have a lot of similarities too.

These appliances are both beneficial and work as a great way to help provide you and your family with healthy meals in a short time.

Ultimately, deciding on a device comes down to personal elements such as budget, how big of a portion of food you are more likely to cook, etc. Either way, you cannot go wrong. So, sit back, relax, decide, and enjoy the best result the devices have to offer.

Comparison Table

HalogenAir Fryer
Energy Efficient✔️✔️
Cooking byInfrared bulbHot Air
PriceComparatively low-pricedHigher in price

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